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Kevin Porter: When kids feel powerless... when they feel they have no avenue for understanding... they act out. Hannah and I, we failed each other. If we had only tried harder, each of us, to reach out, to understand, to trust each other, to let ourselves help and be helped, it would have made all the difference. I can't go back and fix my mistake. I can't change the past. We have to trust each other. We have to ask for help.

Kevin Porter: My name is Kevin Porter. I'm a guidance counselor at Liberty High School. I would say I help as many kids as I can. That's why I got into education. But I don't get to see every kid. I try to keep an eye out, but you have to count on kids to come to you. And not every kid who does come to you is able to ask for the help they need. Not every kid tells you the whole truth. Not every kid who comes to you in pain can tell you where it hurts. She said she didn't mean it. I made the mistake of believing her. Hannah told me she was struggling, but she didn't specifically mention suicide. I think we all wish it could have gone differently. We can have the best intentions and still fall short. Some kids can't speak their truth. Some won't. To us, to their families... And some kids have secrets they believe they have to keep for their own survival. And we may think we know what they're going through, but each kid goes through it... in their own way. And so they think they're the only person in the world feeling what they're feeling, and that no one could possibly understand. They think that what's hurting can never be healed. So they don't tell us. They hide, they deflect. They try to become the person they think we want to see. And for many kids, trust doesn't come easy. Trusting an adult with something so personal... I can understand her silence. I can understand why she couldn't say those words to me.

Kevin Porter: Your father, he's a churchgoing man, right?

Marcus Cole: Yeah.

Kevin Porter: What do you think he would say if he listened to your tape?

Marcus Cole: What would your wife say if she listened to yours?

Kevin Porter: Oh, I already told my wife everything. And I've taken a long, hard look in the mirror. Have you?

Marcus Cole: Just find out who did this.

Kevin Porter: Marcus, I am on borrowed time here at Liberty and I know it. But as long as I am here, I'm gonna make sure that the kids who actually need my help get it. And those that need something else? That they get that, too.

Kevin Porter: Clay... we don't know what was in her mind or in her heart. There's no way to know why she did what she did.

Clay Jensen: Actually, there is a way. Before she died... Hannah recorded 13 reasons why she killed herself. And you're number 13. And everyone who comes before you on these tapes knows what you did and didn't do. And they always will. And they'll know what they did. You're the last person to get the tapes. Hannah didn't leave any instructions on what happens after you... so you get to decide. And I added tape number 14... which I hope will help you make that decision.

Kevin Porter: How do you have these tapes?

Clay Jensen: I'm number 11.

Clay Jensen: I cost a girl her life because I was afraid to love her.

Kevin Porter: You can't love someone back to life.

Clay Jensen: You can try.

Kevin Porter: I'm not trying to be blunt here, Hannah, but... you can move on.

Hannah Baker: You mean... do nothing.

Kevin Porter: Is he in your class?

Hannah Baker: He's a senior.

Kevin Porter: That means he'll be gone in a few months.

Hannah Baker: Are you f*cking kidding me?

Kevin Porter: You know, it's natural to blame yourself, but... we all do the best we can.

Clay Jensen: I think that's bullsh*t. I think we should blame ourselves. I think we all could do better.

Kevin Porter: Mr. Baker… a lot of teens talk about being lost.

Andrew Baker: Well, God help them if they come to you.

Kevin Porter is a character from 13 Reasons Why

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13 Reasons Why Quotes

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