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10 Best ‘Supernatural’ Quotes from ‘Beat the Devil’ (13×21)

Enjoy the best quotes / moments from Supernatural’s episode ‘Beat the Devil’. ‘Beat the Devil’ is the 21st episode of season 13. (s13e21) If you’re in need of refreshing your memory before jumping in the quotes, here is a short… Continue Reading →

Rowena: Fine. This isn't how you wanted things to work out, but yes, Rowena, thanks to you, Sam and Dean'll be trapped in some sort of nightmare universe with the Devil himself. And you're the only person who might be able to devise a way to keep the door back home open for them. But... Sorry, boys. Au revoir, bon voyage, not my problem. (She starts to leave but stops) Bollocks! Bums bollocks.


(Lucifer wakes up at the bunker)

Lucifer: Oh, hey, Sam. Oh, look at this. All the people I love to torture in the same room. What's the occasion, guys?


Gabriel: Hey, brother.

Lucifer: Aah! I killed you.

Gabriel: Surprise.

Lucifer: Ugh!

(Lucifer runs off the backdoor and appears back at the entrance)

Gabriel: Welcome back.

Lucifer: Whoa. Okay. What in the hell did you put in that drink, man?

Rowena: White sage, a little burdock, a pinch of salt. Very simple ingredients for a very potent spell.

Lucifer (laughing hysterically): I... I killed you, too.


Rowena: Quite a tidy, wee tush he's got going on there. Sort of...cute. Mm.

Gabriel: Oh, she's so... so tiny, so angry. That milky white skin, dancer's body. God, I bet she's flexib...

Rowena: So...we've a little time. How would you like to fill it?

Gabriel: To fill what?

Rowena: I know a thing or two about wounded masculine pride.


Gabriel: Think they'll be much longer?

Rowena: The Three Amigos? With their bro hugs, pep talks, and melodrama? Count on it.


Gabriel: It's not always like that.

Rowena: Gabriel, please.

Gabriel: Just 'cause I take a little extra time to recover.

Rowena: I don't need to hear your excuses.

Gabriel: It doesn't make me any less of an archangel.

Rowena: Mm, right.


(In Sam's dream...)

Castiel: Dean, you can't possibly eat another. That's your seventh piece.

Dean Winchester: No, it's not.

Jack: Castiel's right. I counted.

Dean Winchester: Okay, first, don't be a narc. And secondly, seven pieces is perfectly normal.

Sam Winchester: Uh, it's really not.

Dean Winchester: It's not even a whole pie.

Jack: Was he always like this?

Mary Winchester: Even as a baby. John and me, we used to call him our little piglet.

Dean Winchester: All right, I'm done.

Mary Winchester: With love.

(Sam and Mary leave the room and Dean signals Cas to send another box of pizza across the table to him)


10 Best ’13 Reasons Why’ Quotes from ‘The First Polaroid’ (2×01)

Enjoy the best quotes from 13 Reasons Why’ episode ‘The First Polaroid’. ‘The First Polaroid’ is the first episode of season 2. (s02e01)   If you’re in need of refreshing your memory before jumping in the quotes, here is a… Continue Reading →


Tyler Down (to Clay about Hannah): I know you thought she was perfect, but she wasn't. I bet I'm not the only one who knows that.


Hannah Baker: I'm never taking another picture again in my life.

Olivia Baker: Why?

Hannah Baker: A picture can be twisted and used against you, and haunt you forever.

Olivia Baker: My dear Hannah. Such drama.

(Preset time...)

Olivia Baker: Why didn't I just tell her she was pretty? Why didn't I just say she was perfect?

Jackie: Oh, Olivia. You did. I know you did, thousands of times.

Olivia Baker: I don't know if I did. Or I didn't enough, or... or not in the right way.