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April theme: Spring & Easter

Easter Quotes | Easter is the only time of year when it is safe to put all your eggs in one basket.
Easter Quotes | The great gift of Easter is hope. - Basil Hume
Easter Quotes | Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life. - Janine di Giovanni
Easter Quotes | Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life. - S.D. Gordon
Easter Quotes | A true friend is someone who thinks you're a good egg, even if you're cracked.
Spring Quotes | To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. - Audrey Hepburn


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Avengers: Endgame Quote | (Rhodey lands in front of Scott, who's chilling outside Avengers headquarters) Scott Lang: Oh, god! James Rhodes: What's up, regular-sized man?
Avengers: Endgame Quote | Steve Rogers: You know your teams, you know your missions. Look out for each other.
Quote from The Walking Dead 1x01 | (Rick finds a little girl at abandoned gas station) Rick Grimes: Little girl? I'm a policeman. Little girl. Don't be afraid, okay? Little girl? (the girl turns around) Oh my God.
Quote from Shadowhunters 3x18 | Becky Lewis: Now I get it. Simon Lewis: What? Becky Lewis: Why you're "better than fine." You're totally into Isabelle. Simon Lewis: No. No, no, we are just friends. Becky Lewis: Oh, like that's stopped you before. Simon Lewis: Becky, I'm serious. You're way off here. Becky Lewis: The puddle of drool on the ground suggests otherwise. Why don't you make a move? Simon Lewis: Even if I was interested, which I'm not, Isabelle has a type: mysterious, hot, bad boys. She's never gonna see me that way. Becky Lewis: Don't be so sure. I may not be a shadow expert, but I know romance. And there's something between you two.
Quote from Game of Thrones 8x01 | Samwell Tarly: You're the true king. Aegon Targaryen, Sixth of His Name, Protector of the Realm, all of it. Jon Snow: Daenerys is our queen. Samwell Tarly: She shouldn't be. Jon Snow: That's treason. Samwell Tarly: It's the truth. You gave up your crown to save your people. Would she do the same?
Quote from Game of Thrones 8x01 | Samwell Tarly: Bran and I worked it out. I had a High Septon's diary. Bran had... whatever Bran has. Jon Snow: What are you talking about? Samwell Tarly: Your mother... was Lyanna Stark. And your father... your real father was Rhaegar Targaryen. You've never been a bastard. You're Aegon Targaryen, true heir to the Iron Throne.



It’s not about beauty. Tiger has stripes, I have eyeliner.

– Magnus Bane (Shadowhunters)
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