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Quote from Grey's Anatomy 14x09 - Miranda Bailey: Did you really hack into the DMV? Why would you do that? Casey Parker: Because my old license referred to me as female, and the DMV where I was living wouldn't change it, so I did. I'm a proud trans man, Dr. Bailey, but I like for people to get to know me before they find out my private medical history. Miranda Bailey: Of course. Thank you for your service, Dr. Parker.
Quote from Grey's Anatomy 14x09 - Miranda Bailey: Parker? I was told you used a defibrillator to fry the keypad on the blood bank. Casey Parker: People needed blood... Miranda Bailey: Hey, I don't want excuses. I want to know what else you can do.
Supernatural quote from 11x23 - Dean Winchester: You know, sometimes me and Sam have got so much going on that... we forget about everyone else. Castiel: Well, you do live exciting lives. Dean Winchester: Yeah, that's one word for it. But you're always there, you know? You're the best friend we've ever had. You're our brother, Cas. I want you to know that. Castiel: Thank you.
Supernatural quote from 11x22 - Dean Winchester: The great thing about apologies is you don't have to mean them. You know, I-I lie and tell Sam I'm sorry all the time. (confused Sam looks at Dean) I'm sorry. See?
Supernatural quote from 11x21 - Dean Winchester: Where's Chuck? Sam Winchester: Sleeping in, I guess. Dean Winchester: Does God sleep? Sam Winchester: I know he takes really long showers. Dean Winchester: Right, and sings, too, like, crappy old folk songs. I had to tell him to cool it three times. Sam Winchester: You told God to cool it? Dean Winchester: Yeah, I sleep.
Quote from Young Sheldon 1x12 - Meemaw: (picks up the mouse as a walkie talkie) Hello? (then puts it to her ear like a phone) Hello?





Let the past die. Kill it if you have to. That’s the only way to become what you were meant to be.

– Kylo Ren
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