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Duela Doe: You do realize it's impossible to guilt me into anything, right?

Turner Hayes: Fine. You'll get to punch a bunch of Mutants.

Duela Doe: Oh! Should've led with that. I'll get my purse.

Cullen Row: Do you even care about what happens to Turner and Carrie?

Duela Doe: Not particularly.

Cullen Row: No one's talking to you.

Harper Row: I care about what happens to you.

Cullen Row: And if that were true, you wouldn't be asking me to run.

Harper Row: Cullen, what?

Cullen Row: I want to stay and clear my name not only because, you know, I chose the damn thing, but because it's finally my choice. You want to go with her? Go. I'm staying for Turner and Carrie. And for me.

Cullen Row (about Duela): You seriously can't be thinking of taking off with her.

Harper Row: Just because she's deranged doesn't mean she's wrong.

Duela Doe: True.

Hamilton Hill: Do you like numbers? I do. They're the only things in this city that don't lie. So, let's talk numbers. 7. That's how many toe tags our fugitives have racked up. 6. That's how many grieving families I've just had to talk to, and they all have exactly one question. When are we gonna catch 'em? But you know the number that I'm most worried about?

Harvey Dent: 34... your approval rating?

Hamilton Hill: Zero, which is how many leads you've got.

Turner Hayes: My dad used to say that every strength is secretly a weakness.

Duela Doe: OK, all due respect to Daddy's Batproverbs, but what the hell does that mean?

Carrie Kelley: It means the most vulnerable areas are the ones you're not worried about.

Carrie Kelley: You're all supposed to be keeping a low profile. Oh, and dyeing your hair blue isn't exactly blending in.

Harper Row: This is Gotham. You blend in by standing out.

Harper Row: OK, who tripped the silent alarm?

Duela Doe: Attention, shoplifters, please make your final selections and kindly bring them towards the rear exit.

Duela Doe (to Turner): What happened to that guy who grabbed the wheel and wrecked the prison transport? That guy that I know you keep tucked away, hiding underneath all that cashmere? Let me know when he wants to come out and play.

Duela Doe (to Turner): I really wish they'd taken that turtleneck when they seized your trust fund. Hey. You're a fugitive now, OK? You are no longer required to be this boring.

Turner Hayes: Once we clear our names, we're paying it back.

Harper Row: Right. Just as soon as the store pays back all the child labor they exploited to make this stuff.

Cullen Row: Well, you know if you victimize the victimizer, then it's a victimless crime.

Turner Hayes: I'm not sure the law sees it that way.

Duela Doe: Just as long as they don't see you, right?

(While stealing clothes to better blend in...)

Cullen Row: OK. Now. We got most wanted. Wanted most. (shows her two shirts)

Harper Row: Take 'em both. Decide later.

Duela Doe: It's the symbol of the Court of Owls. They're the ones who really run this city. No one knows who they are, and you don't dare ask, because if you find out... it'll be the last thing you ever see.

Harper Row: How do you know all this?

Duela Doe: Because while you were being read bedtime stories, I was listening to the warnings that echo through the halls of Arkham.

Beware of the Court of Owls

that watches all the time,

ruling Gotham from a shadowed perch

behind granite and lime.

They watch you at your hearth.

They watch you in your bed.

Speak not a whispered word of them...

Or they'll send the Talon for your head.

Turner Hayes: So you knew my dad was Batman?

Carrie Kelley: He didn't exactly tell me. I just kind of found out. Mutant gang threw him off the roof of my apartment. I dragged him to safety. Not a bad way to meet your hero. After that, I became his eyes and ears. He even gave me these. Called me his little robin. You knew my dad in a way I never will. I knew him well enough to know that you were the thing he loved most in this world. Not enough to tell me who he really was. Turner, he didn't want you to follow down that path. You both lost so much. He was so impressed that you never gave in to the darkness like he did. Your father may have been a hero to all of Gotham... but he always used to tell me that his hero was you.

Duela Doe: I am not going anywhere with him.

Turner Hayes: We have to stick together or they'll pick us off one by one.

Duela Doe: You almost just got us killed.

Turner Hayes: I know. I'm sorry.

(Duela punches him)

Duela Doe: Apology accepted. Ooh! I call shotgun!

Turner Hayes: Who the hell are you?

Carrie Kelley: I'm Robin.

Turner Hayes: Wait, I know you.

Carrie Kelley: Carrie Kelley.

Turner Hayes: From trig!

Gotham Knights Quotes

Gotham Knights Quotes


Title: Gotham Knights
Format: TV Series
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama
Produced by: The CW (Warner Bros. Television)
Release Date: March 14, 2023

Synopsis / Summary

Bruce Wayne is murdered and his adopted son forges an alliance with the children of Batman’s enemies. As the city becomes more dangerous, these mismatched fugitives will become its next generation of saviors, known as the Gotham Knights. (IMDb)

Characters / Cast

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A-Z List of Characters

Character Played by
Duela Doe Olivia Rose Keegan
Turner Hayes Oscar Morgan


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