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Sabine Wren (narration): The attack we all anticipated never came. The once invincible Empire had begun to fracture. The small Rebellion had become bold. And with the decisive victory at the battle of Endor, the Emperor's reign of terror came to an end. After the war, Zeb took Kallus along the secret hyperspace path to the planet Lira San. It was then that Kallus realized he hadn't destroyed the Lasat people, and that they were thriving on this new world. A world where he was welcome as one of them. Hera fought in the battle of Endor, as did Commander Rex. By that time, there had been a new member added to the crew of the Ghost. Spectre-7, Jacen Syndulla. Born to fly, just like his mother. And, well, we all know what his father was like. As for me, I used to think that Ezra was counting on me to protect Lothal, the planet and the people he cared for so much. But one day, I realized there was more to it. There was something else I was meant to do. Ezra's out there somewhere, and it's time to bring him home.

(Rebels are watching Ezra's holo message...)

Ezra Bridger: Sabine, don't forget...

Sabine Wren: Right, you're counting on me.

Ezra Bridger: I'm counting on you.

Sabine Wren: But for what?

Ezra Bridger: I couldn't have wished for a better family. I can't wait to come home.

(Ezra is on Chimaera with Thrawn, the Purrgil are about to jump to hyperspace with the whole Star Destroyer...)

Hera Syndulla: Ezra! Ezra, get out of there right now! That's an order.

Ezra Bridger: Hera, I have to see this through to the end.

Sabine Wren: Ezra, please! Get out of there!

Ezra Bridger: I can't do that. It's up to all of you now. And remember, the Force will be with you, always.

Ezra Bridger: You think you can take whatever you want, things you didn't make, didn't earn, things you don't even understand! You don't deserve to have this art or Lothal.

Thrawn: Who deserves what is irrelevant. What matters is who has power. But that is something the Jedi won't teach you, so I'll take you to someone who will.

Gregor (about Ezra's plan): I don't know about this plan, Rex.

Captain Rex: In my experience, when it comes to Jedi, the worse the plan, the better the result.

Governor Pryce: You disgust me, traitor.

Agent Kallus: The day I betrayed your Empire, Governor, was the day I finally stopped betraying myself.

(Loth wolves arrive to help the rebels...)

Gregor: Hey, Wolffe, can you believe it?

Wolffe: What?

Gregor: The wolves! You got your wolf pack back!

Wolffe: Yeah, they fight just like the boys.

Gregor: Just like 'em!

Hera Syndulla: Hondo, I see you got my message.

Hondo Ohnaka: At your service. And mine too, of course.

Ketsu Onyo: He wasn't hard to find. Talks a lot for a smuggler.

Hondo Ohnaka: Bup-bup-bup. Pirate! That is pirate, my dear. So much more romantic than a smug... Mug... Word that... Ugh, never mind.

(In a World between worlds...)

Ezra Bridger: If I can change your fate, I can change his. I can reach him.

Ahsoka Tano: Ezra. Kanan gave his life so that you could live. If he is taken out of this moment, you all die.

Ezra Bridger: You don't understand what you're asking me to do.

Ahsoka Tano: Yes, I do. You can't save your master, and I can't save mine. I'm asking you to let go. I'm sorry, Ezra, but you must see. Kanan found the moment when he was needed most, and he did what he had to do, for everyone.

Ezra Bridger: That's the lesson. I didn't see it, but now...

Ezra Bridger: I just... I feel lost without my master. He was wise and brave. And he cared. He was there for me when no one else was. There was so much more I needed to learn from him.

Loth-wolf: Fear.

Ezra Bridger: I am afraid! All right? I'm afraid. Everything seems so hopeless now.

Loth-wolf: Fight.

Ezra Bridger: How?

Loth-wolf: Together.

Hera Syndulla (about Kanan): Why did I wait so long to tell him? I just... I thought there would be more time. (Chopper tries to calm her down) You don't understand! If I had listened to Kanan, he would be alive. He said starting a war was a mistake, and he was right. He was right, and now, he's gone. And it's my fault. I was the one who was blind.

Hera Syndulla: This is gonna be close!

Kanan Jarrus: It always is! That was one of your better crashes.

Hera Syndulla: Kanan Jarrus, you know I never crash. I have very...

Kanan Jarrus: Very exciting landings. Thanks for reminding me.

Hera Syndulla: Wait. Wait. I have to tell you something. I... I hate your hair.

Kanan Jarrus: It's the best I could do without a mirror.

Hera Syndulla: Your hair hasn't been this short since we first met.

Tarkin: Your TIE defender program is at risk. Orson Krennic has been quite persuasive about diverting the funding to his own project, Stardust.

Thrawn: The Emperor has assured me that he supports my project.

Tarkin: In my view, Director Krennic's project has been nothing but expenses and excuses for years on end. If construction of the defender is to continue, you must make your case directly to the Emperor himself.

Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels Quotes


Title: Star Wars Rebels
Format: TV Series
Genres: Action, Adventure, Animation, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Produced by: Lucasfilm
Release Date: September 26, 2014

Synopsis / Summary

A brave and clever ragtag starship crew stands up against the evil Empire as it tightens its grip on the galaxy and hunts down the last of the Jedi Knights. (IMDb)

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Characters / Cast

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A-Z List of Characters

Character Voiced by
Agent Kallus David Oyelowo
Ahsoka Tano Ashley Eckstein
Bail Organa Phil LaMarr
Bo-Katan Kryze Katee Sackhoff
C-3PO Anthony Daniels
Captain Rex Dee Bradley Baker
Commander Wolffe Dee Bradley Baker
Darth Maul Sam Witwer
Darth Vader James Earl Jones
Emperor Palpatine Ian McDiarmid
Ezra Bridger Taylor Gray
Hera Syndulla Vanessa Marshall
Hondo Ohnaka Jim Cummings
Kanan Jarrus Freddie Prinze Jr.
Leia Organa Julie Dolan
Master Yoda Tom Kane
Mon Mothma Genevieve O’Reilly
Obi-Wan Kenobi James Arnold Taylor
Sabine Wren Tiya Sircar
Saw Gerrera Forest Whitaker
Thrawn Lars Mikkelsen
Wilhuff Tarkin Stephen Stanton
Zeb Orrelios Steven Blum


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