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(Judith hugs Rick...)

Judith Grimes: I knew it, Dad. I knew you were still out there. I just never wanted you to feel alone.

Rick Grimes: I thought I was. Then I realized. I wasn't.

Pearl Thorne: You don't understand. In a dead world, love is dead!

Michonne Grimes: Love doesn't die. Watch. (stabs Thorne) Love doesn't die!

(Rick fights Beale...)

Rick Grimes: I never lost my son. I lost myself. He brought me back. My wife brought me back. We're the sword that kills. We're the sword that gives life. One life. One unstoppable life. We're not dead. (stabs Beale) You are.

(Rick fights Beale...)

Beale: Why did you come back?! Aah! You were gone! You were dead! You could've saved whoever you wanted to and then saved the world. Why?

Rick Grimes: The world isn't gonna end!

Beale: It is! I'm trying to make sure we don't!

Beale (to Rick): The Next World will begin, and through that, somehow, some way, we will survive. We will burn things to bring things back. The sword that kills is the sword that brings life. Swear on the sword.

Beale: We've discovered million-strong dead masses out there. Our modeling shows that non-necrotic human life people... now have 14 or so years left on this planet. Could be quicker. And it isn't just the delts. It's starvation... the tenuous balance between population and yield. Disease, with a billion petri dishes out there stumbling and cooking in the sun, waiting to transmit God knows what to us while it transforms into God knows what. And in the end, the most likely outcome is that this rock will be cluttered with corpses to eventually rot into food for the trees. And it all becomes a strange temporary museum to an even stranger species that conquered it and marked it for a blink of its existence. This is why we do what we do.

Rick Grimes: What do you do, sir?

Beale: We're trying to beat the odds, Grimes.

Rick Grimes: Are we crazy?

Michonne Grimes: Certifiable. So, we were born this way.

Rick Grimes: I guess so. We tell the Civic Republic what the CRM does. Like the bombing, whatever else they do. If we don't, who will?

Michonne Grimes: No one.

Rick Grimes: You don't leave people behind.

Michonne Grimes: This is the sh*t we do.

Beale (to Rick): The end of the world and the beginning of the world. And we're the dead ones, Rick. We're kind of like them. (looks at the walkers) But they only kill for food or out of compulsion. Isn't that right? Our scientists haven't figured it out. Maybe they never will. But us, the other kind of dead ones, we have this. The sword that kills is the sword that gives life. And that's us. We're the sword.

Rick Grimes: I've been wanting to say something. (takes our a ring) It's a broken world, Michonne, and you're the only thing that puts it back together. 'Til my last breath, I am yours.

Michonne Grimes: I could never have imagined this. But it could only ever have been you. I'm yours.

Rick Grimes: What you said to me before, in front of her it wasn't just for her.

Michonne Grimes: You couldn't have changed them by yourself, Rick, but together? The whole damn world... I see how we could make it better, and if we can, Rick, we have to.

Jadis Stokes (to Rick and Michonne): I wish I'd died an artist. It was never about survival in that life. It was just about truth. And this is mine. The end of my story. My peace.

Jadis Stokes: The dossier... it's in my room at the Cascadia Base. Just destroy it and go home. The CRM will bring the world back. Tell me you won't come after them.

Michonne Grimes: No. Because we are coming for them. We're gonna get the dossier. And then... the CRM we're gonna stop them. (about Rick): He's gonna get the Echelon Briefing and find out everything that they do that the city doesn't know about. The city I saw won't stand for what they are, and we're gonna help the city stop them, because, Anne, the CRM is not the answer, and they must end. We're gonna do that.

Rick Grimes: You kept us alive for a reason.

(After Rick and Michonne saved some people from walkers. Michonne gave them food, they pulled a gun on them...)

Rick Grimes: I am surprised you took back the noodles, though.

Michonne Grimes: They pulled a gun on us. You don't get noodles for that.

(After Rick and Michonne saved some people from walkers...)

Rick Grimes: Might be strange to admit it, but that felt good.

Michonne Grimes: Us against the world.

Rick Grimes: Or savin' it.

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Quotes


Title: The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live
Format: TV Series (Mini-Series)
Genres: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Produced by: AMC
Release Date: February 25, 2024
Status: Ended with Season 1 in 2024
Number of Seasons: 1

Synopsis / Summary

The love story between Rick and Michonne. Changed by a world that is constantly changing, will they find themselves in a war against the living or will they discover that they too are The Walking Dead? (IMDb)

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Michonne Grimes Danai Gurira
Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln


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