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Justin Foley: The truth is Bryce was never my friend. Because he doesn't know what friendship is... I thought Bryce was all I had. But real friends will give you the bad news... The thing we're all most afraid of is losing our friends, is being all alone.


Sonya Struhl: Many factors contributed to Hannah Baker's suicide. Some of which we may never know. But here is what we do know. She never reported any of her conflicts with students and she never said she was raped. Her parents never reached out to the school for any reason. Hannah was a troubled girl with issues at home, a family history of mental health concerns, and evidence of low self-esteem. This was a tragedy. A promising young life lost. But school faculty cannot go home with their students. I'll leave you with this question. When do we hold the parents responsible?


Bryce Walker: I heard they just filed for another additional witness. That wouldn't be you by any chance, would it? You should be more scared than you are, Justin.

Justin Foley: Bryce, I've got nothing left to lose. That makes me the dangerous one.


Justin Foley: Bryce and I have been friends since the third grade. And friendship, it can be this really powerful thing. And friendship is complicated. You find yourself doing things you never thought you'd do. Because friendship, you commit to it. No matter what.


(Bryce's Mom slaps Bryce after he admits what he did to Hannah...)

Bryce's Mom: You've brought shame on this family. You're a stranger in this house.

Bryce Walker: Always have been, Mom.


Clay Jensen: It was all bullshit, wasn't it? All that about taking back the power. Big fucking deal. We can spray paint some shit, they clean it up the next day. Nothing does anything.

Tyler Down: You wanna know what real power feels like?

(They go shoot guns in the woods)

Clay Jensen: Oh, my... This... This feels fucking incredible.

Tyler Down: Right? Told you.


Olivia Baker: I don't want Bryce Walker's money. I want him dead.


Nina Jones (to Jessica): I wanted to be strong for you... to be what you needed, but I'm not. And I don't think that I ever will be. Maybe we're just gonna never stop being victims.


Bryce Walker: People talk a lot about what it means to be a member of a team. The brotherhood, the sense of belonging to something greater than yourself. It's about fighting together, but it's also about family. About knowing who will be there for you, always. And when it's right, when it's 11 guys working as one, there's nothing like it. No greater feeling in the world. Maybe that's why Hannah pursued me, because she had never felt that... that sense of belonging.


Hannah Baker: I know you think I'm this sweet, nice girl, but... I was an asshole to someone at my old school. I was trying to fit in with these girls, and they were ganging up on her. And I thought, better to be one of them than to be her.

Tony Padilla: So, what ended up happening?

Hannah Baker: A bunch of stuff went down, and, uh... now I'm here. I just... I wish I could take it all back.


Tony Padilla: I try to do right by my friends, to be strong. To be true... like Hannah. But sometimes a friendship can't take the truth. So you find yourself trying to be someone you're not. So I promised myself that the next time things get tough for me, the next time I find myself struggling or being tested... I'm gonna think about the example she set for me... and hope that I can find the strength to do the right thing.


Clay Jensen: It was you? Why the big mystery? Why couldn't you just talk to me? Tell me what was going on?

Zach Dempsey: 'Cause I'm a fucking coward. And you're not.


Tony Padilla: I've always been rough around the edges. Or at least that's what people think. Maybe it's what I want them to think. But Hannah, she saw right through all that. She was the kind of friend who challenged me, whether I liked it or not. Hannah and I had a relationship like... well, we kept each other's secrets. Me, I try to be a good friend... in the way I know how. Or if I don't... it eats me up inside. When we act out of anger... or fear... we can hurt people we don't mean to hurt.


Kevin Porter: When kids feel powerless... when they feel they have no avenue for understanding... they act out. Hannah and I, we failed each other. If we had only tried harder, each of us, to reach out, to understand, to trust each other, to let ourselves help and be helped, it would have made all the difference. I can't go back and fix my mistake. I can't change the past. We have to trust each other. We have to ask for help.