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Arizona Robbins: What happened? (to April)

Owen Hunt: MVC. They rolled a car. I found her in a ravine. She was hypothermic.

Richard Webber: She and Matthew Taylor...

Owen Hunt: Yeah, they've been doing volunteer work together at a clinic...

Arizona Robbins: No, they've been seeing each other. For months now. She didn't want to tell anybody. She didn't want the judgments or the opinions about how long he'd waited or... whether or not she was doing the right thing. She said it was different than before. You know, that they've been through so much since they were together. She lost a child, and... he lost a wife, and... that they knew each other's pain like they knew their own. And that they knew how fragile it is, how rare it is. That something good could come out of so much pain. And they fell in love again. She's in love.

Owen Hunt: I was up all night, worrying about Leo being too cold, so then I made it too hot, then I woke him up. Hey, when did Tuck start sleeping through the night?

Miranda Bailey: You're asking parenting advice?

Owen Hunt: Yeah, I just can't seem to find the right...

Miranda Bailey: You ever heard of the black lace-weaver spider?

Owen Hunt: The...

Miranda Bailey: Well, she lays about 50 to 100 eggs, and when her babies reach a certain age, she taps her web and calls them to her. They swarm her, stab into her with their straw-like stingers, the mother's innards liquefy, and they suck her up, like a milkshake, for their nourishment, leaving her a dead husk, and then, they go on with their lives. That's parenting. That's my advice.

Owen Hunt: Huh. Well, that's helpful. Thanks. Yeah.

(Social worker is coming soon to bring a foster baby for Owen...)

Owen Hunt: Okay, okay. I can't believe this is happening.

Amelia Shepherd: It is. It's good.

Alex Karev: Oh, dude. You're so screwed right now.

Owen Hunt: I came here because I love you!

Teddy Altman: You came here because your marriage is over, and you're terrified of being alone!

Owen Hunt: I'm not terrified...

Teddy Altman: Oh, please! You leave Beth for Cristina, and then Cristina for some random woman in a bar, and then you go back to Cristina, and then you go to Amelia to soothe your pathological need to be coupled up so that no one sees how sad and empty you are!

Owen Hunt: You're the one who's scared.

Teddy Altman: I'm not scared!

Owen Hunt: You always have been. Deep down, you're terrified to be... be happy. I mean, sure, you're fine to marry the dead guy, but when you have love... real love... staring you in the face, you run!

Teddy Altman: You don't ever get to talk about Henry. Do you understand me? I am not scared.

Owen Hunt: Please, it's what you do. It's what you've always done. It's the reason you can't make a real relationship work. You'd rather burn it all to the ground than risk being hurt!

Teddy Altman: Maybe because all you ever do is hurt me, Owen! You string me along for years with these half-baked declarations, and then you marry other women. And then you fly halfway across the world to my doorstep, and you convince me that this is real, that you're in this with me, that you love me, that you want me! And it has never, ever, ever been about me!

Owen Hunt: I do love you! I want you.

Teddy Altman: And then, when you have me, when you really have me, and you have me believing that you mean it, I find out that 24 hours earlier, your ex-wife, who you just screwed, told you to! I am done being your fallback. I am done being your damn sloppy seconds. I'm not your consolation prize!

April Kepner: 24 hours. 1,440 minutes. 86,400 seconds. That's all it takes for a patient to go from sick to healthy, from hopeful to dire.

Owen Hunt: One day can you bring back from the brink, change your entire life in one heartbeat, one single breath.

Meredith Grey: It's why doctors watch you like a hawk, hold you for observation. It's why we behave as if your every move, every sound, every input and output, is life or death. Because it is.

Owen Hunt: 24 hours. 1,440 minutes. 86,400 seconds. That's all it takes to save your life. To change your life.

April Kepner: One single day can pull us from the depths of despair.

Meredith Grey: And one single day can fill us with more possibilities than we could imagine.

Owen Hunt: That kid was rambling about, you know, things he hadn't said, and... I was thinking about you. And about how great you've been. About how easy you made... just... everything. And I'm grateful. I'm grateful for you.

Amelia Shepherd: Grateful enough to give me sex?

Owen Hunt: What?

Amelia Shepherd: I'm sorry. I just, um... I miss sex. I mean, not the complication or the absurdities of romance or our crazy tumor marriage. Just the act. And there are other options, but they are less appealing options. And maybe it's just that I know how good we are at it. Or maybe 'cause your whole military doctor thing was so damn hot today! But, uh... Sorry. God. Sorry. Uh, I-I don't want you to feel used. I-I...

Owen Hunt: Amelia. I want you to use me in every way you can think of.

Miranda Bailey: Oh, for the love of... I had a heart attack! Hmm. That's what Dr. Webber has gone out of his way not to say. He's gone out of his way all damn day to not reveal my secret, to not let me do my job, and to make sure that I'm not putting any extra stress and strain on my body, and it's not okay. I know better than to show up to this hospital before I'm ready, I know better than to put a child's life in my hands before I am ready, and I am ready to do my job. Now, I would appreciate everyone doing their own jobs, too.

Owen Hunt: Focusing on the field, until the awkward goes away.

Owen Hunt: That was fast thinking back there.

Dahlia Qadri: Thank you, Dr. Hunt.

Owen Hunt: I'm surprised you just took your hijab off like that.

Dahlia Qadri: Well, I mean, it's a symbol of my faith, but my faith is about service and compassion, and he was bleeding really fast.

Owen Hunt (to Kepner): You know I stop bleeding every day. I don't need to write papers and file patent requests. Every day, I compete with death, and more often than not... I win.

April Kepner: Webber just gave me the Grey Sloan Medical Innovation contest. The whole thing. Kind of freaking out.

Owen Hunt: Freaking out because you don't want it?

April Kepner: No. Why wouldn't I want it?

Owen Hunt: Uhh, I just think you'd want to compete is all.

April Kepner: Who wants to compete when you can be the judge?

Owen Hunt: Um, everyone?

April Kepner: Ev... He... He played me? Is that what you're saying? Dr. Webber played me?

Owen Hunt: I said nothing of the sort. But yes.

Alex Karev: My guy's in kindergarten. So, if you want to play human poker, my hand beats yours. No cuts.

Owen Hunt: It's not "cuts," Karev. This not high school.

Alex Karev: Well, you're lucky, 'cause I was a wrestler in high school.

Alex Karev: Avery bought a boat.

Owen Hunt: And a Batmobile, apparently.

Jackson Avery: This Batmobile goes zero to 60 in 4.7 seconds.

Megan Hunt: Your nickname. In Baghdad. Remember? Major Diamond.

Owen Hunt: Yes.

Megan Hunt: Know why they called you that?

Owen Hunt: Well, they told me... sharp, clear, focused.

Megan Hunt: An*l-retentive. High-strung. So uptight that if you put coal in your ass, a diamond would pop out. You thought it was a compliment. Which only made it funnier.

Megan Hunt: I put thousands of hours in to become the best. The best at central lines. The best at one-handed ties. The best military officer. I had my entire career planned. I was gonna attach to Special Forces and become a general.

Owen Hunt: Your qualifications were not up for debate.

Megan Hunt: So you had to convince them that I was wrong for the job?

Owen Hunt: All I had to do was tell them the truth. That you're a child. That you make rash, reckless decisions, and you never learn better because I'm always there to bail you out! If you'd gone with Special Forces, you wouldn't have made general. You'd have been dead in under a month! And 10 years later, what have you learned? Nothing. You're running from your family. You're running from your support system. And why? Because you like the beach?! That's not a plan, Megan. That's a whim. So, yes, I tanked your strat. If I had to do it over, I would do the same damn thing!

Owen Hunt (narration): As surgeons, we rely on cycles. Heartbeats. Cell regeneration. Circadian rhythms. We know something's wrong when the cycle is broken. Our duty is to fix it, to force the cogs back in line. But that break can also be useful, like a warning shot. When we come to depend on a cycle, the thought of breaking it is scary. Even if the cycle causes harm. But sometimes, when we break the cycle, we find something better, something unexpected. Something we never dared to dream was possible. We find freedom. We find peace.

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