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Garrett Briggs: You want Baron because you want more wolves.

Kristin Ramsey: I want my family back.

Garrett Briggs: What if I try to stop you?

Kristin Ramsey: This isn't a moral quandary, Garrett. I knew you were a good parent. I need you to help protect our children. Baron is gonna be just like Harlan and Luna. He's gonna need both of us. Think about it. Blake and her brother can have a normal life. Everett never has to feel anxious again. Luna can have the pack that she's been searching for. And Harlan can have the father that he has always wanted... In you.

Garrett Briggs: Not the human father.

Kristin Ramsey: No, the wolf.

Malcolm: You think I brought you here for a touching reunion? I brought you here so I could kill you.

Kristin Ramsey: So you could try to kill me. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Malcolm: Your head is exactly what I'm hoping for.

Everett Lang: I wouldn't give it back. I don't have anxiety anymore. It's gone.

Blake Navarro: Anxiety's not such a bad thing. It's like a survival tool, right?

Everett Lang: Everyone always says that to me. Use your anxiety. It motivates you. Make your anxiety work for you. You know what anxiety does for me? It... it makes me want to f**king die. That doesn't feel like a survival tool to me.

No Caller ID: If Baron dies now, the bond fades. The power fades. You'll be ordinary again. But maybe that's what you want. Personally, I don't know why anyone would choose to be ordinary.

Blake Navarro: What were you doing over there?

Everett Lang: Hiding.

Harlan Briggs: Hiding?

Everett Lang: Yeah. He was f**king scary. If you woke up with a naked guy in your room, you wouldn't be scared?

Harlan Briggs: No.

Kristin Ramsey: Gentlemen, can we try and remember that we're all on the same team here? I have no doubt that Mr. Briggs will do everything in his power to help us find Cyrus Nix. Isn't that right?

Garrett Briggs: Of course.

Kristin Ramsey: Good.

Jason Jang: Great.

Garrett Briggs: I knew we were gonna be friends.

Jason Jang: Good friends.

Garrett Briggs: The best.

Blake Navarro: About a year ago, my dad came to me with my mom's phone and asked me to unlock it. I told him I didn't know her password. But he knew I was lying. So I unlock it. And I watch him find all these messages from some guy named Rob.

Phoebe Caldwell: Your mom was cheating on him?

Blake Navarro: He screams at her, shoves the phone in her face, keeps screaming at her until she starts crying and tells him everything.

Phoebe Caldwell: Then what happened?

Blake Navarro: The neighbors call the police. Social services took Danny for a week. I was put in a foster home. My whole life turned to complete sh*t... All because of a f**king phone.

Luna Briggs: Why are you such an a**hole?

Austin Kirk: It's my default setting. I blame my parents.

Garrett Briggs (about Ramsey): You have any idea why she wanted me here? I don't really feel like I'm adding much value.

Jason Jang: I agree. You add nothing.

Garrett Briggs: We're gonna be good friends. I can tell.

Harlan Briggs: This was a really bad idea.

Blake Navarro: Have we had a good one yet?

Harlan Briggs: How do you do something by not doing it?

Garrett Briggs: I suppose it's the difference between listening and hearing. So maybe... you need to learn to hear before you can listen.

Blake Navarro: How did you get here so fast?

Everett Lang: I don't know. I th... I think I ran.

(Luna and Harlan come running too...)

Blake Navarro: You heard me too. You heard me scream his name. Why?

Luna Briggs: Because you didn't scream. You howled.

(Everett overhears his parents' conversation...)

Kendra Lang: I raised two other kids who are perfectly capable adults who never pulled this sh*t. I don't hate my son. I just don't love the teenager.

David Lang: You didn't love the preteen either, or the child.

Kendra Lang: He screamed for four months... Not crying, screaming.

David Lang: He had colic.

Kendra Lang: I know. But all the panic attacks, all the psychologists, all the prescriptions that need filling. It's all just screaming.

(The Pack find Garrett's silver bullets...)

Harlan Briggs: These are silver. Real silver.

Garrett Briggs: Yes.

Harlan Briggs: You made these?

Garrett Briggs: Yes.

Harlan Briggs: To kill werewolves?

Garrett Briggs: Yes.

Luna Briggs: To kill us?

Garrett Briggs: Yes.

Harlan Briggs (about Everett and Blake): I don't trust them.

Luna Briggs: We have to talk to them. They're gonna need us.

Harlan Briggs: So we don't know anything about them, but you want to tell them everything about us? All the secrets that could get us killed? The secrets that we keep from every single person in the known f**king universe except for Garrett?

Luna Briggs: Yes.

Harlan Briggs: Why?

Luna Briggs: Because now it's their secret too.

Wolf Pack Quotes

Wolf Pack Quotes


Title: Wolf Pack (2023)
Format: TV Series
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Produced by: MTV (Paramount+)
Release Date: January 26, 2023

Synopsis / Summary

A teenage boy and girl get their lives changed forever when a California wildfire awakens a terrifying supernatural creature. As the full moon rises, all teens come together to unravel the secret that connects them. (IMDb)

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