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Percy Jackson (narration): The stories you heard about Greek gods, heroes, and monsters? I'm here to tell you they're real. If you ever feel like you don't fit, like the world doesn't make sense... then you might be a part of our world. So, don't give up. 'Cause we might need you for the fight ahead.

Percy Jackson: I don't think Luke wants to kill me.

Chiron: I don't think he does, either. That's what scares me. When Luke explained why he planned to take down Olympus, part of it made sense to you, didn't it? Hmm? Luke knows that you'd be a powerful ally to his cause. And his master, Kronos, he can be very, very persuasive.

Percy Jackson: Yeah. But I'm very, very stubborn.

Percy Jackson: You knew Clarisse didn't steal the bolt. You did. You worked with Ares to plant it on me, so when the shoes you gave me pulled me down into Tartarus, the bolt would be delivered right to Kronos.

Luke Castellan: I didn't think you'd give 'em to Grover to wear. I am your friend. Percy, none of this was meant to betray you. The gods are my enemy. You... I'm here to recruit.

Percy Jackson: I'm done running from monsters. This is too important. I have to try.

Poseidon (to Sally about Percy): One day. One day, when he's ready. When he knows who he is and where he belongs. And fate has revealed to him his true path. On that day I'll be right by his side.

Sally Jackson (about Percy): I want him to know who he is before your family tries to tell him who they want him to be. He is better than that. He has better things in him than that.

Poseidon: Then I think you have your answer. He's going to go to school. And he's gonna learn things that you can't teach him there. And it's gonna be hard for the both of you. It's gonna be torture for the both of you. But he will be stronger for it on the other side. His mother raised him well.

Hermes (to Percy): It was your father who warned me to stay away. Said it was awful watching you struggle and feel powerless to stop it. But that sometimes... that's what parenting is.

Hermes (about Luke and his mother): Do you know what that feels like? To be so close to someone you love, knowing neither of you has any choice but to keep hurting each other?

(Animals, they've just rescued, are on the street disrupting traffic...)

Percy Jackson: This seems dangerous.

Grover Underwood: Oh. They'll be totally fine. I gave them a Satyr's blessing, so they'll be able to reach the wilderness safely.

Percy Jackson: I meant for the people.

Grover Underwood: Oh... Them. Well, I mean, I'm sure they'll... Yeah, I don't know. But the animals are all set.

Luke Castellan: So, Ares, huh? What was that like?

Percy Jackson: Well... compared to the Chimera on Monday and Medusa on Sunday, could have been a lot worse.

Annabeth Chase: Medusa was Saturday.

Percy Jackson: I thought Sunday.

Annabeth Chase: No monsters on Sunday. Monday, you died in the river.

Percy Jackson: Right. So, Medusa on Saturday.

Luke Castellan: Guys, what is this?

Percy and Annabeth (at the same time): What?

Luke Castellan: When did you turn into an old married couple?

Hephaestus: I know your mother was displeased with you recently. We both know how she gets. But this was a lot. Even for her. You walk outta here with that shield… and you're a hero. On your way to the greatest glory. She'll be proud and you will be forgiven, and all will go back to being as it always has been, always will be... as it should be.

Annabeth Chase: It isn't how it should be! It isn't! Eat or be eaten. Power and glory and nothing else matters. Ares is that way, Zeus is that way, my mother is that way. (about Percy): He isn't that way. He's better than that. Maybe I was that way once. But I don't wanna be that way anymore. I won't be like all of you. I just won't.

Hephaestus: Some of us don't like being that way either.

Grover Underwood: Was she always like that?

Ares: Who?

Grover Underwood: Your sister. Athena.

Ares: What do you mean?

Grover Underwood: Always making things more complicated than they need to be so people will think she's smarter than you.

Ares: Thank you! I can't be the only one who sees it, right?

Grover Underwood: No. Not at all.

Ares: It certainly feels that way sometimes. And seriously, she's the smart one? Really? If she's so smart, explain the owl. She talks to it, like, all the time. This fat, nasty little feathered rodent. And it's like her best friend. And we're so sure that she's a genius and I, no owl, am not?

Grover Underwood: Totally!

Ares: It's like people only see what they wanna see and ignore anything at all that doesn't fit the story they like to tell themselves.

Grover Underwood: Exactly!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Quotes

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Quotes


Title: Percy Jackson and the Olympians (2023)
Format: TV Series
Genres: Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Produced by: 20th Television (Disney+)
Release Date: December 19, 2023

Synopsis / Summary

Demigod Percy Jackson leads a quest across America to prevent a war among the Olympian gods. (IMDb)

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A-Z List of Characters

Character Played by
Annabeth Chase Leah Jeffries
Grover Underwood Aryan Simhadri
Percy Jackson Walker Scobell

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