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Quote from The Good Doctor 1x18 - Aaron Glassman: I'm not gonna ask him to lie to save my job. Jessica Preston: Don't do this. Aaron Glassman: It's up to Shaun. (to Shaun): I trust your judgment. Shaun Murphy: I'm not doing this to hurt you. Aaron Glassman: I know. Shaun Murphy: We are friends. Aaron Glassman: Yes, we are. Shaun Murphy: I love you. Aaron Glassman: I know. I love you, too. Shaun Murphy: I love you more.
Quote from The Good Doctor 1x18 - Shaun Murphy: You did the biopsy. Aaron Glassman: I did. I have a low-grade glioma. Shaun Murphy: Not a GBM? I told you... Aaron Glassman: Cancer, Shaun. It's still cancer. I have to undergo brain surgery, which is really scary because I'm not the one performing it. Five days a week for six weeks of radiation, 10 more weeks of chemotherapy. Shaun Murphy: And then? Aaron Glassman: And then... with a little luck... you and I can go to the Super Bowl next season. Shaun Murphy: You're going to live. Aaron Glassman: There's hope.
Quote from The Good Doctor 1x16 - Shaun Murphy: Claire, you're beautiful, smart, and very good at your job. Claire Browne: Thank you, Shaun. That's a very sweet thing to say. Shaun Murphy: Would you ever date someone with a disability? Claire Browne: Yeah, sure. Shaun Murphy: You could choose the ideal mate, Claire. Why would you want the unnecessary burden? Claire Browne: Everyone is dealing with something. We just have to love other people for who they are and hope they love us, too.
Quote from The Good Doctor 1x14 - (Shaun is floating in the pool) Kenny: You're not gonna do any laps or nothing? Shaun Murphy: No. Kenny: Then what are you doing? Shaun Murphy: Understanding.
Quote from The Good Doctor 1x14 - Neil Melendez: To the victor belong the spoils. Pay up. Audrey Lim: Oh, humility was never your strong suit. Neil Melendez: Thank you, Mortimer. Audrey Lim: Mm. Don't spend it all in one place. Neil Melendez: Spend it? I'm gonna frame it.
Quote from The Walking Dead 8x16 - Rick: Dear Carl. I remember. I forgot who I was. You made me remember. I remember that feeling, walking with you that day. Like I finally knew who I was for the first time in my life. Thing is, we were walking side-by-side, but you were bringin' me somewhere. Bringin' me here. Bringin' all of us to the new world, Carl. You showed me the new world. You made it real. I see it. I remember. Dad.






You’re a good man with a good heart. And it’s hard for a good man to be king.

– T’Chaka (to T’Challa)
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