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Justin Foley: Tell me what you want me to do, and I'll do it. I'll fucking go to the school. I'll talk to the cops. I'll kill Bryce. If you want, I'll kill him with my bare hands and pay the price. Just please tell me what you want.

Jessica Davis: What I want... is never to see you again in my life.

Justin Foley: I just want you to understand...

Jessica Davis: And I want you to understand what it's like to be raped. But I truly hope you never will.

Justin Foley: Dude, this is all gonna come out now. Aren't you freaked?

Alex Standall: No. I'm glad.

Justin Foley: Seriously? We're all fucked now.

Alex Standall: We were fucked anyway.

Justin Foley: Why the fuck are you here with Bryce?

Jessica Davis: Tell me why you fucking care!

Justin Foley: Because he fucking raped you!

Justin Foley: Whatever happens to us happens to you too.

Alex Standall: If I kill myself, you die too?

Justin Foley: What if we make it look like a suicide. How tragic is that? I mean, two star-crossed lovers or some shit like that.

Clay Jensen: It’s Justin Foley and Zach Dempsey, star basketball players here at Liberty High. Hey, Justin, where’s my bike? Justin stole my bike.

Justin Foley: What the fuck? What are you doing?

Clay Jensen: I’m giving our new foreign exchange students a tour. Figured they should know who owns the school, right, you guys?

Justin Foley (to Clay): You’re not that innocent, Jensen. I don’t give a shit what she says.

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