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Sunday Quotes & Sayings to Enjoy on the Last Day of the Week

Sunday funday right? Let’s see what we can express about Sunday in the form of quotes from various authors. Sunday is the last bit of happiness that weekend brings, but it can be clouded by the approaching Monday and new… Continue Reading →

Saturday Quotes & Sayings to Express Your Weekend Feelings

It happened. Finally… Saturday is here! Weekend is here! Time to sleep in and relax. Or is it? Let’s see what the world of quotes has in store for us. Most seems pretty positive, unless you have to work on… Continue Reading →

Friday Quotes & Sayings to End the Week With – TGIF!

We’ve made it! It’s Friday! TGIF! Is Friday your favorite day too? The week is ending and there is a whole weekend ahead, what other day would be this positive? Let’s share the happiness with others through some quotes. Do… Continue Reading →

Thursday Quotes to Get You Through The Rest of The Week

Thursday is here! Just one step from Friday, and then the weekend – yay! On Thursday we usually have the one last spur of motivation and spark in productivity as the joy of the weekend nearing gives us energy for… Continue Reading →

Wednesday Quotes & Sayings to Keep You Going Through The Week

We’ve finally reached the middle of the week. Let’s keep the motivation going and get to the weekend as fast as possible. Do you need inspiration, a funny remark, or something to post on social media? You’re at the right… Continue Reading →

Tuesday Quotes & Sayings to Keep You Going Through The Week

The week has barely started and the motivation is already running low? Let’s read together Tuesday quotes to motivate or humor you. We’ve picked the perfect Tuesday quotes for you. So sit back, relax and find the one you vibe… Continue Reading →

Monday Quotes & Sayings to Start Off Your Week With

Whenever it is Monday today, tomorrow or coming soon, the Monday blues might get to you ahead of time. How can you fight it? The dread of having a full week before you, until you reach the weekend bliss. You… Continue Reading →

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