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Rachel Green, Ross Geller, Monica Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing and Phoebe Buffay are all friends, living off of one another in the heart of New York City. Over the course of ten years, this average group of buddies goes through massive mayhem, family trouble, past and future romances, fights, laughs, tears and surprises as they learn what it really means to be a friend. (IMDb) │ Produced by NBC

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(Ross is sitting in the hallway, where the Duck is in time-out)

Chandler Bing (to Ross): What did you do?


Chandler Bing: So then I took her to the shelter, and you know what I found out? If they can't find a home for her, they kill her! I'm not gonna let that happen to little Yasmine.

Joey Tribbiani: Okay, good, good, good, because I was kind of having second thoughts too.

Chandler Bing: Okay, and it's not just chicks. It's all kinds of other animals.

Joey Tribbiani: That's horrible. You did the right thing, man.

Chandler Bing: Thanks. I'm glad you see it that way.

(The Duck appears)


Ross Geller: Rach, you know, I can see you naked anytime I want. All I have to do is close my eyes. See? Woohoo!

Rachel Green: Come on! I don't want you thinking of me like that anymore.

Ross Geller: Sorry. Nothing you can do about it. It's one of my rights as the ex-boyfriend. Oh, Oh, yeah...

Rachel Green: Stop it! Cut it out! Cut it out!

Ross Geller: Ok, ok, I'm sorry. It will never happen... Oh oh, wait a minute! Wait, wait. Now there are 100 of you, and I'm the king!


Joey Tribbiani: I need to relax, okay? I was working all day.

Chandler Bing: And you don't think taking care of our chick is work?

Joey Tribbiani: That's not what I said. Ok, I just meant...

Chandler Bing: I know what you meant! Have you noticed that ever since we got this chick... we've been fighting a lot more than we used to?

Joey Tribbiani: I don't know. Maybe we weren't ready to have a chick.


Chandler Bing (singing to Chick): Okay, but this is the last time:

"With a chick-chick here

And a chick-chick there

Here a chick, there a chick

Everywhere a chick-chick"


Phoebe Buffay: You guys, do you know anything about chicks?

Chandler Bing: Fowl? No. Women? No.

Ross Geller: You know what? I didn't wear this suit for a year because you hated it. You're not my girlfriend anymore, so...

Rachel Green: I see. So this suit is making a point. Now that you're on your own, you're free to look as stupid as you'd like.


Chandler Bing: So after you put the suggestion in the box... how long did it take for the roller skating to happen?

Phoebe Buffay: About three months.

Chandler Bing: Okay, so I guess that's about two weeks before the topless thing kicks in.


Ross Geller: How come it says, "Property of Human Services" on his butt? Come here. Come here.

Chandler Bing: Stay back! I've got kiwi! Run, Joey, run!


Ross Geller: How about the time I cut the legs off your Malibu Ken?

Monica Geller: That was you?

Ross Geller: They were infected. He wouldn't have made it.


Ross Geller: Remember when I stuck that broom in your bike spokes and you flipped over and hit your head on the curb?

Monica Geller: No... But I remember people telling me about it.