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Young Sheldon

Sheldon Cooper: Dad. Are you sad that you got fired?

George Cooper Sr.: Mostly angry. But yeah. Maybe a little sad.


Sheldon Cooper: You told on them?

George Cooper Sr.: Yeah. You know what happened?

Sheldon Cooper: Justice descended upon the rule breakers?

George Cooper Sr.: I got fired, Sheldon. And I got a bad reputation.

Sheldon Cooper: Oh. That's why you drink so much beer.


Music teacher: You have perfect pitch.

Sheldon Cooper: Okay.

Music teacher: Sweetheart, you should really pursue music.

Sheldon Cooper: No, thank you. Musicians take drugs.


Mary Cooper: How about we lose the bowtie?

Sheldon Cooper: Why?

Mary Cooper: Look around, honey. None of the other kids are wearing one.

Sheldon Cooper: Well, perhaps I'll start a fad.


Sheldon Cooper: I'll go with you, Mom.

Missy Cooper: Why are you going? You don't believe in God.

Sheldon Cooper: No, but I believe in Mom.


Missy Cooper: You're gonna get your ass kicked in high school.

Sheldon Cooper: I'm not going to be assaulted. High school is a haven for higher learning.

George Cooper Sr.: Oh, dear God.


Sheldon Cooper (narrative): I felt like Neil Armstrong on the moon, alone and happy.


Sheldon Cooper (narrative): I've always loved trains. In fact, if my career in theoretical physics hadn't worked out, my backup plan was to become a professional ticket taker. Or hobo.


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