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Owen Hunt: I came here because I love you!

Teddy Altman: You came here because your marriage is over, and you're terrified of being alone!

Owen Hunt: I'm not terrified...

Teddy Altman: Oh, please! You leave Beth for Cristina, and then Cristina for some random woman in a bar, and then you go back to Cristina, and then you go to Amelia to soothe your pathological need to be coupled up so that no one sees how sad and empty you are!

Owen Hunt: You're the one who's scared.

Teddy Altman: I'm not scared!

Owen Hunt: You always have been. Deep down, you're terrified to be... be happy. I mean, sure, you're fine to marry the dead guy, but when you have love... real love... staring you in the face, you run!

Teddy Altman: You don't ever get to talk about Henry. Do you understand me? I am not scared.

Owen Hunt: Please, it's what you do. It's what you've always done. It's the reason you can't make a real relationship work. You'd rather burn it all to the ground than risk being hurt!

Teddy Altman: Maybe because all you ever do is hurt me, Owen! You string me along for years with these half-baked declarations, and then you marry other women. And then you fly halfway across the world to my doorstep, and you convince me that this is real, that you're in this with me, that you love me, that you want me! And it has never, ever, ever been about me!

Owen Hunt: I do love you! I want you.

Teddy Altman: And then, when you have me, when you really have me, and you have me believing that you mean it, I find out that 24 hours earlier, your ex-wife, who you just screwed, told you to! I am done being your fallback. I am done being your damn sloppy seconds. I'm not your consolation prize!

Teddy Altman (to Meredith): It's not appropriate for you to be Megan Hunt's surgeon... not when she doesn't have the whole history.

(Teddy leaves)

Maggie Pierce: Who is she?

Meredith Grey: That's... Owen's... person.

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