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Tony's father: You're a good friend. That's always important, m'hijo.

Tony Padilla: I guess... I guess so, yeah.

Tony's father: But you have to think about yourself sometimes. Caleb told me about the college offer.

Tony Padilla: He did?

Tony's father: Damn proud of you. It's time, m'hijo. It's time you sell the shop and get on with your life.

Tony Padilla: We can't afford that, papá.

Tony's father: We have work here. We're gonna be fine.

Tony Padilla: The shop is your dream.

Tony's father: Listen to me. That shop... was never my dream. You... You are my dream. Why do we do everything? So that you can have a better life than we did. This is your better life, m'hijo. Don't f*ck up my dream.

Alex Standall: Do you remember on the rooftop? The night I kissed you?

Charlie St. George: You kissed him?

Alex Standall: It was a sh*t show. I'll explain later. But you remember that night?

Zach Dempsey: Yeah.

Alex Standall: OK. That kiss was embarrassing. It was a disaster. But right before that, when I almost fell, you pulled me back from the ledge. And I'll never forget the feeling of your hands grabbing me and keeping me safe. I needed it. I didn't know it. And now you need it.

Zach Dempsey: The kiss wasn't a disaster, it was a nice kiss, per se.

Charlie St. George: Wait, it was?

Zach Dempsey: Yeah. Yeah.

Clay Jensen (narration): As the night got later, we just kept dancing and dancing like there was nothing else. Like it was the end of the world. Like it was the end of the world.

(Justin collapses...)

Clay Jensen (narration): And it was.

Jessica Davis: The prom king and queen are, or... king and king, or I guess queen and queen. You know, it's whatever they prefer. Your prom royalty, Alex Standall and Charlie St. George! Where are they?

Charlie St. George: Here! We're right here.

Jessica Davis: What?

Alex Standall: What is this? Why did this happen? Was this you?

Jessica Davis: Secure vote. I told you, it's whoever the football team wants every year. So, who wants the crown, and who wants the tiara?

Charlie St. George: I think I'd like the small one.

Crowd: Aw! Yeah!

Jessica Davis: You deserve to be happy.

Crowd: Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Ah!

DJ: All right, King Charlie, King Alex, it's time for your first dance as Liberty High School royalty.

Alex Standall: Are we ever gonna feel OK? Like, normally OK, ever?

Jessica Davis: I haven't felt normally OK in a long, long time, but I'm going to find ways to be happy.

Alex Standall: I don't see that happening for me. He should be here. He should be alive.

Jessica Davis: He'd be drunk. He'd be choosing his next victim and making you feel poor and lame and not a man.

Alex Standall: I'm not a man.

Jessica Davis: That's bullsh*t.

Alex Standall: He didn't deserve to die.

Zach Dempsey: No. No, he didn't. But neither do we. And this, this isn't f**king living. He ruined our f**king lives, all three of us. So, no, he didn't deserve to die, but we deserve to live. So... if you'll excuse me... I'm gonna go dance with a wh*re.

(Clay jumps on a car with a megaphone and speaks up...)

Clay Jensen: Hey! Hey, hold on! Don't run away from this. Listen! Listen to me! Look, they're gonna try to make us think that we're the problem, but we are not the problem! We go to the school that they built for us. We live in the society that they made for us, and sh*t is broken! Sh*t is wrong! And they can't fix it. They won't! So it's our turn now. We're gonna make it right if we have to burn it down and start over. So I say f*ck it all!

Student: F*ck, yeah!

Clay Jensen: We're fighting. Who's with me?

Students: Yeah!

Clay Jensen: F*ck it all! F*ck it all! Let's go!

Students: Yeah!

College interviewer: What's most important to you, Clay?

Clay Jensen: My friends. I've, uh... I've made a lot of mistakes, some bad choices, and I don't always... I don't always think things through. But I know that if a friend needs me, or is in danger, or anything, if there is anything I can do to help them, I will. Uh... I'm really... really trying to do the right thing. I am. Even when it's not clear what that is. 'Cause I don't want to live my life based on someone else's idea of... what's right, or what's moral, or what's good. I want to figure it out for myself. Even if I make mistakes along the way. And the one thing I know... is it is never wrong to care about your friends. It's never wrong to be a human being and love someone as well as you can.

Estela de la Cruz: Why would someone do something like this?

Tyler Down: Maybe they're in a lot of pain, and they think that this'll make it stop.

Estela de la Cruz: Why would hurting someone else make it stop?

Tyler Down: It doesn't, but you don't know that. You're just... You're so sad, and that sadness makes you angry... all the time. Like you thought making a fist would feel good, and it does. You feel strong again, but then you can never... never unclench that fist, and you just feel like... like you just need to hurt someone else.

Estela de la Cruz: Did you hurt someone else?

Tyler Down: I almost did, but my friends... helped me get better.

Estela de la Cruz: I'm glad that you didn't do anything.

Clay Jensen: Amazing. I mean, how can you guys be punks and geeks at the same time?

Cyrus: There aren't genres anymore, Clay. No labels, just people.

Clay Jensen: I mean, you just called the jocks "jocks."

Cyrus: It's how they self-identify. I'm just being respectful.

Cyrus' Friend: Preach.

Bill Standall: I don't want to put any more pressure on, all right? But every single one of us, we want the best for you. Your friends, they lined up because you deserve your life, and you do not want to throw that away.

Alex Standall: But, Dad, it's not right.

Bill Standall: The older I get, the less I think I know what's right all the time or that it's even ours to judge. I know one thing: your friends put it all on the line for you, and they're good, smart kids, and I think they did the right thing.

Alex Standall: But how do I deserve that? Dad, how do I live up to that?

Bill Standall: Look at me. Believe this: I love you. OK? And I always will, and you don't have to do a damn thing to earn that, but be exactly who you are and live the best life you can.

Clay Jensen (narration): The truth is, you're right, I have been in love before. I've done a lot of what I've done out of love, and where's it ever gotten me? Love has made me angry, paranoid, afraid. Love has made me a monster, more than once. Love has only f*cked up my life, has made me question my relationships, my closest friends. And God knows, love has made my closest friends question me. So you know what? F*ck love.

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