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Cristina Yang: Kills you, doesn't it?

Alex Karev: What?

Cristina Yang: That two women caught the harvest.

Alex Karev: No, it kills me that anybody got the harvest but me. Boobs do not factor into this equation. Unless, uh, you want to show me yours.

Meredith Grey: I'm gonna become a lesbian.

Cristina Yang: Me too.

Meredith Grey: They're everywhere. All the time. Izzie's all perky, and George does this thing where he's helpful and considerate. They share food, and they say things, and they move things and they breathe. Ugh. They're, like, happy.

Cristina Yang: Kick them out.

Meredith Grey: I can't kick them out. They just moved in. I asked them to move in.

Cristina Yang: So what? You're just gonna repress everything in a deep, dark, twisted place until, one day, you snap and kill them?

Meredith Grey: Yep.

Cristina Yang: This is why we are friends.

(A lot of injured patients arrive at the ER...)

Cristina Yang: Oh, it's like candy, but with blood, which is so much better!

Meredith Grey: I kissed Derek.

Cristina Yang: You kissed Derek?

Meredith Grey: In the elevator.

Cristina Yang: In the elevator?

Meredith Grey: I was having a bad day. I am having a bad day.

Cristina Yang: This is what do you do on your bad days, make out with Dr. McDreamy?

(George is laughing...)

Cristina Yang (to George): What are you smiling at, 007? I'm sorry. I get mean when I'm tired.

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