(Clay is reading Justin’s college essay and imagines he’s with him in the room…)

Clay Jensen: “I didn’t really grow up with much positivity in my life. And if I had influences around me, they were definitely bad. My mother was a drug addict. Her revolving door of boyfriends, mostly drug addicts too. I had a best friend I used to look up to, but then he hurt people close to me, and now he’s dead.” Jesus, Justin, talk about dark.

Justin Foley: Just… keep going.

Clay Jensen: “There was a time in my life I truly had nothing but the clothes on my back and the regret for the people I’d hurt. And then a person came into my life. A person named Clay Jensen.” You wrote about me?

Justin Foley: They, uh… They said to write about a positive influence in your life.

Clay Jensen: “Even when I was puking all over his room, he was there. He’s always been there, which is why even though I’ve never had a proper family, I know what it feels like to have one because Clay gave that to me. Because he’s my… He’s my…”

Justin Foley: “He’s my brother. He’s my positive influence. He’s the reason I’m alive and able to write this college essay in the first place.”

Clay Jensen: I miss you. How am I supposed to do this without you?

Justin Foley: Clay, it’s like you said. You’ll survive.

From 13 Reasons Why – Season 4 Episode 10: ‘Graduation’ (4×10) | Produced by Netflix