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Victor Salazar: When I first reached out to you, I... I didn't have anyone to talk to. And now I have all of these people, because everyone important in my life knows that I'm gay. You have been so amazing to me. But I think that... I'm ready to figure out this next chapter of my life without you.

Simon Spier: Wow. I think you're ready, too. Don't be a stranger though, okay?

Victor Salazar: I won't. And Simon... Thank you for everything.

Simon Spier: Good luck out there, Victor.

(Victor reconsiles with his mom...)

Victor Salazar: Why do I keep having these life changing moments outside of gay bars?

Isabel Salazar: What? How many gay bars have you been to?

Victor Salazar: I said "outside of gay bars."

Isabel Salazar (to Victor): I used my motherly instincts to track you down. Your brother showed me how to do "find my iPhone."

(Rahim shows Victor a dating app...)

Victor Salazar: Wait. Are all these headless torsos in Atlanta?

Rahim: This is just guys nearby. Turns out there's a ton of gay fish in the online sea.

Victor Salazar: And all the fish claim to have 9‐inch dicks.

Rahim: Yeah, all the fish kind of lie.

(Victor and Benji are taking a break...)

Victor Salazar (about Benji): Now I just have to sit next to him in pre‐calc and pretend like I'm not dying inside.

Rahim: How are you supposed to learn complex math while having gay relationship drama?

Adrian Salazar: Is Victor going to Hell?

Isabel Salazar: What? Who told you that?

Adrian Salazar: Father Lawrence. I told him about Victor's boyfriend, and he said it was a sin.

Isabel Salazar: Adrian, look at me, okay? Victor's not going to Hell. Your brother is one of the most generous and loving people I know.

Adrian Salazar: But Father Lawrence...

Isabel Salazar: Father Lawrence... is wrong.

Adrian Salazar: But he said it's in the Bible.

Isabel Salazar: Well, the... the Bible can be interpreted in many different ways. But in this family, we believe that Jesus knows who has love in their hearts. And he would never punish people for that.

Pilar Salazar (about Felix): I can't tell if he "likes" likes me, or if he thinks of me as his moody little sister.

Rahim: Okay, Pi. I need to tell you a hard truth.

Pilar Salazar: Okay.

Rahim: You're hot!

Pilar Salazar: What? Shut up.

Rahim: Okay, I know it doesn't go with your low‐key serial killer vibes, but it's a fact.

Adrian Salazar: Why was Mia your girlfriend if you're gay?

Victor Salazar: Uh... good question. I was still figuring some stuff out.

Armando Salazar: Sometimes people don't know what they like until they try it. Um, like when you thought blueberry pancakes were the best until you tried your mom's French toast.

Adrian Salazar (to Victor): Cool. Glad you found your French toast.

Victor Salazar: Thanks, papa. Me, too.

(The morning after Benji said he's Victor's boyfriend and everyone freaked out...)

Armando Salazar: Well, we all wanted to talk to you about last night.

Isabel Salazar: Yeah. Do you know what it means to be... gay?

Adrian Salazar: Yeah, of course. Like Elliot Felter's two moms.

Armando Salazar: Yes! Exactly.

Adrian Salazar: And Spongebob. Spongebob is gay.

Isabel Salazar: No. He's a sponge.

Adrian Salazar: Oh, Mom.

Benji Campbell (to Victor): I was just... really embarrassed that you found out about AA. I wanted to keep that part of my life separate from you, because I hate that part of my life, and you're the part of my life that I love.

Victor Salazar: It must be hard for Lake, too. You know, to see you going through all this stuff, and have to deal with your mom all by yourself.

Felix Weston (about Lake and Benji): So what, they just... love us both so much they can't bear to see us in pain? (looks in the mirror and sighs) Damn. It's a curse to be this beautiful.

Victor Salazar (to Andrew): Please, tell me what's the exact level of gay I should be. What is a perfect level of gay that will keep everyone happy? Because apparently, I'm too gay for the locker room, but I'm not gay enough for Benji and his friends. So, where do I belong?

Felix Weston: I know you're trying to distract me, and I am immune to your feminine wiles.

Lake Meriwether: Even if I ask you to ravage me, like the Black Death ravaged Europe in 1348?

Felix Weston: Dammit. You know I can't resist historically accurate dirty talk.

Victor Salazar: I just kind of want our first time to be special, you know? And it's so hard to find privacy. But nothing sounds more private than a secluded lake house.

Felix Weston: I can't believe we're gonna be losing our virginities together. You know, we're gonna be bone brothers.

Victor Salazar: Yeah, okay. Don't, don't call us that.

Felix Weston: Deflowered dudes?

(Victor throws something on him and leaves)

Love, Victor Quotes

Love, Victor Quotes


Title: Love, Victor (2020)
Format: TV Series
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Produced by: Hulu
Release Date: June 17, 2020

Synopsis / Summary

Love, Victor follows Victor, a new student at Creekwood High School on his own journey of self-discovery, facing challenges at home, adjusting to a new city, and struggling with his sexual orientation. When it all seems too much, he reaches out to Simon to help him navigate the ups and downs of high school. (IMDb)

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A-Z List of Characters

Character Played by
Benji Campbell George Sear
Felix Weston Anthony Turpel
Isabel Salazar Ana Ortiz
Lake Meriwether Bebe Wood
Mia Brooks Rachel Hilson
Simon Spier Nick Robinson
Victor Salazar Michael Cimino

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