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Andrew Baker: Hannah had the biggest heart, which she so generously shared with all of us. So, please, be kind to each other.

Andrew Baker: Hannah was the kind of person that made you want to be better. The kind of person who left an impression on everyone she met. She always saw the best in people, even if they couldn't see it themselves. But when she walked through those doors at Liberty High, that's not the girl they made her out to be. When people looked at Hannah, they saw what they wanted to see. They made assumptions. They spread rumors. When I think of her walking the halls with those kids... those eyes on her...

Olivia Baker: I remember he couldn't stop crying that day. He cried more than I did.

Andrew Baker: You were so strong, I think the nurses were more concerned about me.

Olivia Baker: You were scared. We both were.

Andrew Baker: Turns out we were right to be.

Olivia Baker: You're a coward and you're afraid.

Andrew Baker: Of course I'm afraid! I'm afraid of losing the case, the store, our livelihoods, everything!

Olivia Baker: We already have lost everything! There is nothing left worth having, except justice for our daughter.

Olivia Baker: I'm going to go over and talk to Mr. Geris and convince him... to put us on a payment plan.

Andrew Baker: We have no leverage.

Olivia Baker: We have my f*cking charm!

Hannah Baker: Hard to resist.

Kevin Porter: Mr. Baker… a lot of teens talk about being lost.

Andrew Baker: Well, God help them if they come to you.

Olivia Baker: Sweetie, your friends are not going to like or dislike you for a car.

Hannah Baker: Mom, it's high school. Of course they will.

Olivia Baker: Listen, I was in high school.

Hannah Baker: Yeah, but you have no idea, because you were popular, I'm not.

(Olivia looks at her husband for help)

Andrew Baker (to Olivia): Well, you were.

Andrew Baker is a character from 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why Quotes

13 Reasons Why Quotes

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