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Matt Jensen: Is Clay having his nightmares again?

Lainie Jensen: Justin, we know that you care about Clay and you want to keep his secrets, but the time for secrets has passed.

Justin Foley: I know, I just... I was one of his secrets once.

Matt Jensen: Clay, it's five o'clock in the morning. What the hell is going on?

Clay Jensen: Skye is my girlfriend. But we haven't had sex, although we tried. She's in the hospital right now, but not because she tried to kill herself. Someone just ran me off the road on my way home. Random? Maybe. Who knows? I can't explain any of it to you because I don't understand it myself. Now, does knowing all this make this any better or worse for you?

Lainie Jensen: Our agreement was that we'd talk about these things.

Clay Jensen: When the house is on fire, do you discuss the fire or get out of the godd*mn house? Oh. I need a f*cking car.

Matt Jensen: You still drinking coffee?

Clay Jensen: You're still drinking coffee.

Matt Jensen: Yes. I guess we just hope for more for our children.

Clay Jensen: We'll probably live longer, if that helps. If your generation doesn't destroy the planet first.

Matt Jensen: It's too late, I'm afraid.

Clay Jensen: This isn’t a talk, is it?

Matt Jensen: No talk. We’ll communicate through semaphores.

Clay Jensen: I can see how you’d think I’d be the one person in the world to laugh at that, but…

Matt Jensen: Did you shower?

Clay Jensen: I totally showered.

Matt Jensen: I feel it's possible you didn't shower.

Clay Jensen: I didn't shower. Look, I just... I turned the water on just now, and I thought about it all, the whole thing, taking clothes off, dealing with hair, and I just... I couldn't do it. Look, we shower, like... every day, and it's just... a lot.

Matt Jensen: I prefer to leave my lectures in the lecture hall, but, you know... there's actually an important lesson to be learned from a hangover.

Clay Jensen: Don't drink?

Matt Jensen: Sure, but... you'll drink. It happens. The overarching lesson is that actions have consequences. Judging from the way you look, you've probably suffered enough for today.

Clay Jensen: What is that?

Matt Jensen: Hot sauce, horseradish, kale, a raw egg, and, uh, about six other things designed to cure a hangover.

Clay Jensen: Dad, where’s your radio thing?

Matt Jensen: “My radio thing”?

Clay Jensen: That thing you play CDs on when you’re painting or working in the yard or whatever.

Matt Jensen: My boom box.

Clay Jensen: That really what they’re called?

Matt Jensen: They were. I believe now they’re called obsolete.

Matt Jensen is a character from 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why Quotes

13 Reasons Why Quotes

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