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Tony Padilla: Should I put a tape on?

Clay Jensen: How about we just listen to the radio?

Tony Padilla: That's a great idea.

Skye Miller: Are you okay?

Clay Jensen: No. Is that all right?

Skye Miller: Yeah. That's fine.

Kevin Porter: Clay... we don't know what was in her mind or in her heart. There's no way to know why she did what she did.

Clay Jensen: Actually, there is a way. Before she died... Hannah recorded 13 reasons why she killed herself. And you're number 13. And everyone who comes before you on these tapes knows what you did and didn't do. And they always will. And they'll know what they did. You're the last person to get the tapes. Hannah didn't leave any instructions on what happens after you... so you get to decide. And I added tape number 14... which I hope will help you make that decision.

Kevin Porter: How do you have these tapes?

Clay Jensen: I'm number 11.

Clay Jensen: I cost a girl her life because I was afraid to love her.

Kevin Porter: You can't love someone back to life.

Clay Jensen: You can try.

Clay Jensen (to Mr. Porter): But wouldn't you like to know what happened after Hannah left that day? She walked out of this office... and she hoped you would come after her. But you didn't. You let her walk away. We all let her walk away. She walked out of school... went home... and put some things in order. She returned her uniform to the Crestmont, where I worked with her. She didn't say anything. She dropped it on the counter and walked away. She dropped a package off with a friend, then took another to the post office.

Kevin Porter: You know, it's natural to blame yourself, but... we all do the best we can.

Clay Jensen: I think that's bullshit. I think we should blame ourselves. I think we all could do better.

Clay Jensen: I wanted to talk about Hannah Baker. She pushed me away. I was thinking about how hurt I was, and I didn't even for a minute stop to think that... she was hurting too.

Clay Jensen: Thanks for talking to me about this. And I guess let me know if there's anything... if there's anything.

Jessica Davis: Clay. Don't burn the tapes.

Clay Jensen (to Tony): It's time we stop thinking about what Hannah wanted and start thinking about what she needs.

Clay Jensen: Did you rape Hannah Baker?

Bryce Walker: You wanna call it rape, call it rape. Same difference.

Matt Jensen: You still drinking coffee?

Clay Jensen: You're still drinking coffee.

Matt Jensen: Yes. I guess we just hope for more for our children.

Clay Jensen: We'll probably live longer, if that helps. If your generation doesn't destroy the planet first.

Matt Jensen: It's too late, I'm afraid.

Clay Jensen: I couldn't... I couldn't tell her. I couldn't hold her. I killed Hannah Baker. Like you said.

Tony Padilla: I said we all killed Hannah.

Clay Jensen: How am I supposed to live with that?

Tony Padilla: Any way you can.

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