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Jackson Avery: Love makes you do crazy things. And I'm really happy for you.

April Kepner: You gonna stay?

Jackson Avery: You want me to stay?

April Kepner: Yes. Yes, you're my... Of course I want you to stay.

Jackson Avery: Then of course I'm staying.

Jackson Avery: I'll be damned if I'm gonna let my grandfather do to you what he did to all these women.

Meredith Grey: Just read it.

Catherine Avery: "The time has come for new vision, new light, and new hope. We know that a culture can't change with a single statement. Comprehensive, systemic change is required. But let that change begin now... with the dissolution of the Harper Avery Foundation, effective immediately." Darling, this is insane.

Jackson Avery: Keep reading, please.

Catherine Avery: "In its place, a new foundation, dedicated to the preservation and nurturing of all 72 hospitals..."

Advisor: If I am not buying this, I don't know how you think the public will.

Jackson Avery: Why are you still here?

Advisor: Because I am trying to save you from committing financial suicide.

Meredith Grey: Will you please just read the underlined part?

Catherine Avery: "We also make a solemn promise... To give voice to those who were silenced. To listen to, and to learn from, every woman's story. To repay, retrain, and rehire every victim of Harper Avery's abuse. We hope you'll join us in supporting, with enthusiasm... the Catherine Fox Foundation. Sincerely yours, Catherine Fox."

Advisor: Ugh. What a lovely moment this is. A billion-dollar moment, one might say.

Jackson Avery: Honestly, the name idea was Meredith's.

Meredith Grey: It was all him. But can we please get this re-engraved (Harper Avery trophies), because I worked way too hard for it.

April Kepner: I lost God. I-I lost Matthew Taylor's wife. I lost her in childbirth. And then this little boy died for no earthly reason, and... God was nowhere to be found. I lost him. And that's never happened to me before, and I got scared... and, uh, really angry. And all during our marriage, I just... I wanted you to know God the way that I did, and you never wanted to. And so, when I lost him, it felt like, I don't know, you've won or something. And... I hated that. I hated you.

Jackson Avery: Yeah, well, I was just trying to help.

April Kepner: I know, I know, I got it. You did. Oh, my God, you did. Things got... really rough, and I just... I needed to be sure that Harriet was okay. And of course she was because... of you. And I'm... I'm good now. I, uh... I found Him again. He and I are, like, tighter than ever. So you know. But I realize that even when it felt like He wasn't there... you were. So thank you. Thank you.

Maggie Pierce: Jackson, what are you... uh, what are you doing here?

Jackson Avery: I, uh, just took Priya home and... told her we couldn't see each other anymore.

Maggie Pierce: What? What happened? Why? She was so perfect.

Jackson Avery: Yeah, she was. But, um, all the time I'm with her, I am thinking about you. Which isn't really fair to her. And I know what you're gonna say. I know you think it's complicated, Maggie, but... relationships have complications. I mean, you can get hurt in the game, you can get hurt on the sidelines. Hell, you can get hurt 'cause people are secretly married. How about I take you on a proper date? Hm? Go to that Italian place that you won't shut up about. Maybe we could have some wine... a lot of wine. And we could order dessert even though we're both full just so we could share. I can get you home... walk you up onto the porch... open the door.

Meredith Grey: Spray-on skin. Of course you would come up with something cool like spray-on skin. You don't even seem that excited about it.

Jackson Avery: No, no, no. I am. I mean, I feel great about it, you know? This is the kind of thing that wins contests. I could definitely win a Harper Avery with this.

Meredith Grey: There's a "but" in there.

Jackson Avery: But thanks to my mother, all I can think about is v*ginas. Yeah. I should explain that...

Jackson Avery: I already got my own thing going on, and, frankly, it's a little more cutting-edge than what essentially amounts to an elective cosmetic procedure.

Catherine Avery: Oh, come on. Look, my birthday is coming up. You could think of this v*gina as your gift to me.

Jackson Avery: Now I'm gonna go smash my head in with a hammer and see if I can forget that you said that.

Officer: It was a high-pressure situation. An officer made a judgment call.

Jackson Avery: No. There's no judgment in that call. That was just a reaction. You see skin color. We all do. But the reaction that you give to a white kid versus a brown kid in that split second? That's the measurable, fixable difference. Bias is human. You have guns. You're using guns. So yours is lethal.

Other officer: We aren't racist. We just never know who has a gun.

Jackson Avery: I didn't say anything about racist. I said biased. And lucky for us, bias is fixable. You have protocols in place. Those can be adjusted. You can fix it. Or you can keep pretending that it doesn't exist at all. Kids are dying. This kid is dead. For what? So many people that look just like him are dying. For what?

April Kepner: This was an upper-class neighborhood.

Jackson Avery: Yeah, those can be the worst neighborhoods for us. I grew up in those neighborhoods. Just being there is suspicious. Constantly stopped for "fitting the description." I remember I was walking, carrying these speakers for my friend, and these cops pulled up on me. Car screeches to a halt. They jump out, guns drawn, yelling at me to drop everything, slam me into the car, handcuff me. I mean, I was one block from my front door.

Jackson Avery: Knowing very well that she might win tonight, Dr. Grey opted to stay in Seattle. A trauma came in, and she knew that she was the right doctor for the job. That's one of the many reasons that I'm so very, very proud to call her my colleague and my friend. Now, Dr. Grey has experienced more loss in her life than I think most of us would deem fair. She lost her little sister, Lexie Grey, who I know would love to be here tonight with us. She lost her husband, Dr. Derek Shepherd, who knew with total certainty that this night would happen. And she also lost her mother, Dr. Ellis Grey, who won this award twice... once as a resident... and probably would have won a few more if she hadn't been taken from all of us so young. The most amazing thing about Meredith, though, is that she takes all that pain, all that loss, and she turns it into drive... drive to save lives, to make things better, and despite all that she's lost, she continued to find joy in her work as a surgeon, as a teacher, as a mother. And she managed to share that joy through her spirit of discovery and of possibility and of hope right in the face of darkness. I am profoundly grateful... for the lessons that I have learned from Meredith Grey, and it is my distinct honor to accept this award on her behalf. Congrats, Meredith!

Alex Karev: Avery bought a boat.

Owen Hunt: And a Batmobile, apparently.

Jackson Avery: This Batmobile goes zero to 60 in 4.7 seconds.

Alex Karev: Man, if I had that much money, I wouldn't be here. I-I'd be on a-a boat... a big boat.

(Few second later...)

Jackson Avery: You know what? I think I need a sick day.

Alex Karev: You're really that upset about it?

Jackson Avery: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Also, I just bought a boat, so... (shows him a photo)

Alex Karev: Oh, man.

Jackson Avery: How are you feeling?

Alex Karev: I-I'm feeling sick, too.

Jackson Avery: Yeah, I thought so.

Alex Karev: How much money did he leave you? (meaning Harper Avery)

Meredith Grey: That's not an appropriate question.

Alex Karev: Well, I just want to know exactly. I mean, do they just back up a truckload of silver spoons?

Jackson Avery: It's a fleet of limos, not a truck.

Jackson Avery: Harper Avery was not only a permanent fixture in medicine. He was my grandfather. I take special comfort in knowing that he died. D-doing... Doing what he loved.

Catherine Avery: "Unbelievable"... was the word he used. Harper spoke about how he was astonished by our work here.

Jackson Avery: Which is really a testament to your work, the incredible job that you're doing under the superb... superb guidance of Chief Bailey here.

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