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The Witcher Funko Pop: All Figures You Can Collect [Checklist]

  We have brought you the list of all Funko Pop! figures released for the Witcher fandom. With this list, which you can also use as a shopping guide, you can be sure you won’t miss any figures, and with… Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day: Best of Quotes, Sayings and Poems

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th, as we all know, but what do we wish one another? We’re here to help! We bring you all the quotes and wishes you could need. Whether you’re in love, married, single, or… Continue Reading →

Month of November: Best of Quotes, Sayings and Poems

  Fall is in full force and the month of November is here. The family time and thankfulness comes to mind as the leaves fall and the winter slowly creeps in. The time to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas songs slowly… Continue Reading →

Month of October: Best of Quotes, Sayings and Poems

  The month of October is here. The month that is the most favorite one for so many people as it brings Halloween fun with it. The colorful autumn and mellow weather is here also for you to enjoy your… Continue Reading →

Month of September: Best of Quotes, Sayings and Poems

  The summer is slowly over and the fall months are upon us. Say goodbye to summertime activities and let’s welcome the month of September. The weather is not as hot as in summer, but it is perfect to go… Continue Reading →

Shadowhunters: In What Episode…? [Malec Edition]

  Can’t find the Malec moment you looking for? We bring you the list the most iconic Malec scenes with the corresponding episode number so you can jump in and watch it immediately.   In what episode does Malec…? meet… Continue Reading →

4th of July: Best of Quotes and Sayings to celebrate Independence Day

  In today’s world, America’s celebration of the 4th of July is viewed as a gathering of families and friends, grilling, having fun, and watching fireworks. Let’s not forget the true meaning behind the holiday – Independence Day is celebrating… Continue Reading →

Month of April: Best of Quotes, Sayings and Poems

  April is here with the spring full in power. The rebirth of nature, April Fool’s Day to start and Easter… Surely April isn’t a boring month. Enjoy quotes about the month of April full of nature, flowers and changing… Continue Reading →

Month of March: Best of Quotes, Sayings and Poems

  March is all about nature. The first flowers bloom as the winter is ending and the first day of spring is approaching. But as it is the beginning of the spring, we still get wind and cold from the… Continue Reading →

Month of February: Best of Quotes, Sayings and Poems

  Let’s celebrate the month of February with quotes and poems. The second month of the year being the shortest month of the twelve, isn’t the only interesting fact about it. February is best known for Valentine’s Day that we… Continue Reading →

Month of January: Best of Quotes, Sayings and Poems

  January – the month of new beginnings. To many it signifies start of something new, new chance to get it right. It doesn’t always work out, but we do love to try, don’t we? January although cold brings us… Continue Reading →

Month of December: Best of Quotes, Sayings and Poems

  December is often picked as a favorite month because of its loveliness. It brings us the Christmas time with holiday decorations and beautiful lights everywhere. December brings people together to celebrate the joyful time of gift giving, tasty food… Continue Reading →

Month of August: Best of Quotes, Sayings and Poems

  August is often called the “Sunday of summer” – the summer is ending and school is starting… Let’s enjoy the remainder of summer and read through the best quotes about the month of August.   August Quotes and Sayings… Continue Reading →

Month of July: Best of Quotes, Sayings and Poems

  Summer is in a full force, school is out, let the July start! Read through the best quotes about the month of July. July is mostly significant for celebrating 4th of July. Have a nice summer!   July Quotes… Continue Reading →

Star Wars Gifts & Merchandise: Best of the Galaxy [Gift Guide 2022]

  Looking for a gift for a Star Wars fan? Or to feed your own Star Wars obsession? As a Star Wars fan myself I’ve wondered what is out there. It seems like they can put Star Wars on everything… Continue Reading →