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Zach Dempsey: If I actually do have free time and I want to spend it, I have to come up with a really elaborate lie.

Ani Achola: Oh, yeah. I know. I'm a member of at least six non-existent academic clubs.

Zach Dempsey: Six?

Ani Achola: Mm-hmm.

Zach Dempsey: Can I join?

Ani Achola: Oh, absolutely.

Clay Jensen: I hate costumes. Like, I even hate Halloween, and I love candy.

Ani Achola: You spend your life hiding from people and you hate costumes. Okay.

Clay Jensen: Don't do that "I'm quite perceptive" thing, it's annoying.

Ani Achola: But what you're wearing now is a costume. We're all in costumes all the time, trying to become the thing we're wearing.

Clay Jensen: If that were true, I would've become a hoodie a long time ago.

Ani Achola (narration): When you judge someone by their past... it can make that past impossible to escape. And it can make you miss something that's right in front of you in the present. Because maybe the person you're looking for isn't so obvious. Maybe there's someone you haven't even thought of yet. Because we all have a past.

(Tyler is pointing a gun at Bryce...)

Bryce Walker: Justin helped you. And I have hurt Justin enough in this life. So, I'm not gonna narc on him now.

Tyler Down: So, it was for Justin?

Bryce Walker: Those guys saved you, man. That's decent. Maybe I'd like to think someone would do that for me.

Tyler Down: No. No, we're not the same. You hurt people. I didn't.

Bryce Walker: Aren't you here to hurt me now? So, do it, man. Seriously. If it'll make you feel better, go ahead. You'd be doing me a favor.

Tyler Down: You don't want to die.

Bryce Walker: Come on, dude. You could kill the monster. This town would celebrate. You're right, I hurt people. I don't get to start over. 'Cause no one's gonna let me. So, go ahead. Shoot me.

Ani Achola (narration): Let's face it, it was easy to think those things about Tyler because, well, Tyler was weird. All those characteristics they say killers have, lack of social skills, a fascination with death, a deep-seated feeling of rejection from the world... Tyler had them all. You wouldn't know it just by looking, but deep down, Tyler had the ingredients of that killer cocktail. Angry, young, and man. Tyler was unpredictable, you see. He seemed primed to snap all over again. I wouldn't find out why until much later. None of us would.

Bryce Walker: I know what Tyler tried to do. And I know you guys covered it up. I saw you and Jess run out of the gym that night, so I looked out the side door. I saw everything. The cops pulled me in because, you know, I'm the rapist, so... But I kept my f*cking mouth shut. I didn't say a word. And I'm not going to.

Justin Foley: So, what do you want?

Bryce Walker: I don't want anything from you.

Justin Foley: Then why'd you text me? Listen... Don't talk to me again. Stay away from Jessica. Stay away from her f*cking neighborhood, from wherever she might be, or I will f*cking kill you!

Jessica Davis: I have a family who are amazing. My friends are amazing. I have a boyfriend who cares about me and treats me really well.

Bryce Walker: I'm happy for you, truly. I only want the best for you, Jess.

Jessica Davis: Yeah... but it's weird, because no matter what I do... you're still on top of me, and I still can't breathe.

Jessica Davis: I know my speech was... Well, people had different opinions on my speech. And yeah, the administration did talk to me about it, but the thing they were mostly upset about was the profanity. I was like, "Seriously? That's what you heard?" F*ck that! I'm pissed off. I'm gonna be pissed off until things actually change. Until the predators and the rapists are gone for good. Never again.

Clay Jensen: Are you... Are you okay?

Justin Foley: No, man. No, I'm not. I'm... I'm f*cking sad.

Clay Jensen: You... You are?

Justin Foley: Yeah, I've known him since I was eight. He was the first person that gave a sh*t about me, the first person to look after me, man. He was my f*cking brother.

Clay Jensen: I feel like he didn't look out for you, though.

Justin Foley: Dude, you don't know what you're talking about. Okay, Clay? You don't know everything. You think you have this idea that... You knew what you knew. He was a f*cking person, Clay. A human being. Now he's f*cking dead.

Nora Walker (to Chloe): Men are cruel to prove they're not weak, but they doth protest too much. I was raised by a cruel man, and I escaped him by marrying another. The only difference was Dad used his fist and Barry used silence. And neither of them should have been fathers. My son is no different, Chloe. In fact... I think he may be worse.

Jessica Davis: You know what? F*ck you, Monty! F*ck all of you jocks. I was raped by the king of the school and I stayed silent. I protected the jock who raped me because... I don't know. Because I thought it would hurt more to speak up... because I thought it would ruin my reputation. But I am no longer staying quiet. No more! So, here's my promise. If you elect me, I will take down the jocks at this school. Put an end to their bullsh*t. I will not tolerate the ones who protect them, and I will demand that their victims no longer remain silent. Because their silence destroys us all.

Ani Achola (narration): I'm a liar. No question. The truth can be dangerous. Lies are easier. Until they aren't anymore.