Scattered Quotes is a website collecting quotes from fictional works aka “the stories” and on various other topics.

We consider these as two groups, where the first one is the Story quotes (TV shows, movies, games, and books) and Topic quotes (wisdom, inspirational, holidays).

We aim to build a database for all the quotes lovers to use. To be able to share quotes all across the world so everyone can enjoy them.

The Name

The origins of the name Scattered aren’t as interesting or amusing as the works we quote. Scattered is just a word. Random word that we chose, after a long long time of trying to come up with something clever. In the end we went with the “whatever is not taken” approach.

Considering that, it is so cool, we managed to pick a name, which we ended up adoring. Doesn’t it sound great? Scattered Quotes? Yes, it does. So freaking cool. But don’t ask us to say it aloud. That’s where the coolness goes away, and the “What the heck are you saying?” comes up. Turns out, it’s not an easy word to pronounce. We still like it anyway, and even if we didn’t, we wouldn’t admit it.

Too late to back out now.

The history

Scattered Quotes in its current state and the domain name came to life at the end of the year 2016. It evolved from a little blog listing the best moments from TV show episodes to what it is now.

It was a dark and stormy night of 2016, the Christmas atmosphere still hanging in the air. A dark figure illuminated by fluorescent light pressed the secret key. Magic happened. The domain name was bought!

“Story” Quotes

“Stories” are what we like to call all the sources of quotes that originate from fictional works i.e quotes by fictional characters. This includes TV shows, movies, books, and games. If it has characters and dialogues, it counts.

We needed one word to call it as a group to oppose the difference with topic quotes.

Quotes from stories might be a bit different on our site than our competition has. We do all the types from one-liners to whole speeches. Sometimes also full dialogues, if necessary for the context.

All the quotes we handpick from fictional works by selecting our favorites while watching, playing, or reading. Whatever makes us think, whatever stands out or sounds cool, and our favorite: whatever makes us laugh or at least is nose exhale worthy, gets on the list. Some quotes are also submitted by you, lovely people.

From those picked quotes, few get the honor of being made into images = picture quotes. If possible, the quotes are cross-checked with subtitles and scripts to make sure they’re accurate.

Visit the main categories of Story quotes:

Topic Quotes

Topic quotes are the generic quotes now used mostly as a way to fill in your social media profiles and feeds.

Don’t know what to post? Throw in a quote. Can’t figure out a photo caption? Put a quote there. Guessing you know exactly what we mean, you must have seen it plenty or used it yourself too.

With topic quotes, we try to go with the best ones, as opposed to having the biggest collections. You know, hopefully, quality over quantity, well at least as much as you can get to quality with quotes.

In case it still needs an explanation, these quotes are blurbs of real people saying something smart inspirational or otherwise interesting enough to catch someone’s eye.

View the most visited topics:

With the mass popularity of quotes, there is also one issue, and that is knowing the real author of the quote. Not only the author’s name can be wrong or misspelled after being shared across the internet, but also some meme makers like to prank us by switching the names.

We love memes don’t get us wrong. But there is an issue, when unlike the obvious ones like “Do or do not, there is no try. – Shakespeare”, there is a little chance for us to notice if there is a mistake in the quote. And we hope you won’t get mad if we won’t check anymore.

Our goal is to entertain and to give you something to read, enjoy, and share with others.

To find a real author of some quotes, it is a tedious detective job, and there is a website that does this very well. So if you’d like to investigate where the quote has originated, visit Quote Investigator.

And with that being said, let’s put up a disclaimer:

  • We do not check topic quotes for accuracy.
  • They are put up with entertainment purposes in mind to be used on social media or as illustrations. We do not recommend putting them in any serious media, such as researches, school papers, and books.
  • We consider ourselves quotes enthusiasts/fans and not experts.
  • Thank you for understanding.

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Claire Overgaard

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