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The Mandalorian Quotes

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Greef Karga: Nevarro is a very fine planet. And now that the scum and villainy have been washed away, it's very respectable again.

The Mandalorian: As a bounty hunter hive?

Greef Karga: Some of my favorite people are bounty hunters.

The Armorer: A foundling is in your care. By Creed, until it is of age or reunited with its own kind, you are as its father. This is the Way. You have earned your Signet. You are a clan of two.

The Mandalorian: Thank you. I will wear this with honor.

IG-11: This is a bacta spray. It will heal you in a matter of hours. You have suffered damage to your central processing unit.

The Mandalorian: You mean my brain?

IG-11: That was a joke. It is meant to put you at ease.

The Mandalorian: I haven't heard that name spoken since I was a child.

Greef Karga: On Mandalore?

The Mandalorian: I was not born on Mandalore.

Greef Karga: But you're a Mandalorian.

Cara Dune: Mandalorian isn't a race.

The Mandalorian: It's a Creed.

(Greef Karga pretends The Mandalorian is his captive...)

Stormtrooper: I'll give you 20 credits for the helmet.

Greef Karga: Ha-ha! Not a chance. That's going on my wall.

The Mandalorian: On your wall?

Greef Karga: Go with it.

Kuiil: Do you trust me?

The Mandalorian: From what I can tell, yes.

Kuiil: Then you will trust my work. IG-11 will join me. And we do it not for payment, but to protect the child from Imperial slavery. None will be free until the old ways are gone forever.

The Mandalorian: Okay.

Kuiil: And the blurrgs will join me as well.

The Mandalorian: The blurrgs?

Kuiil: I have spoken.

Mayfeld: He never takes off the helmet?

Xi'an: This is the Way.

Mayfeld: Huh. I wonder what you look like under there. Maybe he's a Gungan. Is that why yousa don't wanna show your face?

Burg: Someone tell me why we even need a Mandalorian.

Mayfeld: Well, apparently they're the greatest warriors in the galaxy. So they say.

Burg: Then why are they all dead?

(They all laugh)

Bounty Hunter: I can bring you in warm or I can bring you in cold.

The Mandalorian: That's my line.

The Mandalorian: Traveling with me, that's no life for a kid. I did my job, he's safe. Better chance at a life.

Cara Dune: It's gonna break his little heart.

Kuiil: You need to drop your rifle.

The Mandalorian: I'm a Mandalorian. Weapons are part of my religion.

The Mandalorian Quotes

The Mandalorian Quotes


Title: The Mandalorian
Format: TV Series
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Produced by: Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Studios
Release Date: 12 November 2019

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After the stories of Jango and Boba Fett, another warrior emerges in the Star Wars universe. The Mandalorian is set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order. We follow the travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic. (IMDb)

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Din Djarin (“Mando”) Pedro Pascal