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Lee Moldaver (to Maximus): What do you suppose your Brotherhood would do with infinite power? Maybe you can stop them. Maybe you can't. Maybe all you can do is try.

The Ghoul (to Lucy): War never changes. You look out at this Wasteland, looks like chaos. But there's always somebody behind the wheel.

Hank MacLean (to Lucy): I loved your mother. But she stopped being your mother when she left home. When she took you into danger. You've seen what it's like up here. Everyone equally afraid, equally miserable. Forced to do horrible things in order to survive. Lucy... I had to make a choice. Between their violent world and our peaceful one. And I believe, Lucy, I know I made the right choice. If the problem with the world is factions endlessly fighting, endlessly at war, then what is the solution but to get rid of the factions? To make the world us, only ours to shape.

Barb Howard: A nuclear event would be a tragedy... but also, an opportunity. Perhaps the greatest opportunity in history. Because when we are the only ones left, there will be no one to fight. A true monopoly. This is our chance to make war obsolete. Because in our current societal configuration, which took shape without intentional guidance, we have friction. We have conflict, and we have war. And war, well... War never changes.

Robert (from Rob-Co): There's a lot of earning potential with the end of the world. But we're talking about making a significant investment based on a hypothetical. How can you guarantee results?

Barb Howard: By dropping the bomb ourselves.

Quintus: You think you're the first squire who coveted his Knight's armor? How did Titus die?

Maximus: He died running.

Quintus: The Brotherhood has lost its way. We once ruled the Wasteland... And yet power is taken, not given. A lesson you seem to have learned.

Chet: Steph and I were given a starter home unit. Just the three of us.

Norm MacLean: Oh. So you're just gonna forget about everything we've seen?

Chet: I feel like this is a good moment for a fresh start.

Norm MacLean: You think so?

Chet: Someone obviously does.

Norm MacLean: You're a coward. You know that, Chet?

Chet: We all are, Norm. That's why we live in a vault.

Lucy MacLean: I don't have the best luck when it comes to strangers. But... Titus... I can honestly say you are the best stranger that I've ever met. You're a good person, Titus. And if you wanted to, when all of this is over, you could come and live with us in Vault 33. With me.

Maximus: There's something I should tell you.

Lucy MacLean: Just say yes.

Maximus: My name isn't Titus. It's Maximus. Titus is the name of the knight who owned this suit before me. He was threatening me, so instead of helping him I watched him die. And I took his armor and I lied to you. So, all that stuff you were saying, you know, about, um, about me being a good person...

Lucy MacLean: I just threw acid in an innocent man's face. And I've only been up here two weeks. The wasteland sucks.

Maximus: Yeah. Sometimes.

Lucy MacLean: Do you want to come live with me in my vault?

Maximus: Yeah. Yeah, of course.

Lucy MacLean: Let's go find that head.

Lee Moldaver (to Cooper): I'm not a communist, Mr. Howard. That's just a dirty word they use to describe people who aren't insane.

Cooper Howard: How do you know my wife?

Lee Moldaver: My research company was acquired by her division. We were developing this kind of technology that's... difficult to monetize. Cold fusion. Infinite energy. That's what I was on the verge of achieving when Vault-Tec swept in and bought up every company I'd ever worked for.

Cooper Howard: Every one of them? So, what are you, a millionaire communist?

Lee Moldaver: Hypocrisy is like violence in your movies. If you only let the bad guys use it, the bad guys win.

Cooper Howard: Yeah? I, uh, I got a little showbiz secret for you. A good bad guy doesn't see themselves as the bad guy.

Lee Moldaver: America has been locked in a resource war for over a decade. Vault-Tec bought the means to end that war, the same war you fought in, so they could put it on the shelf. All because it didn't fit into their business model. I want your help in getting it back.

Lee Moldaver: We were told the atom bomb meant the end of war. That didn't work out, did it? We were told America's always getting better, it's always moving toward a better future. But the future is getting closer, and we can see it. Their "better future" is a cliff's edge. And it's coming up fast, isn't it? These soldiers that we're fighting abroad, their families, we have more in common with them than we do with the people here in power, the real enemy.

Cooper Howard: Who-who ma... who makes the rules? Because no dogs allowed... that is a new rule. Somebody decided that and didn't share it with f**king anyone. I mean, what else do you have in store for us? Are the-are the blue jumpsuits... are those mandatory? What if I don't want to wear a blue jumpsuit? What if I want to wear a green one?

Barb Howard: So the bomb falls, and you want to know about your wardrobe?

Cooper Howard: No, I want to know about my freedom. I didn't go to war defending that freedom so that I could live in a cellar under the boot heel of Chairman Bud Askins.

Cooper Howard: I guess everything's a conspiracy, right? Come on, man, you sound like you're in a cult.

Charles Whiteknife: And you're sitting here defending a system that's ready to set the world on fire, Cooper. Maybe you're the one in the cult.

Charles Whiteknife: Do you know what "fiduciary responsibility" means?

Cooper Howard: Fiduciary responsibility?

Charles Whiteknife: Yeah.

Cooper Howard: No, I have no f**king idea. I play a cowboy for a living.

Charles Whiteknife: Okay. So, the U.S. government has outsourced the survival of the human race to Vault-Tec. Vault-Tec is a private corporation that has a fiduciary responsibility to make money for its investors. And how does it make money? By selling vaults.

Cooper Howard: That's called capitalism, Charlie.

Charles Whiteknife: But they can't sell vaults if these peace negotiations go through. So Vault-Tec has a fiduciary responsibility to make sure that it don't work out.

Fallout Quotes

Fallout Quotes


Title: Fallout
Format: TV Series
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi, War
Produced by: Amazon Studios (Bethesda Game Studios)
Release Date: April 10, 2024

Synopsis / Summary

In a future, post-apocalyptic Los Angeles brought about by nuclear decimation, citizens must live in underground bunkers to protect themselves from radiation, mutants and bandits. (IMDb)

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Character Played by
Cooper Howard (The Ghoul) Walton Goggins
Lucy MacLean Ella Purnell
Maximus Aaron Moten


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