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Hannah Baker: I'm never taking another picture again in my life.

Olivia Baker: Why?

Hannah Baker: A picture can be twisted and used against you, and haunt you forever.

Olivia Baker: My dear Hannah. Such drama.

(Preset time...)

Olivia Baker: Why didn't I just tell her she was pretty? Why didn't I just say she was perfect?

Jackie: Oh, Olivia. You did. I know you did, thousands of times.

Olivia Baker: I don't know if I did. Or I didn't enough, or... or not in the right way.

Kevin Porter: I'm not trying to be blunt here, Hannah, but... you can move on.

Hannah Baker: You mean... do nothing.

Kevin Porter: Is he in your class?

Hannah Baker: He's a senior.

Kevin Porter: That means he'll be gone in a few months.

Hannah Baker: Are you fucking kidding me?

Hannah Baker (from the tape): I recorded 12 tapes. I started with Justin. Then Jessica. Who each broke my heart. Alex, Tyler, Courtney, Marcus, who each helped destroy my reputation. On through Zach and Ryan... who broke my spirit. Through tape number 12... Bryce Walker... who broke my soul. But a funny thing happened as I finished number 12. I felt something... shift. I had poured it all out... and for a minute... just a minute... I felt like maybe I could beat this. I decided to give life one more chance. But this time, I was asking for help... because I know I can't do it alone. I know that now. Of course, if you're listening to this, I failed. Or he failed, and my fate is sealed.

Hannah Baker (from the tape): And once I took a look back... and I finally understood how everything happened... I decided that no one would ever hurt me again.

Hannah Baker (from the tape): The way I see it, there are two different kinds of death. If you're lucky, you live a long life... and one day your body stops working and it's over. But if you're not lucky, you die a little bit... over and over... until you realize it's too late. I know some of you might think there was more I could have done, or should have done. But I'd lost control. And in that moment, it felt like... it felt like I was already dead.

Bryce Walker: I can't believe Hannah Baker finally came to one of my parties.

Hannah Baker: Well, it looks like it's almost over.

Bryce Walker: No, not at all. This is the best time of night. The drunks are all passed out, posers are gone. Only the cool people are left.

Hannah Baker: And I qualify as "cool people"?

Bryce Walker: Hell, yeah, you do. Coolest chick in the junior class. And the hottest.

Hannah Baker (from the tape): I can't explain it... but sitting there under the stars... I felt at peace for the first time in days.

Olivia Baker: I'm going to go over and talk to Mr. Geris and convince him... to put us on a payment plan.

Andrew Baker: We have no leverage.

Olivia Baker: We have my fucking charm!

Hannah Baker: Hard to resist.

Hannah Baker (from the tape): Here we are. Tape 12. If you've listened this far and haven't heard your name, well, I bet you know exactly what's coming now. Or maybe you don't have any idea. Could that be true? Could a person be that sick?

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