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Hannah Baker: I'm never taking another picture again in my life.

Olivia Baker: Why?

Hannah Baker: A picture can be twisted and used against you, and haunt you forever.

Olivia Baker: My dear Hannah. Such drama.

(Preset time...)

Olivia Baker: Why didn't I just tell her she was pretty? Why didn't I just say she was perfect?

Jackie: Oh, Olivia. You did. I know you did, thousands of times.

Olivia Baker: I don't know if I did. Or I didn't enough, or... or not in the right way.

Tony Padilla: I have to apologize for not telling you everything. Hannah asked me to keep secrets for her. I wanted to honor that. But I've come to believe I need to share something with you. There are 14 audio files on there. You should listen to them in order. I have the original tapes, and for reasons you'll come to understand, I have them hidden somewhere very safe. But if you need those, I will bring them to you too.

Olivia Baker: What's on here? What kind of files?

Tony Padilla: I... I really think you should just listen. What happened to Hannah... I wish that would never happen to any other kid, ever. And if giving you this helps that, then... I'm sorry. I thought I was doing the right thing.

Olivia Baker (to Andrew): Those kids hurt our daughter. I want to find out what they know.

Olivia Baker: I'm going to go over and talk to Mr. Geris and convince him... to put us on a payment plan.

Andrew Baker: We have no leverage.

Olivia Baker: We have my fucking charm!

Hannah Baker: Hard to resist.

Olivia Baker: Sweetie, your friends are not going to like or dislike you for a car.

Hannah Baker: Mom, it's high school. Of course they will.

Olivia Baker: Listen, I was in high school.

Hannah Baker: Yeah, but you have no idea, because you were popular, I'm not.

(Olivia looks at her husband for help)

Andrew Baker (to Olivia): Well, you were.

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