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(Jessica's imagination...)

Bryce Walker: I'm on those tapes. It's my day too.

Jessica Davis: No. Your day's gone. Long gone.

Bryce Walker: You need me in this world. Otherwise, what would girls like you start riots about?

Jessica Davis: Oh, there's plenty.

Bryce Walker: Still, I kinda feel like I won.

Jessica Davis: You didn't. I was looking around today at graduation, and I was thinking about how Justin was missing, and Hannah. But then I thought, I love these people. Clay Jensen, Zach, and Courtney, Ryan freakin' Shaver, for f*ck's sake. In what kind of world do I love all these kinds of people? The world you made. We had to love each other at the end of it all. You did that.

Bryce Walker: So that's something, right?

Jessica Davis: Sure.

Jessica Davis: I don't know if I can do any of this anymore. We're all supposed to just... keep waking up and putting on our clothes and carrying on conversations and listening to people while they talk about how God works in mysterious ways, and I just don't f**king know if I can do it anymore!

Ani Achola: OK, I think this is the hardest thing... that anyone could ever go through. But I also think you are a lot stronger than you realize.

Jessica Davis (about Justin): He made me strong.

Ani Achola: No! You are. All on your own. Maybe you made each other stronger, but it's in you. I've seen it.

Justin Foley: You're... so strong.

Jessica Davis: You're the best thing that ever happened to me.

Justin Foley: You're... out of your mind. I ruined your f**king life.

Jessica Davis: No. No. You taught me what love is.

Justin Foley: Yeah?

Jessica Davis: Yes.

Justin Foley: OK. You always have that.

Jessica Davis: The prom king and queen are, or... king and king, or I guess queen and queen. You know, it's whatever they prefer. Your prom royalty, Alex Standall and Charlie St. George! Where are they?

Charlie St. George: Here! We're right here.

Jessica Davis: What?

Alex Standall: What is this? Why did this happen? Was this you?

Jessica Davis: Secure vote. I told you, it's whoever the football team wants every year. So, who wants the crown, and who wants the tiara?

Charlie St. George: I think I'd like the small one.

Crowd: Aw! Yeah!

Jessica Davis: You deserve to be happy.

Crowd: Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Ah!

DJ: All right, King Charlie, King Alex, it's time for your first dance as Liberty High School royalty.

Alex Standall: Are we ever gonna feel OK? Like, normally OK, ever?

Jessica Davis: I haven't felt normally OK in a long, long time, but I'm going to find ways to be happy.

Alex Standall: I don't see that happening for me. He should be here. He should be alive.

Jessica Davis: He'd be drunk. He'd be choosing his next victim and making you feel poor and lame and not a man.

Alex Standall: I'm not a man.

Jessica Davis: That's bullsh*t.

Alex Standall: He didn't deserve to die.

Zach Dempsey: No. No, he didn't. But neither do we. And this, this isn't f**king living. He ruined our f**king lives, all three of us. So, no, he didn't deserve to die, but we deserve to live. So... if you'll excuse me... I'm gonna go dance with a wh*re.

Jessica Davis: I have a family who are amazing. My friends are amazing. I have a boyfriend who cares about me and treats me really well.

Bryce Walker: I'm happy for you, truly. I only want the best for you, Jess.

Jessica Davis: Yeah... but it's weird, because no matter what I do... you're still on top of me, and I still can't breathe.

Jessica Davis: I know my speech was... Well, people had different opinions on my speech. And yeah, the administration did talk to me about it, but the thing they were mostly upset about was the profanity. I was like, "Seriously? That's what you heard?" F*ck that! I'm pissed off. I'm gonna be pissed off until things actually change. Until the predators and the rapists are gone for good. Never again.

Jessica Davis: You know what? F*ck you, Monty! F*ck all of you jocks. I was raped by the king of the school and I stayed silent. I protected the jock who raped me because... I don't know. Because I thought it would hurt more to speak up... because I thought it would ruin my reputation. But I am no longer staying quiet. No more! So, here's my promise. If you elect me, I will take down the jocks at this school. Put an end to their bullsh*t. I will not tolerate the ones who protect them, and I will demand that their victims no longer remain silent. Because their silence destroys us all.

Jessica Davis: Your Honor, when we leave this courtroom, Bryce Walker gets to leave convinced that he chose the wrong girl to have sex with. I get to leave constantly looking over my shoulder for monsters dressed up as the popular kid, constantly on edge and assuming the worst in every boy. The sentence you decide today can tell Bryce Walker what he did was wrong. It can say that to every boy, every man who behaves like he does. And it can say to victims like me that our story matters.

Jessica Davis is a character from 13 Reasons Why

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