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Dr. Robert Ellman: You will, you know. Survive.

Clay Jensen: Yeah. I know it now.

(Jessica's imagination...)

Bryce Walker: I'm on those tapes. It's my day too.

Jessica Davis: No. Your day's gone. Long gone.

Bryce Walker: You need me in this world. Otherwise, what would girls like you start riots about?

Jessica Davis: Oh, there's plenty.

Bryce Walker: Still, I kinda feel like I won.

Jessica Davis: You didn't. I was looking around today at graduation, and I was thinking about how Justin was missing, and Hannah. But then I thought, I love these people. Clay Jensen, Zach, and Courtney, Ryan freakin' Shaver, for f*ck's sake. In what kind of world do I love all these kinds of people? The world you made. We had to love each other at the end of it all. You did that.

Bryce Walker: So that's something, right?

Jessica Davis: Sure.

Clay Jensen: This is where I first listened to my tape. And this is where we lay them to rest.

Tony Padilla: Rest in peace.

Zach Dempsey: Come on, people. Let's pile on the closure dirt.

(Clay's imagination...)

Clay Jensen: What I don't get is why ghost you is hanging out with Bryce? Even in my head.

Justin Foley: We loved each other, me and him. We were brothers. You know, you can love people who did... bad sh*t. You can forgive people. Even the people who hurt you worst.

Clay Jensen: You're talking about Hannah.

Justin Foley: When you forgive someone, it's more for you than them.

Clay Jensen: How much I hurt... with Hannah. Always. It's my fault. I fall in love with girls too fast, too hard.

Ryan Shaver: Look, they hate you until they love you. That's all I gotta say. I'm Ryan.

Winston Williams: Winston.

Ryan Shaver: Oh, I know. So...

Courtney Crimsen: Always workin' the room.

Ryan Shaver: She's an old friend.

Courtney Crimsen: Ryan Shaver.

(Clay's graduation speech)

Clay Jensen: My dad loves to tell me stories about when he was in high school. The stories usually involve chess club and obscure bands with funny haircuts, because the '80s were a strange, strange time. But he always gets one thing right. He knows high school can hurt. That it can be painful. That there are days when that's all it is. And he once told me that he's living proof... you can survive. You can get through it. He's living proof, and so am I. And so are all of you. And the thing is, for me, for us, this class, this... this generation, high school actually is life or death. We show up every day not knowing if this is the day we die. If this is the day someone shows up with a gun and tries to kill us all. We practice what we'll do if that happens. Life or death.

Dr. Robert Ellman (to Clay): I was going down a dark road, and then a teacher in my high school saw something in me. Saw... me. She believed I had something to offer. She was an English teacher. She thought I could write. And I said something to her very much like what you said to me. Nothing makes sense. None of the pieces fit together. And she said to me... "Try." She said... "Begin." So I began. And years later I found myself back here, in my home town, to help kids like me. Like you. I can't promise the story has a happy ending, Clay. What happens to us, it may only have the sense that we make of it. But I do know that it's in telling the story... that we learn who we are. And maybe see who we might become.

Zach Dempsey: Last time I was up here, I said I was my brother's keeper. That we all are. Even though I didn't live up to that. Justin hated running. Coach Kerba would make him do a mile, and he would b*tch and complain... the whole time. Coach Kerba would tell him that pain is the feeling of weakness leaving the body. But we're all weak, I think. But we're trying to be stronger. And the pain that we are feeling today... is to remind us every day... to do better. To be better.

Jessica Davis: I don't know if I can do any of this anymore. We're all supposed to just... keep waking up and putting on our clothes and carrying on conversations and listening to people while they talk about how God works in mysterious ways, and I just don't f**king know if I can do it anymore!

Ani Achola: OK, I think this is the hardest thing... that anyone could ever go through. But I also think you are a lot stronger than you realize.

Jessica Davis (about Justin): He made me strong.

Ani Achola: No! You are. All on your own. Maybe you made each other stronger, but it's in you. I've seen it.

Clay Jensen (narration): My mom asked me if I wanted to say something at Justin's funeral. I wanted to, for him, but I couldn't. What could I say? Running theme, huh?

Tony Padilla: I wish there was something I could say or do.

Clay Jensen: Yeah. What is there? Thank you for wanting to, though. You always make things better.

Tony Padilla: I just show up, man. That's all I do.

Clay Jensen: Always. More than I have for you.

Tony Padilla: No. No, we show up for each other.

Clay Jensen: No one gets through this life alone, man.

Clay Jensen: I'm... I'm so sorry, Justin. I don't know how to do this.

Justin Foley: Hey. You're doing... You're doing it great.

Clay Jensen: Thank you for saving my life. Like, more times than you know. I love you.

Justin Foley: I love... I love... love you... you too, man.

Justin Foley: You're... so strong.

Jessica Davis: You're the best thing that ever happened to me.

Justin Foley: You're... out of your mind. I ruined your f**king life.

Jessica Davis: No. No. You taught me what love is.

Justin Foley: Yeah?

Jessica Davis: Yes.

Justin Foley: OK. You always have that.

13 Reasons Why Quotes

13 Reasons Why Quotes


Title: 13 Reasons Why
Format: TV Show
Produced by: Netflix
Release Date: 31 March 2017
Status: Ended with Season 4 in 2020
Number of Seasons: 4

Synopsis / Summary

Follows teenager Clay Jensen, in his quest to uncover the story behind his classmate and crush, Hannah, and her decision to end her life. (IMDb)

Characters / Cast

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A-Z List of Characters

Character Played by
Alex Standall Miles Heizer
Andrew Baker Brian d’Arcy James
Ani Achola Grace Saif
Bryce Walker Justin Prentice
Clay Jensen Dylan Minnette
Courtney Crimsen Michele Selene Ang
Deputy Standall Mark Pellegrino
Hannah Baker Katherine Langford
Jeff Atkins Brandon Larracuente
Jessica Davis Alisha Boe
Justin Foley Brandon Flynn
Kevin Porter Derek Luke
Lainie Jensen Amy Hargreaves
Marcus Cole Steven Silver
Matt Jensen Josh Hamilton
Olivia Baker Kate Walsh
Ryan Shaver Tommy Dorfman
Sheri Holland Ajiona Alexus
Skye Miller Sosie Bacon
Tony Padilla Christian Navarro
Tyler Down Devin Druid
Zach Dempsey Ross Butler

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