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Jace Herondale: You know, I pray every day... every day to the angels that they will see that our love is stronger than their spite.

Simon Lewis: I know how much you're hurting. But she'd want you to move on, to find someone else.

Jace Herondale: There is no one else.

Maia Roberts: What about you? How's your book coming along?

Simon Lewis: Ooh! I finally came up with a title. Unseen World: The Divine Implements by Ezekiel J. Russo.

Maia Roberts: Ooh! Nice pen name.

Simon Lewis: I wish I could use my name, though. Clary would be really excited to see that the graphic novel we started working on so long ago was finally finished.

(Jace is reading Clary's letter...)

Clary Fairchild: By the time you read this letter, my memories of you and the Shadow World will be gone. It was the price the angels made me pay for the runes I've created. But I have no regrets. Even if I don't remember you, you will always be in my heart...

Jace Herondale: You're the best thing that ever happened to me, Clary Fairchild.

Clary Fairchild: Every single cell in my body loves you. And when those cells die and new ones are born, those cells love you even more. So, Jace, no matter what happens, my love for you will never die.

Izzy Lightwood: How is life as a mundane?

Raphael Santiago: It's amazing. I'm finally able to pursue a calling I've had since I was a kid.

Simon Lewis: Celebrity tamale chef. Men's tailor?

Raphael Santiago: Yeah, no. I joined the seminary.

Izzy Lightwood: You're gonna be a priest?

Raphael Santiago: One day. But I have to get back in touch with my God first.

Lorenzo Rey (to Magnus): I never had a family. Never thought one was even possible. But the way your loved ones rallied for you, for each other, showed me a family doesn't need to be something that you're born into. Families can be made. One day, I hope to be as lucky as you in finding one of my own.

Alec Lightwood: Magnus is taking care of everything.

Jace Herondale: Right.

Alec Lightwood: But there's a few things I have to do. Like asking you to be my suggenes.

Jace Herondale: Again?

Alec Lightwood: Again. Yeah.

Jace Herondale: Alec, of course.

Jonathan Morgenstern: You want me to be your weapon.

Seelie Queen: I want you to be my king. Together, we will destroy the Shadowhunters and rule the earthly realm side by side.

Jonathan Morgenstern: I prefer to rule alone.

(Seelie Queen turns into the child version of herself...)

Seelie Queen: Please, Jonathan. Please. You wouldn't dare hurt a child. Have mercy.

Jonathan Morgenstern: Mercy is for humans. And I'm no longer human.

Alec Lightwood: "You are cordially invited to the wedding of Alexander Gideon Lightwood and Magnus Bane." Tonight?

Magnus Bane: Why wait even a day longer? After everything we've been through, who knows what crisis will befall us tomorrow.

Shadowhunters Quotes

Shadowhunters Quotes


Full title: Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments
Genres: Fantasy, Action, Romance
Produced by: Freeform, Netflix
Release Date: 12 January 2016
Status: Ended with Season 3 in 2019
Number of seasons: 3

Synopsis / Summary

Just a normal teenage girl living in New York – that is Clary Fray. Until she starts seeing strange things around her. Her mother goes missing, and Clary finds out she is descended from a line of Shadowhunters. Shadowhunters, also known as Nephilim are humans born with angel blood who fight demons. Clary and her best friend Simon Lewis are joined with Shadowhunters Jace Wayland, Izzy Lightwood and Alec Lightwood to help her find her mother.

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Characters / Cast

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A-Z List of Characters

Character Played by
Alec Lightwood (Alexander) Matthew Daddario
Asmodeus Jack J. Yang
Brother Zachariah Jonathan Ho
Camille Belcourt Kaitlyn Leeb
Catarina Loss Sophia Walker
Clary Fairchild (Clary Fray) Katherine McNamara
Elaine Lewis Christina Cox
Hodge Starkweather Jon Cor
Imogen Herondale Mimi Kuzyk
Isabelle Lightwood (Izzy) Emeraude Toubia
Jace Herondale (Jace Wayland) Dominic Sherwood
Jocelyn Fray Maxim Roy
Luke Garroway (Lucian Greymark) Isaiah Mustafa
Lydia Branwell Stephanie Bennett
Magnus Bane Harry Shum Jr.
Maia Roberts Alisha Wainwright
Maryse Lightwood Nicola Correia-Damude
Max Lightwood Jack Fulton
Meliorn Jade Hassouné
Raphael Santiago David Castro
Sebastian Morgenstern (Jonathan) Will Tudor / Luke Baines
Seelie Queen Lola Flanery / Sarah Hyland / Kimberly-Sue Murray
Simon Lewis Alberto Rosende
Valentine Morgenstern Alan Van Sprang
Victor Aldertree Nick Sagar

Top 10 unforgettable quotes from Shadowhunters

  • “All the legends are true. We’re Shadowhunters. We protect the human world from the demon world.” – Jace Wayland to Clary (1×01)
  • “It’s the Shadowhunter creed. ‘Looking better in black than the widows of our enemies.'” – Jace Wayland to Clary (1×02)
  • “We’re Lightwoods. We break noses and accept the consequences.” – Alec Lightwood to Maryse (1×06)
  • “The law is hard, but it is the law.” – Unpopular Shadowhunter motto (repeated)
  • “Shadowhunters are all alike. Their mortality makes them fickle, selfish, weak. In the end, they always choose their own kind.” – Seelie Queen (2×14)
  • “When times turn dark, rules are what bind us to our humanity.” – Luke Garroway (2×18)
  • “You don’t choose the blades. The blades choose you.” – Luke Garroway (3×01)
  • “Three go in. Three come out.” – Lightwood trio’s motto (3×08)
  • “It’s not about beauty. Tiger has stripes, I have eyeliner.” – Magnus Bane (3×11)
  • “‘Aku cinta kamu.’ Indonesian for ‘I love you.'” – Magnus Bane to Alec (3×19)

Facts & Trivia

• Several members of cast got the angelic rune tattooed (little version of course).

• Matthew Daddario (Alec) auditioned for the role of Jace. We know how that ended…

• Harry Shum Jr and Matthew Daddario also auditioned for the movie City of Bones.

• We got the show thanks to the movie City of Bones not doing well and its sequal cancelled.

• Isaiah Mustafa (Luke) is most known as the “Old Spice” guy from the commercials.

• Shadowhunters in the series are not shy to use mundane technology, in the books they are more conservative, you wouldn’t see computers at the institute.

• Sadly due to be cancelled after Season 3 due to licensing disputes and economic difficulty.

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