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Grey’s Anatomy

Teddy Altman (to Meredith): It's not appropriate for you to be Megan Hunt's surgeon... not when she doesn't have the whole history.

(Teddy leaves)

Maggie Pierce: Who is she?

Meredith Grey: That's... Owen's... person.


Arizona Robbins (to Teddy): Callie left me, and she went to New York, and she took Sofia, and I managed to find love again, but then she got fired, and I've been meaning to call you forever, and I'm so sorry. Did I ghost you? 'Cause I'm... I'm... I'm so sorry. I'm a terrible friend, and I'm so glad you're here!


Megan Hunt: I've been meaning to ask. How's married life?

Owen Hunt: How's your colostomy bag?


Miranda Bailey (about sub-interns): They're here. And they're yours. And they're all in the top 10% of their programs.

Richard Webber: So they're completely socially inept?

Miranda Bailey: Probably.


Max (to Jo): Look! Allora the Warrior Queen! Is that you?!

Alex Karev: Max, don't blow her cover. She's gonna be doing your surgery.


Jo Wilson: Who am I gonna talk to now? Who am I gonna compete against? W-Who's gonna tell me when I'm being ridiculous or... or when I stink and need a shower?

Ben Warren: Way to make Stephanie's life-changing injuries about you.

Jo Wilson: You called it a rush!


Owen Hunt: Megan? Megan.

Megan Hunt: Who... Who are you? (she smiles) Sorry. I had to do it. Will you unstrap me from this thing so I can hug your ridiculously pale body?

Meredith Grey (narration): The painful irony for doctors is that we often have to make you sicker in order to heal you. If a bone is healed unevenly, we have to re-break it. If a scar is too thick, we have to scrape it off and create a new wound. We break you down to re-build you. We go to medical school because we want to learn how to fix what's broken. But we quickly learn that we often have to make things worse before we can make them better. It's risky and it's frightening for surgeons and for patients, but usually, it's worth it. You get a second chance at life, and we get to be the architects of your second chance. It's win-win. When it works.


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Meredith Grey (narration): Nobody wakes up thinking, "My world will explode today." "My world will change." Nobody thinks that. But, sometimes, it happens. Sometimes, we wake up, we face our fears... We take them by the hand. And we stand there, waiting... hoping, ready... for anything.


Stephanie Edwards (to Dr. Webber): I've spent my whole life in hospitals. My whole life, and... I... I think I need to see everything that's not the inside of a hospital. I need to travel and... and explore and... and hike and... and breathe... and breathe... Breathe... real air. So deep. I want to breathe it all in. Away from the monitors and the blood and the... and the sterile gowns, away from saving other people's lives. I want my own. It's time... It's time I live my own. You changed my life, Dr. Webber. You have. You... You taught me how... You taught me how to take my past and find my path. Thank you. Thank you. I think I found it. Which means I quit.


Miranda Bailey (to Dr. Minnick): This is not some factory that turns out surgical robots. We make doctors. Thinking, feeling, human doctors. And we will teach them right.


Miranda Bailey: Lord, don't make me have to tell Catherine Avery I burned her hospital to the ground.


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