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Bridgerton Quotes

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(Daphne and Simon's son is born...)

Daphne Bridgerton: Do you wish to hold him? We must think of a name.

Simon Basset: Whatever it is, I believe it must begin with the letter "A." We do have family traditions, do we not?

Violet Bridgerton: We certainly do, Your Grace.

Daphne Bridgerton: I know why you made that vow to your father. I found the letters you wrote to him as a child, and I read them.

Simon Basset: Daphne...

Daphne Bridgerton: Just because something is not perfect... does not make it any less worthy of love. Your father made you believe otherwise. He made you believe that you needed to be without fault in order to be loved, but he was wrong. Should you need any proof of the matter, then... Then look just here. I am tired of pretending. And I cannot continue acting as if I... As if I do not love you. Because I do. I love all of you. Even the parts that you believe are too dark and too shameful. Every scar. Every flaw. Every imperfection. I love you. You may think you are too damaged and too broken to ever allow yourself to be happy, but you can choose differently, Simon. You can choose to love me as much as I love you. That should not be up to anyone else. That cannot be up to anyone else. It can only be up to you.

Lady Danbury (to Simon): Pride, Your Grace... it will cost you everything and leave you with nothing. You must not allow it to happen to you too.

(Henry talks about his relationship with Lord Wetherby...) Henry Granville (to Benedict): We live under constant threat of danger, Bridgerton. I risk my life every day for love. You have no idea what it is like to be in a room with someone you cannot live without... and yet still feel as though you are oceans apart. Stealing your glances, disguising your touches. We cannot so much as smile at each other... without first ensuring no one else is watching. It takes courage... to live outside the traditional expectations of society. You talk of doing the same... but perhaps it is merely just that... all talk.

Daphne Bridgerton: You look angry and bothered. Look at you, you are downright flushed.

Simon Basset: Yes, that is what happens.

Daphne Bridgerton: When one is angry.

Simon Basset: When one burns for someone who does not feel the same!

Daphne Bridgerton: You... burn for me?

Simon Basset: Why do you think I followed you into that garden?

Daphne Bridgerton: Why do you think I went into that garden? If you would have only looked at me this week for longer than two seconds, you would have seen. It is you I cannot sacrifice. I burn... for you.

Simon Basset (to Daphne): Everything I told the queen was true. I cannot stop thinking of you. From the mornings you ease, to the evenings you quiet, to the dreams you inhabit... my thoughts of you never end. I am yours, Daphne. I have always been yours.

Queen Charlotte (to Simon): You are wise... or perhaps unusually lucky to understand friendship to be the best possible foundation a marriage can have. Even if that foundation should crumble as quickly as it was built.

Daphne Bridgerton: Your Majesty, I assure you nothing untoward has occurred. It is only that we love each other so very much. While I was deeply flattered by the attention of your nephew, the prince, I... I simply could not ignore my long-standing affection for the duke. You see, Your Majesty, it was love at first sight.

Simon Basset: It was not, Your Majesty. The young lady flatters me, but it was not love at first sight for either of us. There was attraction, certainly, at least on my part. But Miss Bridgerton thought me presumptuous, arrogant, insincere. All fair, really. And I thought her a prim young lady barely out of leading strings. Not to mention the sister of my best friend, and so romance was entirely out of the question for both of us. But in so removing it, we found something far greater. We found friendship. You see, Miss Bridgerton and I have been fooling all of Mayfair for some time. We have fooled them into thinking we are courting... when really, all along, we simply enjoyed each other's company so much we could not stay away from one another. I have never been a man that much enjoyed flirting, or chatting, or, indeed, talking at all. But with Daphne... Miss Bridgerton... conversation has always been easy. Her laughter brings me joy. To meet a beautiful woman is one thing, but to meet your best friend in the most beautiful of women is something entirely apart. And it is with my sincerest apologies, I must say it took the prince coming along for me to realize I did not want Miss Bridgerton to only be my friend. I wanted her to be my wife. I want her to be my wife. And so I plead with you... not to make us wait.

(Daphne stops a duel between Anthony and Simon...)

Daphne Bridgerton: It is not merely your own life that hangs in the balance now. If you do not marry me, I shall be ruined.

Simon Basset: Daphne, I cannot.

Daphne Bridgerton: Did you not hear me? Someone knows what we have done, someone who will surely talk. What possible reason could you have to condemn me to shame and reproach? Do you truly... Do you truly hold me in such low regard?

Simon Basset: It is because I regard you so highly that I cannot marry you. I know you do not love me, but I never thought you could despise me so. Daphne... You must know, if we were to wed... I can never give you children. It is your dream to be a mother, is it not? To have a household full of love and laughter, like the one you have known all your life? You deserve nothing less. You deserve everything your heart desires. But I cannot provide it for you. Nor could I ever ask such a sacrifice. Please, Daphne, for your own sake... you must stand aside... and let your brother finish this.

Anthony Bridgerton: We must resume before someone should find us.

Daphne Bridgerton: There will be no need to resume. The duke and I are to be married.

Anthony Bridgerton: I want you to know I am not angry with you. I do not blame you for what transpired.

Daphne Bridgerton: Do not treat me like a child. I did this.

Anthony Bridgerton: He took advantage of you.

Daphne Bridgerton: No less than I took liberties with him.

Anthony Bridgerton: You do not understand. I should have protected you better. I knew his true nature from the start.

Daphne Bridgerton: You think that just because I am a woman, I am incapable of making my own choices?

Lady Danbury: I understand that you believe such subjects as love and devotion, affection and attachment, you find it all trite and frivolous. But have you any idea those very things are precisely what have allowed a new day to begin to dawn in this society? Look at our queen. Look at our king. Look at their marriage. Look at everything it is doing for us, allowing us to become. We were two separate societies, divided by color, until a king fell in love with one of us. Love, Your Grace... conquers all.

Simon Basset: I believe that remains to be seen. The king may have chosen his queen. He may have elevated us from novelties in their eyes to now dukes and royalty, and at that same whim... he may just as easily change his mind, a mind, as we all know, that is hanging on by one very loose and tenuous thread. So, no, I am sorry, Lady Danbury, we are in disagreement here. Love changes nothing.

Benedict Bridgerton: Eloise... are you Lady Whistledown? You're an accomplished writer, always scribbling in that diary of yours. You certainly know everyone else's business. You have more opinions than anyone else I know in London. You would have my full support and admiration either way, Sister. So... is it you?

Eloise Bridgerton: No. Though if it were... do you honestly think that I'd admit it?

Eloise Bridgerton (to Benedict): Whistledown is a woman, therefore she has nothing, and still she writes. You're a man, therefore you have everything. You are able to do whatever you want. So do it. Be bold. At least that way I can live vicariously through you.

Daphne Bridgerton (about a painting): It reminds me of waking up in the country. First thing in the morning, when I am all alone, and I have not yet spoken to a soul... I look outside the window, and it is... serene. As if I could be the only person left in the world, and yet... somehow I am not lonely. I am comforted, at peace. The others are certainly very grand and impressive, but this one... This one is intimate.

Bridgerton Quotes

Bridgerton Quotes


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