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Annie January: Thank you. For everything.

Queen Maeve: First time your prissy a$$ showed up at the Tower, crying in that bathroom... You saved me. Truth is, you... you don't need me anymore. I could jump. But you can f**king fly. (Annie hugs her) Oh. You're like a walking Hallmark card. Enough.

Soldier Boy: It's a shame that I've missed so much. I wish I could've raised you and taught you, father to son.

Homelander: Me too. That's okay. We're not alone anymore. We have each other.

Soldier Boy: Maybe if I'd raised you I could've made you better. And not some weak, sniveling p*ssy, starved for attention. But there's no fixing that now.

Homelander: Weak? I'm you.

Soldier Boy: I know. You're a f**king disappointment.

Queen Maeve: Butcher's right. Homelander needs to die. That's it. Whatever it takes.

Annie January: I really thought that deep down you were a hero.

Queen Maeve: Well, you were wrong. There's no such thing.

Annie January: This is not gonna happen.

Billy Butcher: You shut your f**king cake hole, Frenchie.

Frenchie: No. No! No, my cake hole will remain open! You will never command me again. I am done with your cruelty. I deserve respect! And we all deserve paid vacation days, and a dental plan!

Hughie Campbell: We save everyone. Even if they don't deserve it. Especially if they don't deserve it.

Kimiko: Our past is not who we are. I thought I'd always be broken. But you saw something in me. I see it in you.

Frenchie: What do you see?

Kimiko: I see mon coeur.

Frenchie: Nina was right. My papa, he put a chain around my neck. And all that f**king changes is who holds the other end.

Hughie Campbell: Hey, Maeve. Good to see you again. Glad you're okay.

Queen Maeve: It's like you wear a neon sign that says, "Raw dog me, I'm a bottom."

Hughie Campbell: Annie, I'm-I'm so sorry. I've been an a**hole. I never should have... I-I never should've put any of this onto you.

Annie January: Thank you for saying that.

Hughie Campbell: Literally every neuron in your brain is screaming "I told you so," so why don't you just say it before your head explodes.

Annie January: Oh, my God! I f**king told you so.

Hughie Campbell: Feel good to get that out?

Annie January: So satisfying. Oh, my God.

Frenchie (to M.M.): So you lost your temper and hit a man. Oh, this is nothing. You know, I once took a Spaniard's ear for jabbering at a screening of 27 Dresses...

Homelander (to Ryan): Son, when you're as strong as we are, accidents happen, uh, things break... and sometimes they are the things that you love the most. But-but that's all it is: an accident. And nobody on this earth knows that better than me. Nobody. That's why I'm always gonna love you. No matter what happens, no matter... what you do. I'm not going anywhere. I will always be here.

(Ryan hugs Homelander)

Soldier Boy (to Homelander): Turns out... Vogelbaum made a kid. Born spring 1981. A boy. You know what the b*tch of it is? If they'd have just kept me around, I'd have let you take the spotlight. What father wouldn't want that for his son?

Annie January (to Homelander): I'm not scared of you anymore. I'm not. I see who you are. I see how small you are. I saw it. I saw it the night that you killed Supersonic.

(Frenchie is reading a message written by Kimiko for Annie)

Kimiko: Annie. I know I'm asking a lot. At first I hated the V because I didn't choose it. But now it's my choice. I think that matters. I blamed my powers for my problems. But it's not true. The V isn't good or bad. It just depends on the person using it. I wanted to use my powers to do good. To fight for the ones I love. I almost lost Frenchie because I couldn't fight. I can't risk that again.

Frenchie: It will be the greatest sorrow of my life that I missed Herogasm.

The Boys Quotes

The Boys Quotes


Title: The Boys (2019)
Format: TV Series
Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime
Produced by: Amazon Studios
Release Date: July 26, 2019

Synopsis / Summary

The Boys is set in a universe in which superpowered people are recognized as heroes by the general public and owned by a powerful corporation, Vought International, which ensures that they are aggressively marketed and monetized. Outside of their heroic personas, most are arrogant and corrupt. The series primarily focuses on two groups: the titular Boys, vigilantes looking to keep the corrupted heroes under control, and the Seven, Vought International’s premier superhero team. The Boys are led by Billy Butcher, who despises all superpowered people, and the Seven are led by the egotistical and unstable Homelander. As a conflict ensues between the two groups, the series also follows the new members of each team: Hugh “Hughie” Campbell of the Boys, who joins the vigilantes after his girlfriend is killed in a high-speed collision by the Seven’s A-Train, and Annie January/Starlight of the Seven, a young and hopeful heroine forced to face the truth about the heroes she admires. (IMDb)

Characters / Cast

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A-Z List of Characters

Character Played by
Annie January Erin Moriarty
Billy Butcher Karl Urban
Frenchie Tomer Capon
Queen Maeve Dominique McElligott
Homelander Antony Starr
Hughie Campbell Jack Quaid
Mother’s Milk Laz Alonso

Top 10 most memorable quotes from The Boys Series

The Boys Quotes - The Best quotes from the Amazon's TV series The Boys


Above you’ll find the best quotes, dialogues and moments from the Amazon’s TV series The Boys. The quotes are sorted from the latest added.


The pick of top 10 one-liners from the series:

  • “Just ’cause you fall on your a$$ doesn’t mean you have to stay there.” – Robin Ward (quoted by Hughie – Ep. 1×01)
  • “Gods are pure and they’re perfect and they’re above it all. And they need to stay that way.” – Madelyn Stillwell (Ep. 1×02)
  • “You don’t need 50 million people to love you. You need five million people f**king p*ssed. Emotion sells, anger sells. You have fans. I have soldiers.” – Stormfront (to Homelander – Ep. 2×04)
  • “Calling you an a**hole is an insult to a**holes.” – Grace Mallory (to Butcher – Ep. 3×01)
  • “The problem, of course, was making the super into heroes. Making them figures to be worshiped. The fame, the movies, the depraved sex… it ruined them.” – Stan Edgar (Ep. 3×01)
  • “No God. The only man in the sky is me.” – Homelander (Ep. 3×02)
  • “I’m not your f**king gun.” – Kimiko (to Butcher – Ep. 3×04)
  • “You are not a god. You are simply a bad product.” – Stan Edgar (to Homelander – Ep. 3×04)
  • “With great power comes the absolute certainty that you’ll turn into a right c*nt.” – Billy Butcher (Ep. 3×05)
  • “The V isn’t good or bad. It just depends on the person using it.” – Kimiko (Ep. 3×07)



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