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A Medical-Based drama centered around Meredith Grey, an aspiring surgeon and daughter of one of the best surgeons, Dr. Ellis Grey. Throughout the series, Meredith goes through professional and personal challenges along with fellow surgeons at Seattle Grace Hospital. (IMDb) │ Produced by ABC

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Richard Webber: The idea is that we create a file of the chemical and molecular markers in various types of tumor cells, and then we pre-program this into the device to rapidly identify the different types, okay? So you can know in surgery on contact where the healthy tissue is... and where the cancer is... and make it go away.

Maggie Pierce: It's not a pen. It's a wand. It's a magic wand.

Owen Hunt (to Kepner): You know I stop bleeding every day. I don't need to write papers and file patent requests. Every day, I compete with death, and more often than not... I win.

Meredith Grey: Spray-on skin. Of course you would come up with something cool like spray-on skin. You don't even seem that excited about it.

Jackson Avery: No, no, no. I am. I mean, I feel great about it, you know? This is the kind of thing that wins contests. I could definitely win a Harper Avery with this.

Meredith Grey: There's a "but" in there.

Jackson Avery: But thanks to my mother, all I can think about is vaginas. Yeah. I should explain that...

Miranda Bailey: Keep your pager on. I might need you in a while. And, hey, take off those scrubs before you come here next time. What's wrong with you?

(Dr. Schmitt "Glasses" runs away) Later...

Levi Schmitt: I'm sorry, Dr. Bailey. I have to speak because I have to believe we live in an age where I can speak the truth to those in power over me.

Miranda Bailey: What?

Levi Schmitt: I don't know what it is we're doing, but it does not feel good to me. It's too much tubing and corks and secrecy in your bedroom. It does not feel good, and I do not feel safe here.

Miranda Bailey: No. Oh... No! I... I'm making my prototype. For the contest entry!

Maggie Pierce: My mom was my barometer, you know? And right before she died... and I mean right before she died... she told me to be more slutty. And I just wish I could call her and tell her how slutty I'm being.

Richard Webber: I'd, uh... I'd... I'd rather you not talk about that particular detail, yeah.

Maggie Pierce: You know, I felt that as I said it.

Jackson Avery: I already got my own thing going on, and, frankly, it's a little more cutting-edge than what essentially amounts to an elective cosmetic procedure.

Catherine Avery: Oh, come on. Look, my birthday is coming up. You could think of this vagina as your gift to me.

Jackson Avery: Now I'm gonna go smash my head in with a hammer and see if I can forget that you said that.

Meredith Grey (narration): We've all heard the quote: "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." Easy for Thomas Edison to say. He had all the good ideas. Inspiration is not some mystical, unattainable thing. Inspiration is a seed. That seed turns into vision. That vision turns into a goal. And hopefully, that goal turns into victory. I said, hopefully.


Bailey's mother: Mandy? Are you still there? Miranda, what's wrong?

Miranda Bailey: I'm hurt, Mom. I-I got hurt. I had a heart attack. And it was scary. But I'm okay. I had surgery. And I'm going to be okay.

Bailey's mother: I know. I know you are. You are my Mandy.

Miranda Bailey: Just promise me one thing. Build me a tree house.

Ben Warren: I'm guessing those pain meds are working.

Miranda Bailey: Steal yourself one of those fancy fireman's ladders and build me a tree house I can read in. A girl needs some peace to read a good book. Highest tree you can find.

Ben Warren: Highest tree I can find.

Maggie Pierce (to Bailey): You'll be back to bossing us around in no time.

Miranda Bailey: Why is it that men only listen to women after they've done something wrong? Y'all. Don't. Listen. Princess Leia knows what I'm talking about. When they went on that planet with the... the... Ewoks! Yeah. And if Han and Luke had listened to Leia, they could've avoided a lot of misery. I'm just sayin'. (to Dr. Maxwell): Ewok.


Miranda Bailey: If something happens to me, do not let them hook me up to anything.

Ben Warren: And if something happens to me, hook me up. I want extraordinary measures. The more extraordinary, the better.

Miranda Bailey: Seriously.

Ben Warren: Seriously.

Miranda Bailey: Seriously?

Miranda Bailey (to a nurse): Okay, interrupt me again, I'm coming over that counter. My name is Miranda Bailey. I am Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial, and I believe that I am having a heart attack.