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Quote from Supernatural 13x02 - Lucifer: Just what I need. Angels. Hey. Angel: I sense a creature that stinks of Hell. Lucifer: Oh, yeah. That would be her. (points at Mary)
Quote from Lucifer 3x02 - Lucifer Morningstar: I'm Lucifer bloody Morningstar! I do favors better than anyone else. Amongst other things, of course. Or at least, I used to. And I think that maybe... it's about time I got back in the game. Hello. So, tell me. What is it that you truly desire?
Quote from The Big Bang Theory 11x03 - (Sheldon's dream) Sheldon Cooper: Do we grant Laid-Back Sheldon a seat on the council? Laid-Back Sheldon: Hey, whatever you guys want. I'm just chillin' like Bob Dylan. Science Sheldon: Negative. Texas Sheldon: Heck, no! Germaphobe Sheldon: I don't feel well. Fanboy Sheldon (about Humorous Sheldon): Can we kick him out, too?
Quote from The Big Bang Theory 11x03 - Amy Farrah Fowler: You know, ever since I was a young girl, I-I've dreamed of a June wedding, maybe on a cliff overlooking the ocean at sunset. Sheldon Cooper: Sure. Sounds wonderful. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go clean up. (mumbling to himself): Outdoor wedding. I know what I'll be using that cliff for.
Quote from Supernatural 13x01 - Dean Winchester (to Sam): God's not listening. He doesn't give a damn.
Quote from Supernatural 13x01 - Jack: I have to find my father. He'll protect me. Sam Winchester: Jack, you gotta listen to me. That's not really what Lucifer does. Jack: Lucifer? No, that's not his name. My father is Castiel.





Sometimes when I try to understand a person’s motives, I play a little game. I assume the worst. What’s the worst reason they could possibly have for saying what they say and doing what they do? Then I ask myself, “How well does that reason explain what they say and what they do?”

– Petyr Baelish, Game of Thrones 7×07
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