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Megan Hunt (to Owen): Life happens. People are imperfect. We fail and we fall, and some of us get kidnapped for a decade, and when we get a second chance at life and happiness, we seize it, regardless of who cheated! Because now we know what matters. Because now we know what's precious. Because now we know that any tiny little moment of happiness that we can grab onto in this lifetime is a moment worth having, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Megan Hunt: Your nickname. In Baghdad. Remember? Major Diamond.

Owen Hunt: Yes.

Megan Hunt: Know why they called you that?

Owen Hunt: Well, they told me... sharp, clear, focused.

Megan Hunt: An*l-retentive. High-strung. So uptight that if you put coal in your ass, a diamond would pop out. You thought it was a compliment. Which only made it funnier.

Megan Hunt: I put thousands of hours in to become the best. The best at central lines. The best at one-handed ties. The best military officer. I had my entire career planned. I was gonna attach to Special Forces and become a general.

Owen Hunt: Your qualifications were not up for debate.

Megan Hunt: So you had to convince them that I was wrong for the job?

Owen Hunt: All I had to do was tell them the truth. That you're a child. That you make rash, reckless decisions, and you never learn better because I'm always there to bail you out! If you'd gone with Special Forces, you wouldn't have made general. You'd have been dead in under a month! And 10 years later, what have you learned? Nothing. You're running from your family. You're running from your support system. And why? Because you like the beach?! That's not a plan, Megan. That's a whim. So, yes, I tanked your strat. If I had to do it over, I would do the same damn thing!

Owen Hunt: I was gonna storm out, and you just made that really hard!

Megan Hunt: That was the whole design!

Megan Hunt: I've been meaning to ask. How's married life?

Owen Hunt: How's your colostomy bag?

Owen Hunt: Megan? Megan.

Megan Hunt: Who... Who are you? (she smiles) Sorry. I had to do it. Will you unstrap me from this thing so I can hug your ridiculously pale body?

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