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Skye Miller: I can't keep pretending like I'm okay, like I don't need to work to get well, like it's everyone's fault but mine. I wanna live a better life than that.

Clay Jensen: You're gonna forget me.

Skye Miller: Oh, my God, I never could.

Clay Jensen: I'm just gonna be this one guy you knew one time.

Skye Miller: I can let you go and still love you. I'll always love you.

Clay Jensen: I'm gonna miss you.

Skye Miller: I'm gonna miss you, too. You're a good person, Clay. And you can help people. Just maybe not how you think they need to be helped.

Clay Jensen: Look, are they sure it's bipolar? It feels like kind of a blurry line between someone being manic and also just, you know, being in a really good mood.

Skye Miller: Clay, I tried to jerk you off in front of your parents. I mean, that wasn't just a "good mood."

Clay Jensen: Yeah. Yeah, point taken. That was pretty f*cked up. But the meds and everything... What if that all, like, changes you?

Skye Miller: I hope it does. Look, the person that I was, it wasn't really working for me. Like, the good moods, they could be amazing, but... I was like... dancing on the edge of a really high cliff and the fall was just really f*cking hard and far.

Clay Jensen: You told me cutting didn't mean you wanted to die.

Skye Miller: I don't wanna die. I told you that and you don't understand.

Clay Jensen: Then help me.

Skye Miller: I can't. Because I don't understand it either. It's like I have all of these feelings, and I can't control them, like I'm a visitor in my own mind. And if I don't catch my breath, I'll burn up and blow away. And I know you wanna save me from that, and I love you for it, but you can't.

Skye Miller: Well, I'm sorry! I'm sorry for trying to be f*cking spontaneous!

Clay Jensen: You could've talked to me, you didn't have to just show up at my house. It was weird!

Skye Miller: I'll tell you what's weird: you still being in love with a f*cking dead girl.

Skye Miller: Are you okay?

Clay Jensen: No. Is that all right?

Skye Miller: Yeah. That's fine.

Skye Miller (to Tony): He's got existential crisis written on his forehead.

Clay Jensen: I do not.

Skye Miller: There's some truth you don't want to face.

Clay Jensen: Why did you say that?

Skye Miller: I see the future.

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