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Alex Karev: Oh! Hey, I thought we weren't supposed to see each other today.

Arizona Robbins: You aren't. You're not. What are you doing?

Jo Wilson: I got it... Mass Gen. I got the fellowship at Mass Gen.

Alex Karev: What?

Meredith Grey: You are not supposed to see each other today.

Alex Karev: Ah, you got married on a post-it.

Arizona Robbins: You're not gonna talk me out of moving, and it's just gonna make us sad, and that's not what today is about, so just shut up and eat your cereal.

Alex Karev: Today is about that. You're leaving today.

Arizona Robbins: Not till after you get married. And Alex Karev married? That's, like, my work here is done.

Alex Karev: Well, at least can I say "thank you"?

Arizona Robbins: Not unless you want to make me cry.

April Kepner: Arizona, I'm fine.

Arizona Robbins: I know. I know.

Alex Karev: No white light? No pearly gates?

Ben Warren: Nothing?

April Kepner: No, because I didn't die, you guys. I was hypothermic. My vessels vasoconstricted to preserve my heat, my heart stopped, my brain shut down, but the cold kept it from dying, and then you all thawed me out and rebooted my body. I didn't die and come back to life. There's one guy that does that... that's Jesus, and I know I didn't die, because if I had, I would've met him. I know that for sure.

Arizona Robbins: What happened? (to April)

Owen Hunt: MVC. They rolled a car. I found her in a ravine. She was hypothermic.

Richard Webber: She and Matthew Taylor...

Owen Hunt: Yeah, they've been doing volunteer work together at a clinic...

Arizona Robbins: No, they've been seeing each other. For months now. She didn't want to tell anybody. She didn't want the judgments or the opinions about how long he'd waited or... whether or not she was doing the right thing. She said it was different than before. You know, that they've been through so much since they were together. She lost a child, and... he lost a wife, and... that they knew each other's pain like they knew their own. And that they knew how fragile it is, how rare it is. That something good could come out of so much pain. And they fell in love again. She's in love.

(Arizona said to Bailey she's gonna move to New York)

Miranda Bailey: I thought you were a pixie stick.

Arizona Robbins: Huh?

Miranda Bailey: When I met you, I thought you were an empty vessel, full of sugar, who skated in a hospital. I didn't know then that it would be one of the great privileges of my life to know you and to work with you...

Arizona Robbins: Nope. I can't. I'm sorry. Thank you.

Miranda Bailey: And that...

Arizona Robbins: You, too.

Arizona Robbins (to a patient): M-My family used to move around a lot, which was really scary. But whenever we'd get somewhere new, first thing, my dad would... my dad would take me skating. And so no matter where I was in the world, that would stay the same. And I... I felt safe. I did it in college, um, and I did it in med school, and then I did it when I first got my job here. Um, I worked with kids, and so it kind of made them feel safe, too. And then I was in an accident. And they told me that... that I may lose my leg. And all I could think about was... I'll never be able to skate again. And a lot of my life would change, but that seemingly tiny thing felt like... I felt like my whole life was being taken away from me. And that all the stuff that my dad had given me, you know, all the magic and all the safety, was just gonna be gone. And so I made my wife promise me that she would not let them take my leg. No... matter... what. But then it came down to my life or my leg. And they needed her consent to amputate. I am so lucky... that she and my doctors could clearly see what I couldn't. And you know what? I skated again. And my worst fear was wrong. And the only thing I really lost was my leg. And I would've died if I'd have kept it. And I have so much joy in my life right now. More than I could possibly imagine. I have a... I have a healthy daughter, and I have work that I love, and I'm okay. I'm... I'm great. And I want that for you. I want that for your life, too.

Arizona Robbins: You have never been high before. You need to be with people who... who can help you and keep you safe.

Maggie Pierce: I don't... I don't think I need my neck anymore.

Miranda Bailey: Why can't I get into the medical records?

Tim Ruggles (IT): Oh, have you tried turning it off and turning it...

Arizona Robbins: Don't finish that sentence, Tim.

Arizona Robbins (to Teddy): Callie left me, and she went to New York, and she took Sofia, and I managed to find love again, but then she got fired, and I've been meaning to call you forever, and I'm so sorry. Did I ghost you? 'Cause I'm... I'm... I'm so sorry. I'm a terrible friend, and I'm so glad you're here!

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