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Clay Jensen: Tony, I really am sorry, I just don't have anyone else I can turn to for this.

Tony Padilla: If that's the case, I really don't wanna know.

Clay Jensen: Please hear me out. Please.

Tony Padilla: What?

Clay Jensen: I need you to help me disappear.

(After listening to the tapes for the first time...)

Bryce Walker: Maybe I should be dead. Not Hannah.

Tony Padilla: Maybe no one should be.

Bryce Walker: So, what... what the f*ck do I do now?

Tony Padilla: You deal with your sh*t.

Bryce Walker: Just like that? Just deal with my sh*t, that's it?

Tony Padilla: Bryce... Bryce, that's everything.

Hannah Baker: I know you think I'm this sweet, nice girl, but... I was an a**hole to someone at my old school. I was trying to fit in with these girls, and they were ganging up on her. And I thought, better to be one of them than to be her.

Tony Padilla: So, what ended up happening?

Hannah Baker: A bunch of stuff went down, and, uh... now I'm here. I just... I wish I could take it all back.

Tony Padilla: I try to do right by my friends, to be strong. To be true... like Hannah. But sometimes a friendship can't take the truth. So you find yourself trying to be someone you're not. So I promised myself that the next time things get tough for me, the next time I find myself struggling or being tested... I'm gonna think about the example she set for me... and hope that I can find the strength to do the right thing.

Tony Padilla: I've always been rough around the edges. Or at least that's what people think. Maybe it's what I want them to think. But Hannah, she saw right through all that. She was the kind of friend who challenged me, whether I liked it or not. Hannah and I had a relationship like... well, we kept each other's secrets. Me, I try to be a good friend... in the way I know how. Or if I don't... it eats me up inside. When we act out of anger... or fear... we can hurt people we don't mean to hurt.

Olivia Baker: I sit in that courtroom, Tony, and I feel like I never knew my daughter. She kept all these... secrets. Why did she have so many secrets?

Tony Padilla: I think, uh... I think, sometimes, we aren't keeping secrets to hide from other people. I think, sometimes, we're keeping them to protect those people.

Tony Padilla: Should I put a tape on?

Clay Jensen: How about we just listen to the radio?

Tony Padilla: That's a great idea.

Tony Padilla: I have to apologize for not telling you everything. Hannah asked me to keep secrets for her. I wanted to honor that. But I've come to believe I need to share something with you. There are 14 audio files on there. You should listen to them in order. I have the original tapes, and for reasons you'll come to understand, I have them hidden somewhere very safe. But if you need those, I will bring them to you too.

Olivia Baker: What's on here? What kind of files?

Tony Padilla: I... I really think you should just listen. What happened to Hannah... I wish that would never happen to any other kid, ever. And if giving you this helps that, then... I'm sorry. I thought I was doing the right thing.

Brad: I'm not gonna judge you, but you have to tell me what's going on. Or I can't be your friend or boyfriend or anything.

Tony Padilla: I had a friend. Her name was Hannah. She killed herself. She left a job for me. Secrets to keep. I tried, I tried to honor her memory. I tried to keep those secrets, but I don't think I did the right thing. Her parents are hurting. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I just... I wanted to take care of Hannah.

Clay Jensen: I couldn't... I couldn't tell her. I couldn't hold her. I killed Hannah Baker. Like you said.

Tony Padilla: I said we all killed Hannah.

Clay Jensen: How am I supposed to live with that?

Tony Padilla: Any way you can.

Clay Jensen (about Skye): She doesn't know what was going on in Hannah's life.

Tony Padilla: You don't know what's going on in hers.

Clay Jensen: Would you... you know, shut up, Tony? I get so sick of your little sayings, and things you point out, acting all wise. You're like this unhelpful Yoda.

Tony Padilla: Is that a crack on my height?

Clay Jensen: I need to throw up. I don't have anything to throw up.

Tony Padilla: You need some food.

Clay Jensen: So I can throw it up?

Tony Padilla: So you can settle the f*ck down.

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