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Tyler Down (to Clay about Hannah): I know you thought she was perfect, but she wasn't. I bet I'm not the only one who knows that.

(Tyler is examining the new tiles in Alex's bathroom)

Alex Standall: That's where it went. The bullet. That's where it went. Yeah, I had never shot that kind of gun before, so it was heavier than the other ones, and I flinched. And the bullet went up, and then in and out of my skull and into the wall. That's what they told me.

Tyler Down: You don't remember?

Alex Standall: No, I don't remember anything of like, a month before that.

Tyler Down: It's been five months since Hannah Baker killed herself. And see... We never thought this trial would happen. We thought we could move on. But when I got called to testify all of a sudden, it made me realize we can't just move on. Life is different now. The truth is, everyone's still hurting. Some more than others. Maybe we try to convince ourselves we're over it. Maybe it works for a while. I tried not thinking about it. Some days I was able to shut it all out and live my life. Some days I wasn't. But then I got home last night and got some news I wasn't expecting. This trial going forward, it affects the whole town. We'll have to think about it all over again, how Hannah lived and how she died. And how it changed all our lives. You hurt. Worse, you feel... powerless. I know some people don't want us to talk about what happened... but if we don't talk about it, it's never going to change. So it's important for everyone to understand how it all happened. The whole story, you know? Because things at Liberty are as bad as they've ever been. And I don't want to be afraid anymore. I don't want to be afraid.


Alex Standall: Jesus, Montgomery, leave him alone.

Montgomery de la Cruz: Why? You want to go again?

Alex Standall: Do you? Didn't you just get back from suspension?

Montgomery de la Cruz: Fuck you, Alex.

Alex Standall: No thanks, Monty, you're not man enough.

Montgomery de la Cruz: Okay.

Tyler Down: I suppose you expect me to thank you.

Alex Standall: Actually I'd like it if you never spoke to me again.

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