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Matt Jensen: Is Clay having his nightmares again?

Lainie Jensen: Justin, we know that you care about Clay and you want to keep his secrets, but the time for secrets has passed.

Justin Foley: I know, I just... I was one of his secrets once.

Bryce Walker: I know what Tyler tried to do. And I know you guys covered it up. I saw you and Jess run out of the gym that night, so I looked out the side door. I saw everything. The cops pulled me in because, you know, I'm the rapist, so... But I kept my fucking mouth shut. I didn't say a word. And I'm not going to.

Justin Foley: So, what do you want?

Bryce Walker: I don't want anything from you.

Justin Foley: Then why'd you text me? Listen... Don't talk to me again. Stay away from Jessica. Stay away from her fucking neighborhood, from wherever she might be, or I will fucking kill you!

Clay Jensen: Are you... Are you okay?

Justin Foley: No, man. No, I'm not. I'm... I'm fucking sad.

Clay Jensen: You... You are?

Justin Foley: Yeah, I've known him since I was eight. He was the first person that gave a shit about me, the first person to look after me, man. He was my fucking brother.

Clay Jensen: I feel like he didn't look out for you, though.

Justin Foley: Dude, you don't know what you're talking about. Okay, Clay? You don't know everything. You think you have this idea that... You knew what you knew. He was a fucking person, Clay. A human being. Now he's fucking dead.

Clay Jensen: Me and my parents... wanted to see if you might want them to adopt you.

Justin Foley: Wait, what?

Clay Jensen: Like, adopt you into our family.

Justin Foley: You mean, like, I'd be your brother?

Clay Jensen: Well, I'm-I'm not familiar with all the lingo, but...

Justin Foley: Wait. Why are you asking me and not them?

Clay Jensen: Because it was their idea, to be honest. And at first, I thought it sounded, um... idiotic. And they left it up to me, seeing as I was the person who brought you in their life in the first place. And... maybe it's a good idea, so... Are you... Are you crying?

Justin Foley: You know I'm, like, really fucked up, right?

Clay Jensen: Well... A, yes. But you're clean and going to meetings. And B, I'm also fucked up in certain ways, so...

Justin Foley: Okay, yeah. I'd like to be adopted, yeah.

Clay Jensen: Okay. Cool.

Justin Foley: The truth is Bryce was never my friend. Because he doesn't know what friendship is... I thought Bryce was all I had. But real friends will give you the bad news... The thing we're all most afraid of is losing our friends, is being all alone.

Bryce Walker: I heard they just filed for another additional witness. That wouldn't be you by any chance, would it? You should be more scared than you are, Justin.

Justin Foley: Bryce, I've got nothing left to lose. That makes me the dangerous one.

Justin Foley: Bryce and I have been friends since the third grade. And friendship, it can be this really powerful thing. And friendship is complicated. You find yourself doing things you never thought you'd do. Because friendship, you commit to it. No matter what.

Justin Foley: Tell me what you want me to do, and I'll do it. I'll fucking go to the school. I'll talk to the cops. I'll kill Bryce. If you want, I'll kill him with my bare hands and pay the price. Just please tell me what you want.

Jessica Davis: What I want... is never to see you again in my life.

Justin Foley: I just want you to understand...

Jessica Davis: And I want you to understand what it's like to be raped. But I truly hope you never will.

Justin Foley: Dude, this is all gonna come out now. Aren't you freaked?

Alex Standall: No. I'm glad.

Justin Foley: Seriously? We're all fucked now.

Alex Standall: We were fucked anyway.

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