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Bill Standall: I don't want to put any more pressure on, all right? But every single one of us, we want the best for you. Your friends, they lined up because you deserve your life, and you do not want to throw that away.

Alex Standall: But, Dad, it's not right.

Bill Standall: The older I get, the less I think I know what's right all the time or that it's even ours to judge. I know one thing: your friends put it all on the line for you, and they're good, smart kids, and I think they did the right thing.

Alex Standall: But how do I deserve that? Dad, how do I live up to that?

Bill Standall: Look at me. Believe this: I love you. OK? And I always will, and you don't have to do a damn thing to earn that, but be exactly who you are and live the best life you can.

Alex Standall: I know people have been talking about me for months now.

Bill Standall: Who's been talking about you?

Alex Standall: It's a small town, Dad. I can't even go outside without people looking at me. Or talking about what I did. Or what Hannah did and I failed to do. And I'm just sick of hiding from them all.

Bill Standall: You're not hiding from anyone. You're recuperating.

Alex Standall: I can still do that. Just out there. And Hannah's trial that means people are finally gonna hear her story, and I want to help tell it.

Bill Standall: Okay. Well, you keep pushing ahead.

Deputy Standall (to Alex): Look, Alex, I know fighting isn't your thing, and you should avoid fighting when you can, but sometimes you can't. Okay? You showed real strength of character. You always do. We don't agree on everything, but we can agree on that. Proud of you, pal.

Deputy Standall is a character from 13 Reasons Why

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13 Reasons Why Quotes

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