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Meredith Grey: For the longest time, ferry boats made me sad. But from now on, I will look at them the way my husband did. I will see the beauty. I will see the wind, the air, the sea, the motion. I will see the possibility because of the two of you. I have never seen two people bring out better in each other. And if the two of you can take this day and turn it into lemonade, then you can do anything. So, Alex Karev, do you want to marry Jo Wilson?

Alex Karev: I do.

Minister: Do you, Matthew, take April as your wife?

Matthew Taylor: I do.

Meredith Grey: Jo Wilson, do you want to marry Alex Karev?

Jo Wilson: I super do.

Minister: And do you, April, take Matthew as your husband?

April Kepner: I do.

Meredith Grey: By the power vested in me by the Internet...

Minister: And by the power vested in me and with God's abundant blessings, I pronounce you husband and wife.

Meredith Grey: I now pronounce you married. You may kiss the bride.

Minister: You may kiss the bride.

Alex Karev: Oh! Hey, I thought we weren't supposed to see each other today.

Arizona Robbins: You aren't. You're not. What are you doing?

Jo Wilson: I got it... Mass Gen. I got the fellowship at Mass Gen.

Alex Karev: What?

Meredith Grey: You are not supposed to see each other today.

Alex Karev: Ah, you got married on a post-it.

Alex Karev: Sorry me and my family is so depressing.

Jo Wilson: Shut up.

Alex Karev: She had one really good year when I was a kid. She worked at that library, and I would hang out with her there. We'd play hide-and-seek in the stacks. My whole life, all I ever wanted was a mom who wasn't sick. I didn't care about toys or sports or any of that crap. I just wanted a mom who was okay. And she is. She finally is. And she doesn't want me there.

Jo Wilson: You may never hear what you want to hear from your mom. You may never get an acknowledgment. You may never get an apology. But you have a shot at having a mom. And that... Alex, that's... That's something that's real.

Olivia Jankovic: This Harper Avery stuff...

Jo Wilson: Ugh, nightmare.

Olivia Jankovic: I can't say I'm surprised. When I was here, you wouldn't believe the pig doctors we had to put up with.

Alex Karev: So... what are we looking at?

Olivia Jankovic: Alex Karev. Perfect.

Alex Karev: Olivia.

Jo Wilson: You two know each other?

Olivia Jankovic: Is he still giving nurses syphilis, or has he moved on to gonorrhea?

(Amelia is handing over stoned Alex to Jo)

Amelia Shepherd: Here's his jacket and bag, and I packed him snacks for the road.

Jo Wilson: Thanks.

Alex Karev: You look happy.

Jo Wilson: I had a really, really good day.

Meredith Grey: Dr. Bailey had a cookie.

Jo Wilson: Oh, crap.

Miranda Bailey: Why are you laughing? This is not funny. This is very not funny. I'm the chief.

Jo Wilson: It's very serious.

Meredith Grey: Will you take the chief up to the lecture hall, please?

Jo Wilson: Yes. Yes.

Meredith Grey: I have this, Dr. Bailey, okay?

Miranda Bailey: You'll do a good job? 'Cause he's very sweet, and his kids are very scared.

Meredith Grey: Dr. Bailey. I have this.

Miranda Bailey: I love you.

Jo Wilson (to Alex): I want to have kids with you. I love how much you care for Kimmie, and it really makes me want to have kids with you. And if it's okay with you, I would really like to take your last name. Because I've never had the last name of anyone who's loved me.

Amelia Shepherd: Her brain scan is clear. And it's a sexy brain. She's 66?

Jo Wilson: Oh, well, if you believe her, then she's 166 'cause she's a time-traveler.

Maggie Pierce: Time travel? Like wormholes?

Miranda Bailey: Exactly!

Alex Karev: What are we looking at here?

Jo Wilson: Oh, wait. "Wormhole"... that's a great name for your device! Bailey is looking for names for her... colon thingy.

Miranda Bailey: No, I'm not.

Alex Karev: "Ass Gasket"... that's a good one.

Amelia Shepherd: God, if I could go back in time.

Miranda Bailey: No, you can't. Time doesn't go backwards.

Alex Karev: I just... I-I didn't think you'd be so excited to... to consider leaving Seattle.

Jo Wilson: Because I can! Because for the first time, I can do exactly what I want to do. I have freedom now, I have opportunities that I didn't have before because I was afraid that Paul was gonna come find me. You know what, I can apply anywhere now. I don't have to hide in Seattle. I thought that you, of all people, would get that.

Alex Karev: Look, I'm happy Paul's gone, and I'm happy you're free. I just didn't realize he was the only one keeping you here.

Jo Wilson (to a patient): Charlie, you have to vow that you're going to survive. Because you have to fight for Henry. True love survives arguments. Sometimes it even survives break-ups, so you have to live, and then you have to fight for him.

Jenny: Do you think he's evil? I mean, I'm a scientist, and I think I'm an atheist. But there's a little part of me that's worried that the girl in Billings is getting an evil kidney.

Jo Wilson: Hmm. I don't believe that anyone is just evil. If people were just one thing, life would be so much simpler. Paul was awful in this life, but now, in death, he gets to do all this good. So there's light and darkness, and they both coexist. And sometimes it's really beautiful.

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