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Arizona Robbins: You have never been high before. You need to be with people who... who can help you and keep you safe.

Maggie Pierce: I don't... I don't think I need my neck anymore.

Maggie Pierce (to Jo): You're so pretty. You look like a cartoon.

Amelia Shepherd: Her brain scan is clear. And it's a sexy brain. She's 66?

Jo Wilson: Oh, well, if you believe her, then she's 166 'cause she's a time-traveler.

Maggie Pierce: Time travel? Like wormholes?

Miranda Bailey: Exactly!

Alex Karev: What are we looking at here?

Jo Wilson: Oh, wait. "Wormhole"... that's a great name for your device! Bailey is looking for names for her... colon thingy.

Miranda Bailey: No, I'm not.

Alex Karev: "Ass Gasket"... that's a good one.

Amelia Shepherd: God, if I could go back in time.

Miranda Bailey: No, you can't. Time doesn't go backwards.

Maggie Pierce: Jackson, what are you... uh, what are you doing here?

Jackson Avery: I, uh, just took Priya home and... told her we couldn't see each other anymore.

Maggie Pierce: What? What happened? Why? She was so perfect.

Jackson Avery: Yeah, she was. But, um, all the time I'm with her, I am thinking about you. Which isn't really fair to her. And I know what you're gonna say. I know you think it's complicated, Maggie, but... relationships have complications. I mean, you can get hurt in the game, you can get hurt on the sidelines. Hell, you can get hurt 'cause people are secretly married. How about I take you on a proper date? Hm? Go to that Italian place that you won't shut up about. Maybe we could have some wine... a lot of wine. And we could order dessert even though we're both full just so we could share. I can get you home... walk you up onto the porch... open the door.

Miranda Bailey: I've been trapped in my bed. I've binged every reality show ever made, and I can physically feel my IQ lowering. I'm getting back in the OR. Pierce cleared me.

Maggie Pierce: I did. She's cleared. I cleared her. She's cleared, and I'm not taking it back no matter how sternly you stare at me.

Richard Webber: I had things to do today. Now I've got to spend my day following her.

Maggie Pierce: Or you could just trust my professional assessment. (Webber leaves) No?

Richard Webber: The idea is that we create a file of the chemical and molecular markers in various types of tumor cells, and then we pre-program this into the device to rapidly identify the different types, okay? So you can know in surgery on contact where the healthy tissue is... and where the cancer is... and make it go away.

Maggie Pierce: It's not a pen. It's a wand. It's a magic wand.

Maggie Pierce: My mom was my barometer, you know? And right before she died... and I mean right before she died... she told me to be more slutty. And I just wish I could call her and tell her how slutty I'm being.

Richard Webber: I'd, uh... I'd... I'd rather you not talk about that particular detail, yeah.

Maggie Pierce: You know, I felt that as I said it.

Maggie Pierce (to Bailey): You'll be back to bossing us around in no time.

Maggie Pierce: I mean, I don't know what it's like to have Beyoncé money, but I do know that research shows that having too many choices is a leading cause of stress. And now Jackson can literally choose to do anything for the rest of his life. You could buy a vineyard and never work again. Or you could buy a hospital and work until the day you die. Even if you give it away, you have to decide who gets it and who doesn't. You could buy an island. Or you could buy two islands and make them fight each other. I mean, I get that you're not complaining. But it is a problem. It is stressful. Still, it's a good problem to have, right?

Teddy Altman (to Meredith): It's not appropriate for you to be Megan Hunt's surgeon... not when she doesn't have the whole history.

(Teddy leaves)

Maggie Pierce: Who is she?

Meredith Grey: That's... Owen's... person.

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