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Teen Wolf

Gerard Argent (to new hunter): Everything's a lesson, every moment with me. And if there's one thing you learn today, it's this, the best way to build an army is through fear.


Corey Bryant: I thought your premonition was about people turning on each other?

Lydia Martin: I was wrong.

Corey Bryant: They're gonna turn on us.

Lydia Martin: And I think it's already started.


Guidance counselor: I thought we're trying to hunt down a werewolf.

Gerard Argent: Anyone can learn to hunt one werewolf. We are building an army.

Guidance counselor: An army?

Gerard Argent: To hunt them all.


Brett Talbot: You're a dumbass for doing this.

Liam Dunbar: Oh, is that your way of thanking me?

Brett Talbot: No, that's my way of calling you a dumbass. But, thanks.


Scott McCall: Liam, you don't know who they are or what they're capable of.

Liam Dunbar: Look, I know who we are. We never give up, especially when it's someone innocent, when it's someone alone, when it's one of our friends.


Guidance counselor: Who are you?

Gerard Argent: Someone who has been doing this a lot longer than you, but also someone who recognizes raw talent when he sees it.


Scott McCall: We don't know what fear would do to somebody. I mean, it can change them. They'll look at us differently. They'll do things that they've never done before.

Malia Tate: People can be so stupid.

Lydia Martin: They're not stupid, they're scared.

Scott McCall: And scared people will do things that you wouldn't believe.


Malia Tate: If you didn't fire it, then who did?

Scott McCall: Someone who doesn't know what they're doing.

Chris Argent: Someone dangerous. A new hunter.


Malia Tate: What the hell happened last night?

Scott McCall: Yeah. I get it, I freaked out. Which freaked you out.

Malia Tate: So you admit that you freaked out? Wait a minute, I didn't freak out.

Scott McCall: You haven't been trying to get me to talk because you're freaked out that I freaked out?

Malia Tate: No, I've been trying to get you to talk because, you know, I'm... Well, I'm worried about you.


Dr. Conrad Fenris: I can't be afraid anymore.


Chris Argent: What the hell are you guys doing here?

Scott McCall: We're your backup.

Chris Argent: I had a guy on the inside.

Malia Tate: Who?

Chris Argent: You're standing on him.


Lydia Martin: We opened a door to another world. And something came out with us.


Mason Hewitt: Wounds heal. People move. Things change.

Liam Dunbar: Yeah. But it still hurts, though.


Lydia Martin: You're the former animal. Nobody understands mysterious animal situations like you do.

Malia Tate: I'm done with mysterious animal situations. I want mysterious men. French ones.


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