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Peter (to Catherine): My father used to say when a woman wants to kill you, you're in business.

(Leaves the room and locks Catherine inside...)

Georgina: How did the love fest go?

Peter: Bit angry about Leo, but the cake was a hit. Voltaire was boring, but she seemed excited, so on balance, a victory.

Catherine: Let me out, you f***er!

Peter: She will calm.

Catherine: I'm going to f***ing kill you!

Peter: Oh... She is a firecracker. I have never loved her more.

Peter: Catherine... I look at you on your twentieth birthday, a woman of substance. A woman par exemple. Of wise thought and deed, dedicated to the pursuit of a better Russia. A better world. Your lips, that speak so wisely, your eyes that see the world in a way no one else does. Your head fizzing with original ideas. Your heart filled with a powerful love for life. And hopefully for me. Happy birthday, my darling wife.

Catherine: You wrote that?

Peter: Volti helped me a little. But mostly me.

Catherine: Thank you. It was actually very touching.

Catherine: I look at you all... and my heart breaks. For your pain. For your sorrows. But I also see, externally... signs of what we all carry inside us, every day... and is normally unseen. Wounds. Pain. Hardships. Betrayals. And also love. For today, you are all as one. And when you look at each other, recognize it. Understand, we are all Russians. In our pain, and in our sorrows. In our simple hopes for less pain... and less wounded future. For a future where our hearts sing, and rush with joy at the country we build. One where we trust in each other, knowing we are bonded by our love for Russia. And our joy in a brand new future. Huzzah.

Catherine: Last night, the Emperor talked in his sleep, and he cracked what seemed impossible.

Peter: I did? I did.

Catherine: For the thing is, you must both leave here with a victory. So we shall both have one. There are two battles in stasis. Instead of unleashing them, we both walk away. Russia claims a massive victory in Vyborg, you in Hango. We use the press and the pulpit to disseminate it. The first lie wins, I've come to understand. We will use that for good. Once you put out the story, it will be what people believe. Any sniping at it will be unpatriotic. We then announce the treaty. To each people, it looks like a win. We each agree not to contradict the other, and each country only refers to the battle they won, and ignores the other. The map reverts to its per‐war state, giving Russia back its land. We get the trade embargo lifted. We put this behind us. We are all winners.

Queen Agnes: Except for the 118 thousand dead.

Catherine: And 180 for us. We cannot bring them back. As the Emperor movingly mumbled in his sleep last night.

King Hugo: He said that?

Peter: I did. This is my plan. I believe it works for both of us. Do we have a deal?

King Hugo: We do.

Peter: Huzzah. Victory for all.

Velementov: We can do it strategically. To avoid so much bloodshed.

Peter: I do not wish to avoid bloodshed. What part of that plan do you not understand, you roly‐poly f***head? (Velementov slaps him) What the‐?

Velementov: A mosquito on your face. I do not want it to infect royal blood.

Peter: Right. Thanks.

Archie: It's genius of the Emperor. I will lead the applause.

Peter: You're sucking up, Archie.

Archie: I am.

Peter: Continue.

Catherine (narration): The raw power of art... Once your mind fires, your heart's moved. Ideas open, and the warriors are the people themselves. You can cut a man's head off, or you can change what's in a man's head. Do the latter, you have a warrior for your cause. Do the former, you have... a head with a lot of blood pouring out. Sometimes I'm so f***ing clever, I have to take a breath not to become dizzy.

Catherine: What if I had become Empress? If he had died. What do you think would have happened?

Leo: To us?

Catherine: To Russia. You think I would be good?

Leo: I think you would be exceptional, as you are.

Catherine: I turned out not exceptional. Not who I wish to be.

Leo: We are always not quite as good as we wish. As capable, as bright. It is the human way to fall short of ourselves. For our thoughts can be untouched by a hard reality, whereas our bodies and souls must bump against the world, and the world will even up the equation over who we are.

Catherine: You may, unfortunately, be right.

Elizabeth: I have these sticks from Asia. They are to enhance your fertility, but I cannot work out whether we wave them over your womb or insert them into you.

Catherine: I'm pretty sure it's a "wave them" situation.

Grigor: Come on, it'll be fun. I'll come. It'll be like, uh... when we interviewed those French courtesans with your dad for who would be your first.

Peter: Yes, it was good to be 11, wasn't it?

Grigor: Happy days.

Peter: My spies tell me you have kept Leo as your lover.

Catherine: I did.

Peter: So?

Catherine: So?

Peter: "Thank you, husband. You were right after all, with your impeccable judgment, good looks, and massive c*ck."

Catherine: Thank you, husband. You were right after all, with your impeccable fudgement, good socks, and massive clock. Is that it?

Peter: No, it was... Close enough.

Peter: My mother used to bring him in when I was a child and asked him to stare into my eyes.

Georgina: Why?

Peter: To see if I had a soul.

Georgina: And?

Peter: He would tell her I did, but he used to wink at me when he said it.

The Great Quotes

The Great Quotes


Title: The Great
Format: TV Series
Genres: Drama, Comedy, History, Biography
Produced by: Hulu
Release Date: 15 May 2020

Synopsis / Summary

“The Great – An Occasionally true story.” A royal woman living in rural Prussia during the 18th century is forced to choose between her own personal happiness and the future of Russia, when she marries an Emperor. (IMDb)

Characters / Cast

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What does “Huzzah” mean? (definition)

“Huzzah!” We can hear this exclamation a lot in this series, we can say this is the quote for the show. It gets said a lot. When drinking, celebrating, or just being happy. But what is the definition and where it comes from?

“Huzzah” or “Huzza” is used as an exclamation. It expresses approval or delight. The most common varieties of this phrase are “Hurrah” and “Hooray”.

There is also a question of whenever is this phase historically accurate and the answer is somewhat. In this article they compare it to the exclamation “Ura!” that Russians do say. And this might have been changed to “Huzzah” so it fitted the show better.