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Queen Kristina: I understand that the thing with Simon has been life-changing for you...

Wille: It's not about him. It's not about Simon, Mom. It's... It's this role. It's always been this role that's been the problem. To me. I know you think I'm gonna change my mind, but I won't. I don't want this. If you believe in monarchy, if you think that it's important that you're born into the right family, that this is right... then that is the heir for you (looks at August outside). And I understand that you're disappointed, but it's the truth. (to the bodyguards): Could you open the door? (the door opens, he turns to his parents): I love you both. (Wille leaves the car)

Queen Kristina (to the bodyguards): Let him go.

Queen Kristina: I mean, I understand that you might have doubts and mixed feelings. God knows it was the same for me. But, I mean... There must be a worse fate to be assigned than this one.

Wille: Yes, but that's the problem. We have been assigned this, we haven't chosen it. Nobody's chosen. The people haven't chosen. And I see how it makes you feel. (looks at his father) And how it makes you feel. I used to think that at least Erik was happy, but I don't think he was.

Queen Kristina: Wilhelm, one day, you will be an amazing king. I know that.

Wille: What happens if I don't want that?

Queen Kristina: But, please... Please, not today. We've talked about this...

Wille: No, I don't wanna upset you, Mom. I... That's the last thing I want. And I understand you have a hard time taking me seriously, 'cause I've said it before in frustration, and I've been impulsive. But you also haven't let me have an honest conversation about this.

Felice: I don't really know if a trip to New York was what I needed when I was upset about what happened between us. They were friends who threw money at the problem instead of listening. I needed someone I could be honest with, and that's not always easy with them. But it is with you.

Sara: They're probably right that New York is a bit more fun than Bjärstad.

Felice: But you have a car. You can go somewhere else.

Sara: Like where?

Felice: Anywhere.

Wille: I just wanted to thank you. For the song. I really love it. Even though it was sad and... and that everything was in vain. That we gave up.

Simon: Nothing was in vain. And I never gave up on us. I gave up on the royal family.

Simon (singing):

'Cause we were a revolution

If only for each other

It shouldn't be a revolution

To love another

But you were my revolution

Before it fell apart

Fell apart, fell apart

(From Simon's song 'Wille's Song')

Simon (singing):

We were never what was wrong

And we do not have to follow

The way of others and where it leads

And remember when you said

I could get to be free

I hope that you will get there

And get to be you

(From Simon's song 'Wille's Song')

Simon (singing):

Remember when you said

Everyone is fake?

Just cold metal and imagined

But not you

Let your sorrow shine bright

You don't ever have to hide it

Let them see you for who you are

(From Simon's song 'Wille's Song')

Simon (singing):

It has been the two of us

I don't want to forget it

But promise me, please swear

That those who can't understand

Won't make you hide it

Who you are, deep inside

(From Simon's song 'Wille's Song')

Wille: Simon, I don't understand. How the hell can it be over between us? Can't we just keep on fighting? How can you just be over me? Just like that? I can't imagine...

Simon: Wille...

Wille: I thought it would be us.

Simon: It has been us. And when it was us, it was good.

Simon: Can't we just forget everything that's happened? Just for tonight?

Wille: What... what does that even mean?

Simon: No royal family, no prince, no socialist, no drama! No before. No later. Only now. One last night together. We're worth it.

Wille: I... I'd like that.

Felice: Do you remember when you helped me throw up here?

Sara: That was the best day of my life. (both laugh)

Felice: You... You said that you thought my hair was pretty when it got curly. It might sound a bit silly, but... it really meant a lot to me. The other girls didn't understand that I got up an hour earlier to straighten and fix my hair.

Felice (about August): So you don't have feelings for him? Fredrika saw you with him at the dinner.

Sara: Yes. I have feelings for August. But I have... I have stronger and more important feelings for you. And for Simon, and... for myself.

August: You know that Erik loved you... more than anything else? That video, with the two of you guys, it wouldn't have meant a thing. Erik would've loved you no matter what. And I am... I'm so sorry... for everything. I really am. I'm sorry, Wilhelm.

Wille: Thank you.

Young Royals Quotes

Young Royals Quotes


Title: Young Royals (2021)
Format: TV Series
Genres: Drama, Romance
Produced by: Netflix
Release Date: July 1, 2021
Status: Ended with Season 3 in 2024
Number of Seasons: 3

Synopsis / Summary

“Young Royals” series on Netflix is about Prince Wilhelm, a teenager who goes to a fancy boarding school while dealing with royal responsibilities. The show is full of drama, romance, and secrets that keep you hooked. It’s a fresh take on royalty that’s both entertaining and intriguing. (More on IMDb)

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Characters / Cast

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A-Z List of Characters

Character Played by
August Horn of Årnäs Malte Gårdinger
Felice Ehrencrona Nikita Uggla
Sara Eriksson Frida Argento
Simon Eriksson Omar Rudberg
Wilhelm, Prince of Sweden Edvin Ryding


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