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Meredith Grey: Andrew, you're young, and you have that face. You're gonna fall in love again, and you're gonna get your heart broken again. And that's life. And it's beautiful, and it's messy. It's a beautiful mess, but you can't cling to what was. You have to look to what might be... (Andrew kisses her) Andrew...

Andrew DeLuca: What?

Meredith Grey: That is not what I meant.

Andrew DeLuca: It's not?

Meredith Grey: No, this is not a seduction.

Andrew DeLuca: Oh, God. I'm so sorry. Am I fired?

Meredith Grey: No, I'm flattered.

Meredith Grey: Here's a plane ticket to Zurich.

Sam Bello: I'm going to Switzerland?

Meredith Grey: You are voluntarily leaving the country to continue your studies at the prestigious cardiothoracic program at Klausman Institute. Congratulations on your acceptance.

Andrew DeLuca: What?

Meredith Grey: You applied last year.

Sam Bello: I did?

Meredith Grey: Here's a copy of your application and your essay. They were very impressed.

Sam Bello: Who wrote this?

Meredith Grey: You did. With the help of Dr. Pierce. When you land tomorrow, somebody will be there to meet you. They will help get you settled, and Dr. Yang is expecting you. You're going to love working with her. She was also the best in her class.

Miranda Bailey: So, these two were not driving. They were parking.

Andrew DeLuca: The theory is they got overexcited and popped the car into gear.

Stephanie Edwards: Premature acceleration. You know, it happens to a lot of guys.

Miranda Bailey: People need to get busy where god intended... Parking lots, where it's flat.

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