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Amelia Shepherd: A day into my last detox, I was afraid I was gonna die. The next day, I was afraid I wasn't. You just got to keep telling yourself it is not forever.

Betty Nelson: Your life must be really pathetic for you to just have all this time to sit here watching me puke. Don't ignore me.

Amelia Shepherd: I'm not ignoring you. I'm ignoring the demon.

Betty Nelson: What demon?

Amelia Shepherd: Your last high. It is like a demon, and it is dying a painful death right now. And it knows it's dying, so it's trying to push me away so that it can live. But I am the exorcist. I'm protected. So the demon can say whatever it wants. I'm good.

(Amelia is handing over stoned Alex to Jo)

Amelia Shepherd: Here's his jacket and bag, and I packed him snacks for the road.

Jo Wilson: Thanks.

Alex Karev: You look happy.

Jo Wilson: I had a really, really good day.

Amelia Shepherd: Owen, what you're doing is beautiful. You're fostering him. You're... You're being there for him when nobody else is.

Alex Karev: Ha! My foster parents sucked. No, for real. They just stuck me in a room with some other kids and then collected a check. Except for one. There was one guy. He worked nights in a warehouse. Come home, dead tired at the crack of dawn, and go straight to bed. But then, an hour later, he'd wake up, just so he could eat cereal with me and tell me, you know, "Have a good day," before I went to school. Then he'd go back to sleep. Wasn't much, but, you know, he just gave a crap, you know? He gave a crap, and you, my friend, you are giving so many craps right now. This man's got it made.

(Social worker is coming soon to bring a foster baby for Owen...)

Owen Hunt: Okay, okay. I can't believe this is happening.

Amelia Shepherd: It is. It's good.

Alex Karev: Oh, dude. You're so screwed right now.

Amelia Shepherd: Her brain scan is clear. And it's a sexy brain. She's 66?

Jo Wilson: Oh, well, if you believe her, then she's 166 'cause she's a time-traveler.

Maggie Pierce: Time travel? Like wormholes?

Miranda Bailey: Exactly!

Alex Karev: What are we looking at here?

Jo Wilson: Oh, wait. "Wormhole"... that's a great name for your device! Bailey is looking for names for her... colon thingy.

Miranda Bailey: No, I'm not.

Alex Karev: "Ass Gasket"... that's a good one.

Amelia Shepherd: God, if I could go back in time.

Miranda Bailey: No, you can't. Time doesn't go backwards.

(Owen is caring dummies heading for trauma training)

Amelia Shepherd (to Owen): Ah, good for you. I always said you should find more friends.

Owen Hunt: That kid was rambling about, you know, things he hadn't said, and... I was thinking about you. And about how great you've been. About how easy you made... just... everything. And I'm grateful. I'm grateful for you.

Amelia Shepherd: Grateful enough to give me sex?

Owen Hunt: What?

Amelia Shepherd: I'm sorry. I just, um... I miss sex. I mean, not the complication or the absurdities of romance or our crazy tumor marriage. Just the act. And there are other options, but they are less appealing options. And maybe it's just that I know how good we are at it. Or maybe 'cause your whole military doctor thing was so damn hot today! But, uh... Sorry. God. Sorry. Uh, I-I don't want you to feel used. I-I...

Owen Hunt: Amelia. I want you to use me in every way you can think of.

Alex Karev (about Koracick): Send him home.

Amelia Shepherd: We didn't make it into the contest. We have no funding. As much as you want to help Kimmie, you can't help me with the physics of high-energy ultrasound. Koracick may be a tool, but he is the kind of tool that we need right now. See how I did that? Tool/tool?

Alex Karev: He doesn't go anywhere near Kimmie. He doesn't even get to meet her.

Amelia Shepherd: Oh, God, no. Kimmie's got enough problems.

Amelia Shepherd: I'm right here. They can't hear me. Oh, crap. Am I gorked? Oh, crap!

Meredith Grey: Are you sure you don't want me to call your mom?

Amelia Shepherd: No. She didn't come for my wedding. She doesn't get to come for my tumor.

Amelia Shepherd (narration): There are 100 billion neurons in the human brain making and re-making connections. Helping us with math. Remembering our keys, our dad's voice. Working hard all the time. So when the brain is faulty, it's a big re-wiring job and there's no margin for error. When you're going into surgery, you worry you won't wake up. But with brain surgery, you worry you will wake up but you won't be there when you do. The trouble with crossed wires is you don't know they happened until it's too late. So we have to be very careful with our connections. They take time, care, and attention. They take vigilance and single-mindedness. We re-connect everything we can as carefully as we can. And then we just have to pray to God that we got it right.

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