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April Kepner: Arizona, I'm fine.

Arizona Robbins: I know. I know.

Alex Karev: No white light? No pearly gates?

Ben Warren: Nothing?

April Kepner: No, because I didn't die, you guys. I was hypothermic. My vessels vasoconstricted to preserve my heat, my heart stopped, my brain shut down, but the cold kept it from dying, and then you all thawed me out and rebooted my body. I didn't die and come back to life. There's one guy that does that... that's Jesus, and I know I didn't die, because if I had, I would've met him. I know that for sure.

Ben Warren: Oh. Oh, no. You said it was urgent. I thought I was gonna find you lying on the floor. God, Miranda, you can't say it's urgent if it's not urgent.

Miranda Bailey: Now, you listen to me, Ben Warren, and you listen good. I know I gave you a real scare, but you have been scared long enough. I am not dying. My heart is strong and powerful just like me. I'm very much alive, and so are you. And it is urgent. It... is... urgent that we celebrate being alive right here, right now, naked.

Andy Herrera: I can't believe you used to do this.

Ben Warren: What?

Andy Herrera: This. That. Y-Y-You did that. And you were good at it?

Ben Warren: Um, yeah. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Andy Herrera: I'm... I'm just saying. Y-You did this incredibly cool thing that probably pays a hell of a lot more than what we do, you did it well, but you walked away from it? Why?

Ben Warren: To do more. I mean, yes, I used to do that down there, with the patients in the OR where you're trying to fix them, but I, you know... I also cut open a guy with a clipboard. I mean, y-y-you know the metal part of a clipboard? Yeah, I broke it off and used it as a scalpel. Cracked his chest because we were nowhere near an OR and I... I did what I had to do. And I saved his life, but I... got into trouble. A lot of trouble. You know, but I-I never felt anything but proud. So now I'm doing a job where I'm the first one on the scene and I get to do whatever it takes to save that life. And that's only a good thing.

Andy Herrera: I was just looking for a "because fire" kind of answer, but okay.

Miranda Bailey: Just promise me one thing. Build me a tree house.

Ben Warren: I'm guessing those pain meds are working.

Miranda Bailey: Steal yourself one of those fancy fireman's ladders and build me a tree house I can read in. A girl needs some peace to read a good book. Highest tree you can find.

Ben Warren: Highest tree I can find.


Miranda Bailey: If something happens to me, do not let them hook me up to anything.

Ben Warren: And if something happens to me, hook me up. I want extraordinary measures. The more extraordinary, the better.

Miranda Bailey: Seriously.

Ben Warren: Seriously.

Miranda Bailey: Seriously?

Miranda Bailey: 12 years old. In his own house. It's time to give Tuck the talk.

Ben Warren: I know.

(Later that day...)

Tuck: I am William George Bailey Jones. I'm 13 years old. And I have nothing to harm you.

Miranda Bailey: That's good, baby. You always have to show the police where your hands are. And always say what you're doing before you do it.

Ben Warren: Be in control of your emotions. Be polite and... and respectful.

Miranda Bailey: Yeah, don't fight back. Don't talk back. Do not make any sudden movements. Remember, your only goal is to get home safely.

Ben Warren: If you get detained, don't sign anything or... or write anything. Wait for a parent before you talk.

Miranda Bailey: And if your white friends are saying things or mouthing off, know that you cannot. You can't go climbing through windows, play with toy guns, throw rocks. And you cannot ever run away from them, no matter how afraid you are.

Ben Warren: Never, never... never run.

Miranda Bailey: Everything that we're saying to you we're saying because we want you to come home again. We want you to grow up to be anything and everything that you want to be. Do you hear me? You... are amazing. You are perfect. And we want you to stay that way.

Miranda Bailey: You don't know what it's like to be female watching men assert their authority by throwing lethal punches. You don't get an opinion on this.

Ben Warren: You know... you're right.

Miranda Bailey (to Jo): You don't have to listen to anyone on this because you are a powerful woman and you know your own mind.

Jo Wilson: Who am I gonna talk to now? Who am I gonna compete against? W-Who's gonna tell me when I'm being ridiculous or... or when I stink and need a shower?

Ben Warren: Way to make Stephanie's life-changing injuries about you.

Jo Wilson: You called it a rush!

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