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Dean Winchester: We hunt monsters all over the country.

Alternate!Dean: It's exhausting, isn't it?

Dean Winchester: Mm.

Alternate!Dean: But we... we do it worldwide. We have to keep two sets of pilots on standby.

Sam Winchester: You guys have your own plane?

Alternate!Sam: You don't? Oh, dear. How do you manage?

Sam Winchester: How do you afford it?

Alternate!Dean: We get paid. For Hunting monsters.

Dean Winchester: You what?

Dean Winchester: You sure you can swing this again?

Sam Winchester: Well, we have Rowena's notes for the spell so...

Dean Winchester: Okay, "Samwitch."

Castiel: The Occultum is divine in its origin. It was housed for hundreds of years in an ancient temple before it was...

Dean Winchester: Plundered by pirates.

Castiel: No.

Dean Winchester: It was dug up by tomb raiders.

Castiel: No.

Dean Winchester: It was seized by the King of the Dead and his warlords. Am I close?

Castiel: Looted by invading Mongol hordes for trade on the...

Dean Winchester: Black market. Yeah, that's what... I was gonna say that next. That was the next one.

Dean Winchester: How you feeling 'bout this?

Sam Winchester: Honestly? Feels like we're taking a big, probably stupid risk. Feels good. Disobeying cosmic entities, doing the, uh... dumb, right thing? Feels like we're back.

Chuck: I've gotten what I want from hundred of Sams and Deans. I could get what I want from a hundred more. And I don't care. Those other toys, they don't... they don't... spark joy. But Sam and Dean... the real Sam and Dean... they do. They challenge me... they disappoint me... they surprise me. They're... the ones.

Fortuna: When I play someone, I get a read on them. And you... you're just a beach read. Sexy, mm, but skimmable.

Dean Winchester: Beach read? Lady, I'm Tolstoy.

Dean Winchester: Man, I've been slinging pool cues since before you were born.

Sam Winchester: What? When you were 4? Really? What, between nap time and snack?

(Sam and Dean see Garth and Bess dancing...)

Dean Winchester: You know, I always thought I could be a good dancer if I wanted to be.

Sam Winchester: Well, you were awesome at the Macarena.

Dean Winchester: Yeah.

Dean Winchester: You and me? Not everything we did was because of Chuck. It was us... The blood, the sweat, the tears, man. That's us. We've been doing this our whole lives. We're the best in the world. So I say we go out there. I say we go out there, and we kick some a*ss.

Sam Winchester: We do this all the time. What the hell?

Dean Winchester: Friggin' normal! That's what. Aw, come on!

Sam Winchester: So could we ever actually pick locks, or was it Chuck this whole time?

Dean Winchester: All right. So, what're you? A monster?

Fight club owner: I am. Shifter.

Dean Winchester: Shifter? So you chose that face?

Supernatural Quotes

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Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Produced by: The CW
Release Date: 13 September 2005
Status: Between Seasons (Season 15: October 10, 2019)
Number of seasons: 15

Synopsis / Summary

The show follows Dean and Sam Winchester as they follow in their father’s footsteps, hunting monsters – ghosts, demons… They drive across the US in their trusted 1967 Chevrolet Impala to save innocent people from supernatural beings.
The story begins with Sam and Dean trying to find and save their father but turns into a never-ending fight against evil. Along the way, they make unexpected friends, that join their fight and form the fan favorite Team Free Will.

Characters / Cast

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A-Z List of Characters

Character Played by
Amara (The Darkness) Emily Swallow
Billie Lisa Berry
Bobby Singer Jim Beaver
Castiel Misha Collins
Claire Novak Kathryn Love Newton
Crowley Mark Sheppard
Dean Winchester Jensen Ackles
Gabriel Richard Speight Jr.
Charlie Bradbury Felicia Day
Chuck Shurley Rob Benedict
Jack Kline Alexander Calvert
Jody Mills Kim Rhodes
Kelly Kline Courtney Ford
Lucifer Mark Pellegrino
Mary Winchester Samantha Smith
Metatron Curtis Armstrong
Michael Multiple actors
Rowena Ruth Connell
Sam Winchester Jared Padalecki
Toni Bevell Elizabeth Blackmore

Facts & Trivia

• Castiel’s outfit is indeed based on comic book character Constantine. Creator Eric Kripke never kept his inspiration a secret, but as the TV show Constantine aired, that was when fans really started to talk about it.
• Jared and Jensen were both considered perfect for the role of Sam, the showrunners like them both, their chemistry was great, so they had to decide who to turn to Dean.
• Chuck’s pen name Carver Edlund is a combination of names Jeremy Carver and Ben Edlund, who were writers for the show.
• Jared is so tall that often his feet hang over the end of the bed – can be seen in wide shots.
• John Winchester was supposed to be only in the first episode. Later more characters from the show, which was originally signed up for only one episode, became occurring characters (Bobby Singer for example).
• Supernatural’s story was originally designed to end with season 5.
• There was almost a crossover with Smallville, where Sam and Dean would save Clark from Superman curse.
• Misha Collins first thought he was auditioning for the role of a demon as the casting call was made to cover up, that they’re adding angels to the show.
• Sam and Dean were almost named Harrison, but there already was Dean Harrison living in Kansas and the lawyers advised to change the name. Even the name of the show was first pitched as Unnatural.
• Sam’s injury in the beginning of the season 10, where he was wearing a sling, was caused by Jared wrestling Osric Chau and had to be written into the story as demon-caused.

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